"Complivit Magnesium": instructions and references

The modern diet often leads to vitamin deficiency in humans. Therefore, in recent years, it has become popular to take multivitamin complexes for additional micronutrient intake into the body. Sometimes they are prescribed and doctors for recovery after serious infectious diseases or chronic diseases. Adults with avitaminosis, heart failure and decreased performance are encouraged to take "Complivit Magnesium."This biologically active food additive contains all vitamins and minerals necessary for normal vitality. And additionally the drug includes magnesium lactate, a very important microelement for the normalization of the heart and nervous system. compliment magnesium

When the drug

is used This biologically active additive is recommended as an additional source of vitamins and minerals. Appointed "Complicant Magnesium" for adults with a deficiency of magnesium. It is this mineral that is very important for the normalization of the heart muscle, so the drug is often used for cardiovascular diseases.

The need for additional intake of magnesium can be determined by such symptoms:

  • irritability and nervous excitability;
  • infringement of a falling asleep, a sleeplessness;
  • muscle weakness and frequent seizures.

When else do they designate "Complivit Magnesium"?The instruction recommends its use in case of spring avitaminosis, chronic fatigue and reduced immunity. It is important for the normal functioning of the reproductive organs, so you can undergo a course of treatment before conception of the child. Positive effect of taking the drug on the condition of a woman during menopause. compliment magnesium instruction

"Compliwit Magnesium": Composition of the preparation

This biologically active food additive contains many vitamins and minerals necessary for the normal functioning of the body. The composition of the drug is selected so that the microelements successfully combine with each other. Some of them provide 100% of the daily allowance, others - in smaller quantities. Most of all in the preparation of vitamins of group B. They strengthen the action of magnesium and improve the work of the heart and nervous system."Complymium magnesium" contains calcium pantothenate, riboflavin, pyridoxine, thiamine and vitamin B12 in quantities necessary for an adult. In addition, it has other important vitamins:

  • tocopherol acetate;
  • nicotinamide;
  • retinol acetate;
  • folic acid;
  • ascorbic acid.

From minerals the preparation contains zinc and a large amount of copper. In addition, the tablets include sugar, lactose, magnesium stearate, propylene glycol and dyes. vitamins compliment magnesium

The effect of the drug on the body

The drug has a general strengthening effect. The action is determined by a combination of all the components of the drug, which are specially selected for compatibility. A feature of this vitamin is the magnesium content in the easily digestible form( magnesium lactate).It is because of its positive effects that this drug is often chosen:

  • it relieves muscle spasms and relaxes smooth muscles;
  • normalizes the rhythm of the heart;
  • soothes and reduces anxiety and irritability;
  • is involved in metabolic processes.

In addition, the remaining active substances of the drug have such an effect:

  • improve metabolism;
  • protect cells from the effects of free radicals;
  • improve the functioning of the eye;
  • increases the body's defenses;
  • improves tissue regeneration properties;
  • are involved in hematopoiesis, increase hemoglobin;
  • strengthen vascular cells;
  • improve cellular respiration;
  • positively affect the work of nervous and muscle tissue;
  • have a beneficial effect on the skin condition and accelerate hair growth. compliment magnesium user

"Complymium Magnesium": Instructions for use

Drink this product is recommended for 1 tablet a day. Best in the morning - during breakfast. At this time, vitamins are better absorbed. Dosage should not be increased, since each tablet contains as many micronutrients as required by an adult a day. The course of treatment is a month. It is convenient to determine by package: it just contains 30 tablets. If necessary, the course of treatment can be repeated after 2-3 months.

Features of the use of

"Compliwit Magnesium" does not apply to medicines. But all the same before using it, you need to consult a doctor, especially if a person has some kind of chronic illness, in which the use of certain trace elements is contraindicated. compliments magnesium reviews It is necessary to know about the peculiarities of the use of the drug:

  • can not be taken for hypervitaminosis;
  • "Complymite Magnesium" vitamins can cause an allergic reaction, if this happens, the drug should be discontinued;
  • does not take it with lactose intolerance and is cautiously prescribed for diabetes mellitus;
  • to use this biologically active supplement during pregnancy and breast-feeding is possible only according to the doctor's prescription;
  • if there is a need to take enterosorbents or antacid preparations, the gap between them and vitamins should be 1-2 hours, otherwise the assimilation of microelements will decrease;
  • is not allowed at the same time as this drug to take other multivitamin complexes;
  • in some cases when receiving urine can acquire a bright yellow color, this is normal and is due to the action of riboflavin. compliments magnesium composition

Reviews about

Most of the users respond positively to the intake of this biologically active additive. Compared with similar drugs - Centrum, Magneter, Magne B6, Supradin and others - Complivit Magnesium is more accessible and better absorbed. The average price in pharmacies for this drug is about 250 rubles. Therefore, many with beriberi and problems associated with a lack of magnesium, choose exactly "Complivit Magnesium."Comments on his admission note that after the course of treatment the condition improves significantly, working capacity increases and sleepiness passes. No one noticed side effects, the drug is digested well. Yes, and doctors in the appointment of vitamin complexes often give preference to him.