Preparation "Bifosin": instructions for use, composition, description, analogues and reviews

Do you know what the Bifosin medication is? Instructions for use, price, testimonials and indications for taking the mentioned preparation will be described below. Also from the article you will learn about what features are inherent in this tool, whether it has side effects, analogues and contraindications. bifosin instructions for use

Form of the preparation, its composition, description and packaging

In what forms does the Bifosin medication go on sale?

  • Cream. Instructions for use say that the main substance of this drug is bifonazole. As additional components, macrogol 400, propylene glycol and macrogol 4000 are added to it. Colorless 1% cream for external use has a uniform structure and is produced in aluminum tubes packed in cardboard packs.
  • White or light cream powder( can be with a greyish hue) for external use. Its active element is bifonazole, and auxiliary substances - corn starch, zinc oxide and talc. On sale it comes in polyethylene jars.
  • Lightly colored or colorless transparent solution for external use. Its active ingredient is bifonazole. As for additional substances, they include macrogol 400. You can buy this form in bottles of dark glass( droppers).
  • Spray "Bifosin".The instruction for use states that this drug is marketed as 1% transparent and colorless liquid for external use. Its active substance is bifonazole, and propylene glycol, macrogol and isopropanol are used as auxiliary elements. You can buy this form in polymer bottles equipped with a sprayer.

Features of the preparation

What properties are inherent in all forms of the drug "Bifosin"?Instruction for use reports that it is an antifungal agent. The main target of this medication are membrane components of such fungal cells as ergosterols. bifosin user

Bifonazole, which is part of this drug, is able to suppress the synthesis of ergosterol at two stages of its formation. As a result of functional and structural effects, the cell membranes of the fungal cell are damaged. What bacteria are effective for Bifosin? The instruction for use states that this medication can adversely affect dermatophytes( it has a fungicidal effect on the trichophyton, epidermophyton and microsporium), as well as yeast-like and mold fungi( exerts a fungistatic effect).

It should also be noted that this medication does not affect enterococci in any way.

The minimum amount of a drug that has an effective antifungal effect is 5 ng / ml.

The concentration of the drug in 20 ng / ml promotes fungicidal effect( against fungi of the genus Candida), and in lower doses - fungistatic effect.


Is the external preparation "Bifosin" absorbed? Instructions for use( the price of the drug is presented below) indicates that this medication penetrates well into the layers of the skin. Its absorption is 0.6-0.9%.At the same time, the concentration of bifonazole in the blood is not determined.

After applying the cream or other forms of the drug( after 6 hours), the percentage of bifonazole in the skin is many times higher than the minimum effective concentration for harmful effects on fungi.

bifosin instructions for use review

The duration of the active substance in the skin is 36-72 hours. Drug is withdrawn after 19-32 hours, depending on the density of the dermis.


In what cases is the external preparation "Bifosin" prescribed? Instructions for use, reviews of dermatologists report that this medication should be prescribed only by a narrow specialist.

As a rule, it is used to treat skin that has been affected by dermatophytes, molds and yeast-like fungi, it is:

  • smooth skin dermatomycoses;
  • pityriasis lichen;
  • mycosis of brushes and feet;
  • skin candidiasis superficial;
  • dermatomycosis on the head( use only powder, solution or spray);
  • of erythrasma.


Contraindications for this drug is not very much. These include:

  • the period of breastfeeding;
  • hypersensitivity to drug substances.

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It should also be noted that with special care this medication is prescribed to babies up to a year and pregnant women in the first trimester.

Preparation "Bifosin": instructions for use

The drug for external use should be used once a day, before bedtime.

Cream, powder or solution is applied in a thin layer to the affected area of ​​the skin and rubbed gently. As for the spray, it is sprayed in an amount that is sufficient to thoroughly moisten the covers. Also, the drug is applied to adjacent areas. What is the dosage?

For the treatment of a palm-sized skin area, it is necessary to use a strip of cream 0.5-1 centimeter in length or a few drops of a drug solution( about 3 ml).

To achieve a satisfactory therapeutic effect, treatment should be continued continuously for the following periods:

  • with erythrasis and depresopharyngeal - 2 weeks;
  • with mycoses of interdigital sites and feet - 3-4 weeks;
  • with dermatomycosis smooth skin - 2-3 weeks;
  • for dermatomycosis of the head - 4 weeks;
  • with skin candidiasis( superficial) - 2-4 weeks.

After elimination of all symptoms of mycosis, the drug continues to be used for prevention, applying it once a day for two weeks. bifosin cream

Side effects of

What side effects occur when using Bifosin? The instructions for use say that this remedy can cause local reactions such as skin irritation, hyperemia, burning sensation, eczema, allergic reactions, vesicular rash, itching, maceration, allergic dermatitis and peeling.

The listed phenomena are reversible and disappear immediately after discontinuation of treatment.

Cases of overdose of

What symptoms of overdose occur when the product is misused? Experts say that low systemic absorption of this drug makes an overdose impossible.

Special recommendations

In the absence of a therapeutic result, you need to see a doctor and undergo an additional examination. In accordance with the analysis data, the treatment is adjusted.

Avoid contact with eyes and other mucous membranes.

The use of a medicinal product in infants( up to one year) is possible only under the supervision of a pediatrician. bifosin cream instructions price

Cost and analogues

The price of this tool depends on the form of its release and can vary within the limits of 40-120 rubles. As for the analogs, they include the following means: Bifasam, Mikospor, Bifonazol, Mifungar, Ekodaks, Dermazol, Amiklon, Travogen, etc.


Now you know what the Bifosin medication is. Cream( instructions for use, price, reviews described in this article), as well as other forms of this drug is often prescribed for fungal skin lesions. Patients argue that this tool perfectly copes with the task. After a few days of treatment, fungal manifestations completely disappear.

Another plus of this drug is its low cost.