Ivan-tea broad-leaved: properties, benefits and harm, procurement, consumption

Some people know this plant under the name spray , others - broad-leaved willow tea. But in both cases speech comes about the same amazing herb that has been used for centuries for the prevention and treatment of various diseases, as a general restorative. But this is still not . Shredded leaves were added to the soup, young leaves and stems were ground and prepared from them salad, the ground roots went to the preparation of flour for of lozenges. Today we will try very briefly to describe the useful properties that the broad-leaved willow tea possess, and also we will talk about how to collect and store this useful plant. ivan broad leaf tea

General description

This is a wild, perennial herb with simple alternate leaves and apical, racemose, large inflorescence. Representatives of this genus live in the temperate and arctic regions of Eurasia and North America. Speaking about broad-leaved willow-tea, it is an arctic species, a low perennial plant with an inflorescence-brush of dark pink or white large flowers with petals up to 3 centimeters in length. This plant is widely used by residents of northern peoples, because it is often the only source of vitamins and fiber. In dried form, it is brewed and drunk instead of regular tea, and in fresh form it is used as a basis for soups and salads.

Composition of

It is quite difficult to describe all the useful substances that the broad-leaved willow tea has in its composition. Vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and acids - they are all a real pantry of health, especially given the characteristics of the region. No wonder nature has given inhabitants of the Arctic regions such an amazing plant, it is vital in the conditions of a long winter.

So, among the mineral substances in the composition of Ivan the tea can be isolated calcium and magnesium, sodium and potassium, phosphorus and iron, copper and zinc, manganese and selenium .Surprising and dosage. Many plants have minerals as part of , but in a small amount, but here we see a source of colossal amounts of copper, phosphorus and potassium. Of course, these indicators will depend heavily on how to collect willow-tea. In addition to minerals, there are also vitamins in the composition. First of all, it is pantothenic acid and thiamin, riboflavin and pyridoxine, folic and ascorbic acid.

Because collecting the willow-tea to the northern peoples falls during a short summer period, they are well aware of the flowering time of this amazing plant. Inflorescences contain tannins and pectin, carotene and alkaloids, carbohydrates and flavonoids. ivan tea how to collect

Useful properties

If to say very briefly, this amazing plant helps to strengthen immunity and helps to eliminate headache, improves bowel activity and normalizes blood pressure, and also provides the body with various useful substances. On how to collect willow-tea, their number depends, as well as the duration of storage of the billet.

So, regular use of ivan tea promotes metabolism improvement, maintains a normal heart rate and helps to avoid the development of hypertension. The plant has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the intestine and prostate gland, increases efficiency. The high content of vitamins reduces the risk of cancer, helps prevent premature aging. Against the background of regular administration, immunity improves, the effects of stress for the body are eliminated, lipid metabolism is normalized, headaches cease.

The healing properties of

Since collecting the willow-tea and brewing it daily the northern peoples have been accustomed to for centuries, they always had good health. You can learn from their experience and start using it. Modern research confirms that a balanced set of nutrients, vitamins and minerals creates conditions for the full growth and development of the body, the formation of a strong bone mass. Thanks to the regular use of this plant's infusion, a healthy blood composition is maintained, the hepatic function comes to normal, and the risk of oncology is reduced. Therefore, we need to learn from our ancestors how to assemble the willow-tea, so as not to miss the valuable gift of nature. Healing properties of

Ivan-tea can and should be consumed constantly. Someone drinks by his courses, others - throughout his life. Use for medicinal purposes requires higher dosages. In this case, the brewed plant has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect on the digestive tract, and additionally , removes heavy from the body .In turn, this entails for a normalization of metabolism and peristalsis, improvement of peripheral blood supply. Valuable quality is that ivan-tea helps to eliminate fragility of blood vessels, blocks the development of atherosclerosis. This is a powerful antioxidant, so do not look for expensive medications in pharmacies, pay attention to healing curative. He has contraindications, but they are not strict, we will tell about them below.

With the regular use of ivan tea, women and men notice the normalization of the genitourinary system. Broth is a good antiseptic and helps with problems with digestion. Sleep becomes stronger, headaches or go away, or become less likely. In addition, tea stops the aging process of the body.

Where to find

When people first hear about the wonderful properties of a plant, people usually ask this question. First of all you need to find , where to get it .This usually does not happen. For urban residents, the most obvious option is a pharmacy and specialized stores. But if possible, try to do it yourself. Harvesting Ivan-tea at home is not at all complicated .

If you have a summer residence, then after day work go out for a walk in the field. This grass grows like a normal weed. It is a tall plant that has purple flowers. It is the whisk and has the most useful properties. So the harvesting of the willow-tea at home begins just when the bright flowers appear in the fields. how to make willow tea

Growing on your garden

This is a very good option, especially if you have a large garden plot. If you plan to plant the plant for the next year, it is necessary in July-August to collect from the wild plants a box with seeds and plant them on site. Their germination is good. You can sow anything, main - do it in the beginning of autumn.

Rules for assembling

And now we'll talk in more detail about how to harvest willow-tea. It is very important to do this exactly at the time of flowering, so that the collected raw materials have the greatest value. For medicinal purposes, the panicle and the upper leaves are cut off. However, sometimes herbalists prefer a different method. For this, the entire aboveground part of the plant is cut off, and then the lower leaves are cut off.

To calculate the time, you need to know when and how to harvest the willow-tea. Flowering occurs from mid-June to autumn. How to determine the optimal time? Easy enough. In August, beans begin to form, containing fluff. He should not get into tea. That is, as soon as it appeared, the collection ceases immediately. ivan tea harm

Weather conditions of

There are general recommendations on how to harvest willow-tea. You need to collect it in dry, clear weather. By the way, it's much nicer than wandering through the meadows in the rain and bad weather. Do not forget that the collected material is intended for treatment, which means that it must be environmentally friendly. The site for collection should be far from the roadway, industrial zone. Do not collect material damaged by pests or diseases. We are interested in exceptionally healthy plants. This is general information on how to harvest willow-tea. Experts, herbalists and healers can add a lot to this. So, the quality of medicinal raw materials affects the time of day when it was collected. Unfortunately, we do not have time to tell about all the subtleties of phytotherapy.

How to prepare Ivan the tea

After assembling the most important moment comes, now you need to dry the collected material properly. Medicinal herbs should not be exposed to direct sunlight, nor to heat treatment. Any impact can lead to loss of useful substances, which means that the raw material will not have the desired impact of .

There are two options for how to harvest willow tea:

  • A bunch of plant twigs. That is, collect a small broom, which must be hung in a dry and warm room. It is advisable that there is a source of heat nearby, that is, a stove or heater. The main thing is that the sun's rays do not fall on the plants.
  • Procurement of ivan-tea at home can take place in a different way. Spread the paper and spread the plant in a thin, even layer. Dry it is necessary throughout the three weeks. It is very important that the sprigs completely dry out, even a small amount of moisture can lead to a complete inadequacy of the entire crop.

Procurement of ivan-tea at home is carried out at the end of July. At this time, the plant mass blooms , but the formation of beans with seeds still did not begin. When the raw material is dried, it is collected in a glass jar or tissue bag, tightly knotted and stored. The healing properties are preserved throughout the of the three years from the date of collection. flowers of tea willow

Collection of roots

If you find a good meadow where there are many useful plants, you can simultaneously dig up roots. Procurement of Ivan-tea at home in this case is as follows. The root and rhizomes are excavated, thoroughly washed and ground. Now you need to dry the raw materials. To do this, use the warm oven surface or oven, because at room temperature the drying will take too long. Roots will have time to spoil. Ready raw materials are stored in sealed jars or bags.

How to prepare Ivan-tea

It can be brewed both in fresh and in dried form. Someone uses flowers and leaves separately, others put everything in the teapot together. This is not critical, useful properties will be preserved. By the way, if you buy chemist's tea, how to cook it, you can read it on the packaging. There is nothing complicated, just put a couple of tea spoons of raw material in and fill with 0.5 liters of boiling water. It is stored for several days, but the more fresh the broth, the more useful it is. Now you know how to dry the tea and make tea from it. how to prepare ivan tea

Indications for use

This plant can be used all year round, the body for this will say only thanks. But it is especially important for to become its use if one of the members of the family is sick with .Flowers of willow-tea possess both preventive and expressed therapeutic properties. They are used by when:

  • Infectious diseases , whose symptoms include nausea and vomiting of .
  • Inflammatory processes of the genitourinary system and of the digestive tract .
  • Anemia .
  • ARD .
  • The voltage, is the syndrome of of chronic fatigue.
  • of the joint pain .

In fact, this is an incomplete list of diseases in which flowers of willow-tea are used. The plant provides support for immunity, which is important for every person, sick and healthy.

Contraindications, overdose

This is one of those rare plants that work exclusively for good. Ivan-tea harm the body can cause only with individual hypersensitivity to the components of the plant. It was noted that its use can have a negative effect on gastritis with low acidity. In the case of an unreasonable prolonged ingestion of decoctions of on the basis of grass, an intestinal disorder develops. This still one possible harm to the willow-tea.

Instead of the conclusion of

Unlike Ceylon tea, this drink has a number of beneficial properties, and also enriches the body with vitamins and minerals. It can be given to children, used by pregnant women, and also during lactation. Now you know how to dry the tea and tea. Keep this recipe, so that at any time at hand was an excellent medicinal drink.