24-hour veterinary clinic named after Iwan Fillmore. Fillmore Clinic: address, reviews

There are many people in the world who are not indifferent to the suffering of homeless animals. Most often, the noble deeds of these defenders of innocent cats and dogs remain unknown to society. But since 2005, many residents of St. Petersburg have learned about one of them - the American doctor Ivan Fillmore. The clinic for animals, opened up on its means and bearing its name, has been helping pet lovers and homeless tail wanderers for 10 years to fight illnesses and lead a healthy life. The clinic is attended by certified doctors, modern equipment and advanced technologies are used to allow our younger brothers to perform the same examination procedures as for people, and to treat with minimal risks.


The veterinary clinic named after Ivan Fillmore is located in the Vyborgsky district of St. Petersburg, near the Grand Canyon Park. The official address is as follows: Engels Avenue, Grand Canyon shopping and entertainment center, building No. 154. By car, you can drive there by turning from Engelsa avenue to Shostakovich street. You can also go from Prospekt Prosveshcheniya to Simonov Street, and from there you can turn to Shostakovich Street, where there is a convenient access to the entrance to the clinic. Nearby there is a children's center "Brave City", well known to many Petersburgers. The clinic for animals, open at the expense of Ivan Fillmore, is also conveniently located in relation to public transport stops. The easiest way to reach it by metro. The nearest stations are "Prospekt Prosveshcheniya" and "Parnas", from which up to the doors of the clinic - about 900 meters.

Fillmore Clinic

General information

There is almost nothing on the Internet about Ivan Fillmore. Veterinary clinic in St. Petersburg, bearing his name, and a few words that he is the protector of all animals, especially the homeless - that's probably all the information. And meanwhile, he gave money to another remarkable person - Mikityuk Yuri Petrovich, that he opened an animal hospital for them, which he did. The clinic has been functioning since 2005, and all this time Yu. P. Mikityuk is its chief physician and leading surgeon. He combines organizational activities with conducting the reception of animals, makes operations, is the author of a unique technique of surgical intervention "Without seams and popon", finds time to engage in homeless animals. Bearing the name of Ivan Fillmore, the clinic covers an area of ​​250 square meters, on which there are observation rooms, manipulation room, operating rooms, X-ray room, laboratory, shower for animals, two departments of the hospital with a pet kitchen, a registry. clinic of Ivan Fillmore

Diagnostic cabinet

Some philosophers believe that animals are a separate race living on our planet, only its representatives walk on four legs and have a tail. In all other respects, they are like us, people, and the attitude towards them must be appropriate. Ivan Fillmore's clinic confirms this to some extent by conducting animal diagnostics using methods that differ little from those used for humans. So, here perform ultrasound to animals, including examination:

  • eyeball;
  • of the abdominal cavity;
  • of the genitourinary system;
  • tumors;
  • tendons;
  • of the coxofemoral department.

In addition to ultrasound, in the clinic do X-rays( according to indications).A pet can make a light anesthetic, otherwise the owner of the animal will have to keep it.

Another type of research - ECG and computed tomography, which maximizes the accuracy of diagnosis. Fillmore Clinic on Engels


Few patient of any veterinary clinic can do without blood and urine tests, because they help to make an accurate diagnosis in cases when the symptoms of the disease are smeared, when it is required to determine the stage of the disease development and even in dozens of cases. The equipment of the Fillmore clinic allows laboratory technicians to take on-site simple as well as fairly complex blood tests, for example, such: the general biochemical

  • ;
  • profile biochemical( study of individual organs);
  • hormonal;
  • for the presence of bacteria and viruses;
  • general clinical.

Also in the laboratory take tests:

  • urine;
  • feces( for the presence of helminths);
  • coprovascular examination;
  • scrapings( on fungus, ectoparasites and others).Fillmore Veterinary Clinic

Therapeutic services

The clinic of Ivan Fillmore in its staff has highly qualified veterinarians:

  • therapists;
  • of a dermatologist;
  • of the urologist;
  • cardiologist;
  • nephrologist;
  • obstetrician-gynecologist;
  • of a nutritionist;
  • of the oncologist;Cosmetician's
  • ;
  • dentist;
  • traumatologists;
  • Surgeons;
  • anesthesiologists.

For patients who come to the clinic for the first time, an outpatient card is mandatory, where the attending physician will note all the features of the course of the disease, the appointment, the results of the analyzes and studies. Specialists recommend contacting the clinic not only when the pet has health problems, but also for preventive examination - at least once a year. call the vet at home


Veterinary clinic Fillmore on Engels has 4 operating rooms equipped with all necessary modern medical equipment. During surgery surgeons can use the device for artificial ventilation, an electrocoagulator, a cardiac monitor, a pulse oximeter and other equipment that supports the patient's life.

Surgeons and anesthetists of the clinic are professionals in their field. Annually they perform hundreds of cavitary operations( on internal organs), oncological, cosmetic( ear cupping, wart removal and others), musculoskeletal and joints. Several years in the clinic. Fillmore conduct unique operations using the technique developed by Yu. P. Mikityuk( "Without seams and popon"), which allows you to "put the animal on its paws" after surgical intervention in just a couple of days, and sometimes even for several hours.

If necessary, the operated animal is placed in the hospital at the clinic, where it is provided with professional care around the clock.

Cosmetology and dietology

Perhaps some will be surprised: what kind of animals can be cosmetology? And nevertheless, such a direction exists in veterinary medicine. The Fillmore Clinic( St. Petersburg) offers the following services:

  • ears cupping, ear sore correction;
  • operations on the eyelids;
  • Implantation of artificial testes;
  • tail closure.
  • nail cutting;
  • of nose and ear canal plastic;
  • removal of rudimentary fingers.

Always the hosts should provide their animals with proper nutrition, but it is especially important during the period of illness and after the operation. Dietitians at Fillmore Clinic give comprehensive advice on the selection of feed for various diseases of pets. You can buy them at the veterinary pharmacy. equipment of the clinic

Additional Services

In addition to treatment and diagnostics, the Fillmore Clinic on Engels provides the following services:

1. Chipping pets. This microoperation is absolutely painless and does not cause complications. The chip fits the animal under the skin, so it can not be lost. What is it for? Firstly, it helps to find the lost pet, and secondly, certifies that it belongs to its owner, which is very important when participating in exhibitions or when traveling with an animal abroad.

2. Vaccination. For domestic cats and dogs, wide-spectrum vaccines are used against all major viral diseases, homeless animals are vaccinated against rabies.

3. There is a pharmacy on the territory of the clinic, where forage, medicine, accessories are always on sale. Calling a vet at the house

Very often there are situations when there is no possibility to bring a sick animal to the clinic for an appointment. The reasons can be very different - from the condition of a pet to the unwillingness of the owners to torment him in transport. Having addressed in clinic of a name Fillmore, it is possible to use such service, as a call of the veterinarian on the house. It costs 1000 rubles( only a call, for inspection and all procedures payment for the price list).At home, the doctor can examine the patient, take a blood test, scrape, castrate. For more complex operations and a wider diagnosis of the pet will still have to be taken to the clinic. For this purpose, pet owners are encouraged to use the zoos-taxi.

Working with homeless animals

Based on the means of a zealous defender of stray animals( Ivan Fillmore), the clinic is also helping those of our smaller brothers who do not have owners. Its organizer and chief curator is Yu. P. Mikityuk, who in 2006-2008headed the department in the state veterinary service of St. Petersburg, engaged in such activities. Now everyone who is not indifferent to the fate of animals in the city can bring street cats or dogs in need to Fillmore's clinic where they will be given the necessary help, castrated, and vaccinated. Castration operations are performed only by the method "Without seams and ponies", so that the recovery is carried out as soon as possible and does not require additional treatment. Animals after the procedure put a kind of label - a piece of the ear is amputated. Unfortunately, all this is not free, but 50% cheaper than for happy pets who have owners. There is no shelter for stray cats and dogs in the clinic. Fillmore clinic phone


All 24 hours a day, without breaks for lunch, without holidays and weekends, the Fillmore clinic operates. A telephone number where you can specify the schedule of the work of specialists, make an appointment, find out if the tests are ready, such:( 812) 335-33-82.To the chief doctor Yu. P. Mikityuk you can get on the "live" line or sign up, which will cost 1500 rubles. The primary reception without a recording costs 1300 rubles. Operations conducted by Yu. P. Mikityuk, are more expensive than those performed by the surgeon's regular surgeons. The difference, depending on the complexity of the surgical procedure, ranges from 1500 to 4000 rubles. According to clients' reviews, as well as according to the responses of the registry staff, there are no records to the doctors at the Fillmore clinic, only the general queue. However, in the price list this service is available, and not only for admission to doctors of all narrow specialties, but also in order to get advice on the results of analyzes. Worth a record for 200 rubles more expensive than the reception on the general line. Veterinarian's consultation about the tests at Fillmore's clinic costs 300 rubles, and about the correct maintenance of the animal - 600 rubles. You can get acquainted with all prices in the clinic or on its official website.

Fillmore clinic: reviews

There are a lot of people who are grateful to the staff of the clinic for rescued pets. Especially in the reviews, the excellent work and attitude of the chief doctor Yu. P. Mikityuk, the surgeon and simultaneously the head of the entire surgical department of A.Shustov, doctors in the department of ultrasound diagnostics, therapists are noted.

In addition, animal owners who applied to the Fillmore clinic, point out the following advantages in its work:

  • is an excellent diagnostic base;
  • carrying out unique operations "Without seams and popon", after which the animals recover very quickly;
  • round-the-clock work of the clinic;
  • discounts for the treatment of stray animals;
  • availability of a hospital.

veterinarian consultation Despite the excellent work of the majority of the clinic's employees, many clients indicate in their responses to the shortcomings, because even if only one patient, no matter whether a person or an animal, died because of indifference or negligence of doctors, this is already a lot. Disadvantages noted by visitors to the clinic:

  • dishonesty of administrators, registry employees;
  • too long( up to several hours) waiting in the "live" queue, even with seriously ill animals;
  • unprofessionalism of some employees of the clinic( doctors, diagnosticians);
  • indifference of individual employees to the suffering of animals;
  • too high prices for many procedures;
  • is very difficult to call the clinic, because they rarely pick up the phone;
  • the refusal of the registry staff to conduct a preliminary appointment.