Cream "Afloderm": the instruction, analogues and responses of doctors

"Afloderm" is a glucocorticosteroid, intended exclusively for topical application. Produced in two forms: cream and ointment. When using this medication, people are often concerned about the question: "Afloderm"( cream) is hormonal or not? Yes, this drug is hormonal and can be addictive, so it should be used carefully and only according to the prescription of the doctor. The course of treatment should not be long, and with prolonged therapy it is best to alternate this cream with other drugs of similar effect.

Form release, composition

The composition of one gram of ointment contains about 0.5 mg of the active component of alklomethasone dipropionate. Additional components here are: hexylene glycol, white petrolatum, propylene glycol monostearate, white wax.

Afloderm cream contains in one gram 0.5 mg of active ingredient of alclomethasone dipropionate. Secondary substances are: propylene glycol, sodium phosphate monobasic dihydrate, chlorocresol, phosphoric acid, macrogol cetostearyl ether 22, cetostearyl alcohol, glyceryl stearate, polyethylene glycol 100 stearate, sodium hydroxide, white petrolatum and purified water.

Both forms are only for external use. The cream has a white homogeneous consistency, and the ointment is presented in the form of a dense homogeneous substance of a light yellow shade that does not contain mechanical impregnations.

Cream and ointment is produced in aluminum tubes of 20 and 40 grams, which, in turn, are packed in a cardboard box, in addition to the medicine there is an instruction for use.

The drug should be stored in a cool and inaccessible place for children at a temperature of not more than + 30 ° C.The product should not be exposed to direct sunlight. The cream has a shelf life of two years, and an ointment is three years.

The drug is dispensed from pharmacies without a doctor's prescription.

Pharmacological action of the preparation

cream afloderm

The cream "Afloderm" is a glucocorticosteroid of non-fluorinated and synthetic origin. Used locally. Has anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, anti-allergic and antiproliferative properties.

When applied to the epidermis, it acts efficiently and quickly in the focus of the inflammatory process. Reduces severe symptoms: erythema, edema, lichenification, and also removes subjective sensations such as itching, flaking, skin irritation and pain syndrome.

Indications for the use of the drug

afloderm cream instruction

The cream "Afloderm" is prescribed for dermatoses, which are amenable to treatment with glucocorticosteroids. That is, it is used to treat atopic, allergic, sun and contact dermatitis. A direct indication for use is psoriasis, eczema and allergic reactions to insect bites. The drug can be used by children from the age of six months. The drug can be applied to the skin of the face and anogenital zone.

Contraindications to the application of

afloderm cream instructions for use

The Afloderm cream should not be applied if there is tuberculosis of the dermis, the cutaneous syphilis manifestations and viral infections of the skin are prohibited. Contraindicated agent for chicken pox, skin postvaccinal reactions. I do not recommend using the drug on open wounds, with rosacea and the diagnosis of trophic ulcers. The cream is not prescribed for vulgar acne and hypersensitivity to alkclomethasone, as well as to other excipients of the medication.

During pregnancy, you can use Afloderm when the benefit for a prospective mother is several times greater than the risk for embryo development. In this situation, the treatment with cream should be short, and it can be applied only to small areas of the skin.

There are no studies of teratogenic effects of the drug.

The medicine can be applied to the skin during the breastfeeding period, but with certain rules. So, you can not apply the remedy on the epidermis of the mammary glands immediately before feeding.

Afloderm( cream): instructions for use

afloderm cream reviews of doctors

The cream is advised to be used in the treatment of acute and wetting lesions of the epidermis. Basically, it is used on areas of the body that are very sensitive. This face, chest, region of the genitals, neck.

Ointment is denser in consistence. It is used on coarser and denser skin. For example, on the soles of the feet and elbows. More suitable for the therapy of subacute and chronic dermatoses. This includes dry, flaky or lichened lesions. That is, they use it when the occlusive effect of the Afloderm ointment is needed.

What is the best cream or ointment? The answer to this question is simple - each of these drugs has its own purpose.

"Afloderm"( cream) instruction advises to apply a uniform thin layer on the problem areas of the skin 2-3 times a day. In areas with a more dense epidermis, that is, on the feet, elbows and palms, and also in the area where the drug is quickly erased, the drug is applied more often.

For children and adults, during the period of extinction of the symptoms that appear, the medicine is applied to the skin once a day.

To prevent the recurrence of chronic skin diseases, after the disappearance of the main symptoms, the treatment is extended for a few more days.

Data on the overdose of ointment or cream "Afloderm" were not presented.

Side effects with local use of alclomethasone are rare, and if they do occur, they are reversible. In 1-2% of patients, itching was noted, reddening of the skin, burning, excessive dryness of the skin. These people were concerned about irritation, a papular rash. Very rarely there were acne-like changes on the dermis, hypopigmentation and sweating were observed. Rarely disturbed folliculitis, atrophy of the epidermis, striae, dermatitis of allergic and contact origin, hypertrichosis, secondary infectious skin diseases.

Special instructions for use of

afloderm cream analogues

If hypersensitivity in the form of itching, flushing or burning occurs at the beginning of the use of the drug "Afloderm"( ointment, cream), the drug should be discontinued.

The drug is not applied to the skin in the eye area, as this may provoke the development of glaucoma or cataracts. Do not apply cream and ointment on open wounds on the skin and on inflamed vulgar acne.

If the skin disease has complications in the form of a bacterial or fungal infection, which manifests itself again, antibacterial or antimycotic drugs should be added to the treatment with "Afloderm".

The drug can be applied to the skin of children from an early age. It should be noted that the babies have creases on the dermis, and the diapers have an effect similar to the occlusive dressing, and can increase the systemic absorption of the active ingredient. In addition, children have a chance of increasing systemic absorption, due to the proportional relationship between the skin of the child and the weight of the child, and also because of the immaturity of the skin. Consequently, the use of the drug in young children is permissible, but only under the supervision of a specialist.

"Afloderm"( cream): analogues

afloderm cream ointment

If this drug is not suitable for its effect, price, or even for some reason, it is replaced by similar in its properties drugs. It can be ointment "Fusimet", cryogel "Reanimator", preparation "Mycospores", ointment "Fluorocort."

Many of them are cheaper than Afloderm cream, but despite this, they have a similar effect on the skin.

Cost of cream "Afloderm"

Cream and ointment "Afloderm" are sold only in pharmacies. The cream in a tube of 40 grams costs about 450 rubles, and the price of 20 grams of the drug is 350 rubles. The prices for the ointment are exactly the same as for the cream.

Reviews of doctors and patients

afloderm cream hormonal or not

"Afloderm"( cream) reviews of doctors refer to effective hormonal drugs. It is recommended to use the medicine for children from the age of six. They say that the drug helps cure dermatitis, gives a good result with eczema and quickly removes redness when bitten by insects. Does not cause negative reactions. To the drug is not addictive, do not use it for a long time.

Among the patients reviews are very diverse. One drug helped. They noted the effectiveness and speed of the cream. We felt the effect of the drug from the first days of application. Parents were also satisfied with the result. It is said that for two applications the cream has removed traces from a mosquito bite, dermatitis and other rashes on the skin. Medication is applied to the skin with eczema, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis. Some people note that after the drug is canceled, the condition with eczema can return to the original, so use "Afloderm" in combination with other means.

There are those who did not help the drug, but there are few such people. As a rule, they used the drug on rough and thick skin areas to eliminate the inflammatory process. Some people do not like the fact that the drug is hormonal and addictive, so they try to use it only as needed. It is believed that the price of the money is too high.

None of the patients reported any side effects during the application of Afloderm. In general, patients are satisfied with the drug. It is tolerated well by both children and adults. Acts quickly and effectively.