Homeopathic center on the highway Enthusiasts: opening hours, doctors' reception, reviews

Sometimes the disease does not lend itself to classical medication. In such cases, homeopathy comes to the rescue. This is one of the areas of alternative medicine that treats patients with special medications. In healthy people, these drugs cause symptoms similar to those of the disease. However, homeopathic medicines are safe, since they are used in very small doses. The success of such treatment largely depends on the professionalism of the specialist. Experienced and qualified doctors work in the homeopathic center on the highway Enthusiasts.

Operating hours of the

The operating mode of this medical facility is convenient for patients. From Monday to Friday, the center is open from 8 hours to 20 hours. On Saturday, doctors take from 8 to 18 hours. Sunday is a day off.

In the homeopathic center on the highway Enthusiasts there is a pharmacy where you can buy drugs. It is open during the working hours of the medical institution.

homeopathic center on highway enthusiasts

Address and travel

The homeopathic center is located at: Moscow, 2 Vladimirskaya Street, Building 2 / Entuziastov highway, Building 64( corner building).The phone number of the medical institution can be found on the official website. Nearby there are two metro stations: "Highway Enthusiasts" and "Perovo".

You can get to the center from the "Shosse Entuziastov" metro station by many types of transport. You need to take buses 125, 237, 214, 702, trolleybuses 30, 68 or trams 24, 34, 36, 37 and get to the stop "2nd Vladimirskaya street".And also to the medical institution can be reached by bus 141 to the stop "Moscow homeopathic center".

You can get to the Moscow homeopathic center on the highway Enthusiasts and from the metro station "Perovo".There are several options for travel. If you leave the last car( from the center), you can take the bus 141 to the stop "Moscow homeopathic center".If you leave the first car from the center, you can get by trams 24, 34, 37 to the stop "2nd Vladimirskaya street".

homeopathic center of moscow highway enthusiasts

Description of medical institution

In the homeopathic center on the highway Enthusiasts doctors of different specialties are taking. All of them own homeopathic methods of treating diseases. You can make an appointment with the following specialists:

  • therapist;
  • cardiologist;
  • gynecologist;
  • obstetrician-gynecologist;
  • dermatovenereologist;
  • neurologist;
  • ophthalmologist;
  • endocrinologist;
  • otorhinolaryngologist;
  • ultrasound diagnostic doctor;
  • Narcologist;
  • psychiatrist.

In the center there is a children's department where pediatricians, otorhinolaryngologists, dermatologists, neurologists take.

To properly assign a homeopathic remedy, it is necessary to conduct detailed diagnostics. In the center, all conditions for examining patients are created. There is a clinical laboratory for analysis, separation of functional and ultrasound diagnostics, an X-ray room.

Homoeopathic preparations are selected using computer programs. In addition, a modern method of pulsohmoindication is used, in which the choice of drugs is based on the results of the drug test. And also electropuncture diagnostics is used according to the Voll method. All this allows us to individually select the right medicine for each patient.

Moscow homeopathic center of highway enthusiasts

At the homeopathic center on the highway Enthusiasts there is a pharmacy. Here, there are always medicines prescribed by doctors. All drugs are certified, the pharmacy strictly observes the storage conditions and the expiration dates of medicines. Here you can order preparations that are made according to the prescription of Professor Leonid Vladimirovich Kosmodemyansky. This famous homoeopathic physician takes in the center, he creates medicines for the treatment, in particular, of respiratory diseases and their complications.

Conditions for admission

In the homeopathic center of Moscow on the highway Entuziastov all services( doctors' reception, diagnostic studies) are paid. Details on the prices can be found on the official website of the institution. Pensioners, invalids, veterans of the Great Patriotic War and children from large families can benefit from benefits. To do this, you need to show proof of the right to discounts. You can make an appointment at the clinic's registry.

Reviews of the center

You can meet a large number of positive reviews about the homeopathic center for Enthusiasts. For many patients, treatment in this institution helped to avoid surgical intervention or relieved from a protracted chronic disease that has tormented a person for years.

homeopathic center for enthusiasts

Patients note that the doctors of this center in the appointment of treatment are not limited to talking with patients and collecting anamnesis. Before the doctor recommends this or that homeopathic remedy, a thorough examination of the body is carried out. Here, patients managed to get rid of such diseases as allergies, sinusitis, bronchial asthma, atopic dermatitis, thyroid pathologies.

Patients note attentiveness and sensitivity from the doctors of the clinic. Even those patients who previously did not believe in the possibility of alternative medicine, change their opinion about homeopathy for the better after visiting the center.