Disposable electronic cigarette Pons: reviews of doctors and smokers

Want to find out what the electronic cigarette Pons is? The doctors' comments about this gizmo are very interesting. We will study them a little later, and now consider the test of this product.

I wonder what is an electronic cigarette? This is a specific inhaler prescribed for personal use. It has an aerosol generator, the power of which is very small. The inhaler in size and shape is similar to traditional cigarettes or cigars. The product is most often used with liquids containing nicotine.

How does this device work? Due to high-speed boiling of a small amount of liquid appears highly dispersed vapor( aerosol).This aerosol at the time of inhalation on inhalation and exhalation resembles tobacco smoke.

electronic cigarette pons reviews of doctors

WHO believes that the novelty relates to the electrical delivery systems of nicotine. This organization claims that manufacturers position their products as nicotine replacement therapies without providing any evidence. In fact, the use of the novelty has been little studied with regard to the productivity and safety of it as a tool for treating dependence on nicotine.


It is impossible to pass by the new brainchild of the infamous company Pons in the Russian Federation. What is an electronic cigarette Pons? The doctors' comments about it are very diverse. Many remember about tens of thousands of "defrauded smokers" who invested their money, earned in blood and then, in the popular starter set Pons, equipped with an "ultrasonic spray".

This product can be purchased even at the most modest kiosk at a price of 120 rubles. Many Russians say that they often saw this product on sale for 99 rubles: at the price indicated in the company's advertisement.

Pons electric cigarette has the following parameters:

  • Color: black.
  • Color of the tip of the diode: red.
  • Material: plastic.
  • Taste: tobacco.
  • Strength: maximum.
  • Diameter: 9 mm.
  • Length: 110 mm.
  • According to the manufacturer, it is a substitute for a couple packs of conventional cigarettes.

Judging by the characteristics, it is quite normal and normal electronic cigarette Pons! The doctors' reviews, of course, need to be studied. .. But after all, it smokes perfectly, steam generation is elegant, the taste of tobacco is traced. There are only positive emotions!

electronic cigarettes pons reviews

This cigarette is enough for several hours of non-stop smoking. It should be noted that the company's management carefully prepared a new product for the market. Cigarette really works, which, of course, is not bad.

Test results for

Who needs an electronic cigarette Pons? We will not take the doctors' opinions into account. We will recommend this cigarette to those who have to go on a trip. This is an amazing option for a train, plane or hotel rooms, in which smoking is prohibited.

In general, this is a great excuse for a small amount to try "electronic smoking".

So, consider a one-time cigarette Pons in figures:

  • In retail it can be purchased at a price of 99-150 rubles.
  • One product is enough for 150 puffs.
  • Diameter of the cigarette: 9 mm.
  • Length: 110 mm.
  • The battery capacity is 280 mAh.

Product Minuses:

  • Cheating about the equivalent of two packets of cigarettes.
  • The flavor of the filler is not the best here.
  • The final 20-30 puffs have a disgusting quality.

Positive qualities:

  • The cost of 100-150 rubles helps the product to take a leading position in the market.
  • Really provides 140-160 puffs.
  • Available in many Russian cities.
  • A great option for those who want to start smoking.

In fact, the electronic cigarette Pons( one-time), which we will study further on, is suitable for guests: there is no need to go out to the balcony to the balcony or to the stairwell. Enjoy an electronic cigarette and can be indoors.

Acquisition of

So, what do we do before we buy electronic cigarettes Pons? We collect information about the object of our desire! We question our acquaintances or turn over the pages of the Internet in search of the necessary information. We are doing the right actions, because before any acquisition you need to find out the quality of the goods. In addition, each buyer is interested in studying the opinions of those who have already used such a product.

electronic cigarette pons disposable reviews

And do you know that electronic cigarettes are called a modernized inhaler? It is known that the inhaler is a medical preparation, and tobacco smoking( the process of blood saturation with nicotine) is directly related to health. Therefore it is quite logical, when people before such a purchase are interested in the responses of doctors. Of course, health must be protected and treated with attention, carefully considering the use of a drug.

Review of the independent expert

So, we are studying further electronic cigarettes Pons. Feedback from experts will help us understand the value of this product. It is known that in the blood of a person who smoked an electronic cigarette, contains carbon monoxide - the main poison that appears during combustion. However, its amount is equal to the amount of carbon monoxide in the blood of a non-smoker. This point confirms that this product is much safer than a simple cigarette, with the fading of which there are carcinogens.

Actually, an electronic cigarette helps people quit smoking. After all, it is equipped with a dosimeter that regulates the mass of nicotine penetrating into the lungs. The smoker gradually reduces the dose and then painlessly parted with the addiction.

Is not it really, very interesting to people electronic cigarette "Pons"?We will study the reviews of smokers further, and now we will find out the opinion of Antonio Araujo, who is an employee of the National Medicines Board of Portugal. It was in this country, by the way, that a proposal was made to designate an electronic cigarette as a medical product.

So, Antoniou said that: "An electric cigarette helps a person get rid of the habit of smoking. Even if this product does not fully participate in the recovery of the smoker, it is definitely one of the most important factors affecting its transformation into a non-smoker. "

Analysis of the University of Geneva

And what impression did the Swiss electronic cigarette Pons leave from Swiss scientists? The feedback from the staff of the University of Geneva is impressive. They examined this product and issued the following verdict: "Electronic cigarettes have the same concentration of nicotine as in other pharmaceutical products already approved by the FDA.They at the same level pollute the human body. This was demonstrated by the FDA's own testing. One of the basic components of this product is propylene glycol, which is considered safe. How many smokers who prefer tobacco smokeless products are at risk of dying? It is estimated that less than 5% ".

electronic cigarettes pons reviews of smokers

That is, Geneva scientists say that people who use electric cigarettes risk dying the same way as if they used drugs of substitution-nicotine therapy( NRT) for a long time.

Opinion of the US Public Health Association( AARNR)

Agree, we have uncovered some secrets of Pons! Comments from the doctors of the American Association about the electronic cigarette are very interesting. Experts argue that this is a very useful product that satisfies vital human needs. This is a kind of smoking accessory, made in the form of an electronic flameless cigarette.

The product excludes penetration into the body of a smoker of harmful tar, reduces the risk of diseases caused by ordinary tobacco. This device can be used in public places. After all, then people around the smoker will not be intoxicated. Electronic cigarette is famous for its lack of release of toxic components into the atmosphere.

pons disposable electronic cigarette reviews of doctors

American researchers like the possibility of reusable use of the product, its fire and trauma safety, the economy of the consumption of flavored liquid.

Unusual device

Now we know what the famous company Pons produces electronic cigarettes. We learned the doctors' opinions, but what do ordinary customers tell us? Many people compare this product to ordinary cigarettes and find some differences.

So, people who purchase electric cigarettes say they like the process of smoking. They say that firstly smoking this product is a little unusual, the taste of smoke differs from usual, it is necessary to make the tightening smooth, otherwise the smoke will be absent. This condition is especially relevant when the cartridge is about to end.

Replacement cartridges

Very original electronic cigarette Pons zero. Reviews about it people leave the most unexpected. So, let's study the delivery kit of Pons. It includes 10 cartridges, five of which are mandatory. The remaining five are delivered as a bonus. In general, one cartridge can replace six to seven ordinary cigarettes.

Cartridges are produced of the following types:

  • Pons - replace classic strong cigarettes.
  • Pons lights - match light cigarettes.
  • Pons ultralights - simulate super light cigarettes.
  • Pons zero - cartridges without nicotine.

How a person is affected by electric cigarette

Agree, huge popularity was won by electronic cigarettes "Pons".Reviews of disposable cigarettes are only positive from their fans. And what is the position of WHO in relation to this product?

WHO in 2008 stated that electric cigarettes it is not considered as nicotine replacement therapy. WHO experts said that they did not meet the scientific data confirming the effectiveness and safety of this product. They also said that sellers are obliged not to mention in advertising and information leaflets that WHO considers an electronic cigarette as a safe means that helps a person get rid of cravings for smoking.

pons electronic cigarette reviews of doctors

By the way, one-time electronic cigarette Pons classic reviews receives from buyers are always only positive. WHO outlined the basic theses of the report at the sixth session of the Conference on Tobacco Control, in which the parties to the WHO Framework Convention participated. This event was held in Moscow on October 13-18 in 2014.Theses were as follows:

  • To electric cigarettes you need to apply the same restrictions on sales, advertising and application as for simple cigarettes.
  • It is necessary to prohibit those electric cigarettes, whose liquid in the composition has taste additives. This is necessary to reduce the attractiveness of smoking for teenagers and children.
  • Electric cigarettes may cause less harm to health than normal, but evidence that they help to forget about smoking is not enough.

WHO also notes with concern that the new product is gaining popularity among teenagers who have not previously smoked. The electronic novelty sprays aerosols containing a number of toxic substances and nicotine, which affect not only the smoker, but also the people around him.

It should be noted that at the 16th World Conference "Tobacco and Health", WHO made a decision on the need to manufacture electronic cigarettes. After all, they are the effective tool that influences the decrease in the number of smokers. Specialists also noted the huge advertising support of new items among toddlers and young people.

Research data

And what is an electronic cigarette Pons slim? Reviews of smokers about her delicious! Let's try to study the results of scientific research now. Forty people, addicted to smoking, received an offer to study electronic cigarettes. They tested the novelty within six months. As a result, 22.5% of the subjects stopped smoking tobacco( one third of them forgot about electric cigarettes), 32.5% of users decreased cigarette consumption 4 times, 12.5% ​​- tenfold.

A small side effect( dry mouth) almost disappeared by the end of the study. On average, the whole group reduced the consumption of tobacco products by 88%.

Many people liked the electronic cigarette Pons classic. Reviews about her were very warm. By the way, in the review Michael Siegel and Zachary Cahn the results of sixteen laboratory tests were studied, during which components of the liquid for electric cigarette were considered.

Specialists concluded that the absolute safety of the novelty is not proven, and the FDA's statements that the composition of the liquid is unknown are untenable. After all, in fact, this fluid was studied better than the composition of simple cigarettes. In fact, in addition to DEG and TSNA, only a few substances threaten health in the quantities in which they are found in electric cigarettes. It is known that the testing does not guarantee the complete safety of the novelty: for an objective assessment of the safety of the new product, further study is necessary. However, many data show that it is much safer than tobacco, and comparable in toxicity with simple nicotine-substituting products.

So, scientists praise electronic cigarettes Pons? Reviews of smokers are also positive. It is known that scientists from a university located in Athens examined respiratory tracts in 32 subjects after a ten-minute smoking of a new electronic product and determined that after smoking, their bronchial resistance increased on average from 182% to 206%.

Also, we know that experts have studied the liquid for electronic cigarettes Pons. Reviews about it we know. At the 16th WHO World Conference on Tobacco and Health, held in 2015, Konstantinos Farsalinos presented the results of his own study. He is an employee of the Onassis Center for Cardiac Surgery, so he successfully tested the use of electric cigarette in the countries of Europe and the USA.His experiment covered about 19,500 people!


How can I ban Pons - disposable electronic cigarettes? Reviews of doctors because nothing terrible about them do not say. However, advertising and sales of this product are prohibited in Canada, Jordan, Brazil, Denmark, Turkey, Australia, Norway, Uruguay, Italy( from 2013) and the UAE.

In Russia, the sale of goods, similar in color and form to tobacco products, is prohibited from June 1, 2013.The law states that in order to reduce the demand for tobacco products, their imitation and its use are prohibited. This decree applies to both retail and wholesale trade.

pons reviews of doctors

In general, there are different opinions about the permissibility of using electric cigarettes in places where smoking is not allowed. WHO advises to refrain from using ESDN in such places.

By the way, in Belarus in 2015, on July 1, a ban on the use of the term "electronic cigarette" appeared. But this product can be sold, it is not prohibited. A name for its sellers will have to be replaced both in price tags and in advertising.

Refusal of smoking

It is known that smoking cessation in people is accompanied by physical and psychological suffering. Similar torments were encountered by those who quit smoking. The technology of using cigarettes Pons offers step-by-step nicotine replacement therapy, which helps to get out of the use of cigarettes gradually. After all, the amount of nicotine is dosed down, and the psychological discomfort in a person disappears due to a fake smoking process.

Do you want to leave a deadly habit? You need to take four decisive steps:

  • Use cartridges containing a maximum of nicotine, from 3 to 6 weeks.
  • Cartridges containing the average amount of nicotine should be applied within 12 weeks.
  • Use cartridges with a minimum amount of nicotine for 2-4 weeks.
  • Cartridges without nicotine are applied until the smoker gets rid of psychological captivity.

For each person, the time for using the cartridges is calculated individually. It depends on many nuances: the desire to get rid of bad habits, willpower, intensity and length of smoking, age, sex and even weight.

Cigarettes Pons allow you to reduce cravings for smoking in the first days of using this unique novelty. Most smokers leave their addiction after two weeks of using an electric cigarette! Completely forget about the use of nicotine can only three months!

Buyer Reviews

Many buyers think long before buying a Pons cigarette. They just do not like to be disappointed. The doctor's comments can be studied for a very long time, but opinions change incessantly. Some customers simply decide that this is a compact, convenient and economical device.

Some smokers say that they just need to hold the cigarette in their hands, tighten a couple of times, after which you absolutely do not want to smoke. They say that with the help of an electric cigarette they fully realize this need, without the nicotine and the taste of tobacco, with other chic fragrances.

Women also enjoy buying cigarettes Pons: they get used to them quickly, they are pleased that the product easily fits in your pocket or purse.

People like it too, after smoking new items, clothes do not smell like tobacco, and an unpleasant yellow coating is missing on the teeth and fingers.

We believe that this article will help you make your choice.