Water Treatment: Features, Effective Methods, Ways and Feedback

Water treatment is a free, useful and very effective way to get rid of various diseases. In some countries, for example, in India and Japan, water is a traditional method. In Russia today it can be attributed, rather, to exotic, and it's a pity. After all, if instead of the usual chemically based medicine that is purchased in pharmacies to use ordinary water, the result can be even better, since the health-improving effect is on the entire body. In the future, the disease can be easily forgotten.

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How is water treated?

Everyone knows how useful it is to drink water every day. The human body from 70% to 80% consists of H2O.Therefore, it is vital.

Various methods are used in the treatment: it is drinking, and various procedures with water.

For domestic use, water is defended, cleaned, thawed or snow is used. The procedures include therapeutic baths, bathing in hot natural springs, contrast showers, dousing and the like.

Let's consider some of the most common ways in which water treatment is performed.

On ayurveda

Supporters of the method are sure that in a short period of time you can get rid of such diseases as headache, rheumatism, tachycardia, anemia, arthritis, obesity, constipation, tuberculosis, kidney stones and much more.

Treatment with water is to fast each day and a half a liter of liquid on an empty stomach, and then another hour to refrain from eating and drinking.

But with rheumatism or arthritis drink is recommended for half a liter three times a day. An hour after this should also refrain from eating and drinking.

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This method has opponents who believe that in one hour the human body is able to take no more than a liter of fluid. Therefore, according to these people, the practice where it is supposed to drink at one time more than a liter of water, can be harmful.

In this regard, the Japanese method is considered less radical.

Japanese practice

Japanese treat the same diseases with the help of slightly warm water.

After sleep, you should drink 640 milliliters of water, and breakfast should be started no earlier than 45 minutes. After eating, you should drink another glass of liquid, after which you can not eat or drink anything for 2 hours.

Salt water is used to cleanse the body. Then before meals in the morning, drink from one and a half to 2.5 liters of liquid.

Melt water

This treatment with water is becoming increasingly popular. Feedback from those who have already tried confirm the high effectiveness of the method.

Melt water is drunk in courses of different lengths. Treatment can take only one to two weeks, and sometimes stretches to several months.

With the help of such water, for example, catarrhal diseases are treated. With a mild form it is enough to drink 10 sips in the morning and in the evening, and also do inhalations with a liquid heated to 80 degrees. If the disease is more difficult, then take a few sips every half hour, warming the water in a water bath.

It is also an excellent preventive tool, which perfectly influences the vessels. In this case, it is good to drink 2-3 glasses each day.

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Living and dead water

From children's fairy tales, we know how healing was treated with living water and dead. Dead or seriously ill characters resurrected, got rid of their wounds and regained their strength. But many rulers arranged whole expeditions to find sources that give healing and immortality.

It is said that real stories for future generations are coded in tales. If from this point of view to study them, you can discover for yourself a lot of interesting things.

For example, it is known that dead water is understood as standing water without currents( wells, swamps. ..), while living water flows in mountain rivers and waterfalls, forming during melting. Rainwater is also considered to be alive. It gives people life energy and gives youth, beauty and longevity.

Seawater and hot springs

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The curative effect of sea water has been known since ancient times. Now the method is called thalassotherapy and has been successfully applied. In sea water contains a huge amount of minerals and other substances useful to the human body. Immunity is strengthened and the most important processes are stimulated.

To be treated with such water is not only useful, but also very pleasant. The tension of all muscles passes. The tone returns to them, and the body is filled with energy.

Hot water treatment is also widely known. The thermal resorts come to tourists who want to improve their health. The source is such if its temperature exceeds 37 degrees. At 42 degrees or more, it is called hyperthermal. The composition of the water depends on where the source is located. But anyway, the treatment is very pleasant. In addition to bathing procedures, you can drink water. But all this must pass strictly under the supervision of a doctor.

Therapeutic baths

The skin performs very important functions in the body. It participates in the metabolism, protects, guarantees thermoregulation and gas exchange and so on. That's why it's so important that her condition is normal.

An excellent provision for this are therapeutic baths, which can be cooked for themselves at home. Add herbs - this is equivalent to providing a home spa resort. At the same time, money for such a procedure will not be required.

Often those weeds that summer residents throw out can serve as raw materials for medicinal procedures. The baths are made at a temperature of 36 degrees, the duration is 15-20 minutes. This method of treatment with water will provide a calming effect and will make the skin more elastic and elastic, enriching it with vitamins.

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Similar procedures are also performed in clinical settings. For example, treatment with mineral waters may well be complemented by the adoption of healing baths. Although hydrogen sulfide contains a small amount of them, but it is enough to improve the state of the heart and improve all body systems and organs when it penetrates the skin and lungs.

Radon baths are extremely useful. This radioactive substance is easily excreted from the body, since it is added to the procedure negligible. But, penetrating into the skin, it ionizes it, restores balance and circulatory system. Has a relaxing and soothing effect.

Thanks to iodine and bromine, normal functioning is ensured. If these substances in the body are not enough, the work of different systems is disrupted and chronic diseases develop. A bath with these ingredients saturates it by penetrating through the skin and breathing.

Treatment of various diseases with water

treatment with living water Has water treatment methods and methods are very different. And all of them in practice have long proved a positive action.

With rubbing, bathing and ingestion, recovery from many diseases is achieved.

Before the invention of antibiotics, pneumonia, for example, was treated with water, making cross-shaped compresses on the chest, rubbing the body and consuming a lot of liquid.

In the treatment of bronchitis, a cold compress, a mustard plaster and a hot foot bath were used.

The flu was treated with cold compresses and hot baths, and the sore throat with an acetic compress for the legs and abdomen. The heat was removed, consuming a lot of water and making cold compresses, and also rubbing with a wet towel.

In case of circulatory disturbances, they walked in cold water, rubbed and massaged with salt.

Headaches were treated depending on the cause of the occurrence:

  • caused by poisoning or infection - by applying a bubble filled with ice to the neck;
  • because of anemia - alternately applying on the head of hot or cold compresses;
  • in chronic toxicosis did water procedures;
  • with fullness - a cold shower on the soles of the feet.

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This is how it is possible, free of charge and without causing harm to your body with chemical medications, get rid of many diseases and even protect yourself against their re-emergence.