Cheap and effective candles from thrush. Reviews of doctors and patients

Thrush is caused by pathogenic fungi of the genus Candida. The disease can develop due to hormonal failure in the body, due to infections or a pregnancy.

Thrush became a huge problem in the lives of many women, each of them at least once felt its manifestations. Symptoms of thrush are difficult not to notice. One of the main ones is cheesy discharge, which has an extremely unpleasant smell. Very often they cause itching and burning. Also, in the presence of thrush, there may be unpleasant sensations during intimacy.

Every woman wants to find the most effective remedy for fighting this disease. It is best to choose cheap and effective candles from thrush, the most safe and easy to use.

candles from thrush cheap and effective

The main advantages of candles

The most effective method in combating thrush is the use of candles. They do not do any harm to the female body. When used, they have a local effect, which causes the symptoms of the disease to disappear very quickly. Candles from thrush are cheap and effective, almost no cases of side effects in women who use them. Two types of substances are present in the candles from the thrush:

  • Antifungal medications( aimed at combating the fungus that causes thrush).
  • Special components designed to help restore the natural flora of the vagina.

In the pharmacy you can find a great many candles from thrush, but not all the same drug helps equally well. Before buying it is very important to carefully read the composition and properties of the drug. Modern antifungal agents are usually applied once. But in some situations, it may be necessary to have course treatment or re-use them to fix the result. The main advantage of candles is that they can be used for a long time, since they do not have side effects. Many are interested in the question of what are the cheap and effective candles from thrush and what is their price. Having studied the opinions of doctors, we can distinguish several brands of candles.

"Nystatin"( price 60-80 rubles)

This is a popular cheap and effective candle from thrush. Because the fungus does not show resistance to the components of this drug, "Nystatin" quickly relieves the symptoms of the disease. After applying the drug, a long positive effect is observed. Best cheap and good candles from yeast "Nystatin" help with the chronic form of the disease. It is this drug that is used in the most neglected cases. With prolonged use of "Nystatin" may occur dysbacteriosis of the vagina. This is due to the fact that the drug affects not only the pathogenic, but also the natural flora. It should be applied up to three times a day.

cheap good candles from thrush

Contraindications to the use of "Nystatin" are: pregnancy, especially in later periods, and intolerance of the main components of the drug, which occurs rarely. The main side effects occur in rare cases, among them there are abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea.

Candles "Sintomycin"( price 35-60 rubles)

The course of treatment with the drug is usually not more than 10 days. These candles should be used twice a day. The greatest effectiveness of treatment is achieved by the constant use of the drug throughout the course. If we use candles regularly, then the bacteria do not have time to develop resistance to them. Due to this, a full recovery comes.

One of the side effects is the manifestation of sensitivity to certain components of the drug. Sometimes it is possible to negatively influence the work of the organs of hematopoiesis. If the drug is overly long-term use and overdose, a mild form of renal or hepatic insufficiency may occur, therefore, candles should be used in accordance with the guidelines for use. From the minuses one can single out the narrowly directionality of the action of these candles. Ineffective in the fight against microorganisms resistant to acidic environment, therefore it is best to use these cheapest and effective candles from thrush after consultation with a specialist, according to the results of the tests. When using this drug is better to abandon the work, which requires high concentration of attention, as well as driving the car.

candles from thrush cheap and effective pimafucin

Candles "Pimafucin"

The famous antifungal drug. These candles from thrush are cheap and effective."Pimafucin" is prescribed to pregnant women because they are most safe for the woman herself and for the fetus. Their basis is the substance natamycin."Pimafucin" has a local effect, destroying the cells of pathogenic fungi.

Candles "Klion-D 100"

The action of the drug appears after a short time after the first use. These candles kill a huge number of different types of pathogenic microorganisms. In this case, they do not have a negative effect on the natural microflora of the vagina, and therefore, do not cause its dysbiosis. With constant use of this drug helps to cure completely even in neglected cases. Side effects are extremely rare. Mostly it is discomfort in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčadministration, less often - pain in the stomach. Contraindication to use is the 2 nd and 3 rd trimester of pregnancy.

cheap and good candles from thrush

Candles "Livarol"

A drug that has a quick effect and does not cause side effects. Very rarely there is irritation or rash. With frequent use, the activity of the drug is reduced."Livarol" is not used during pregnancy.

Candles "Lomexin"

Quite popular remedy for thrush. Contraindications for use are pregnancy and lactation. As a side effect, allergic reactions, irritation and redness are not excluded. The main advantage of these candles is their high efficiency.

"Klotrimazol"( price 30-60 rubles)

All familiar candles from thrush, cheap and effective. The photo is presented above. Unfortunately, they often cause side effects( burning sensation, abdominal pain, discharge).The use of this drug is contraindicated in early pregnancy and lactation."Clotrimazole" is a course treatment duration of 6 days.

cheap and effective candles from thrush photos

Candles "Yodoxid"

Not applicable in the presence of diseases of the kidney and thyroid. Pregnancy and lactation are also contraindications for the use of this drug in the treatment of thrush. Duration of treatment is usually about two weeks. The main side effect is the appearance of an allergy to the components of "Iodoxide."

Candles "Miconazole"

This drug is contraindicated in people with liver disease and diabetes. During pregnancy and lactation, these candles are also contraindicated. As side effects may appear pain in the abdomen or itching in the vagina.

Candles from thrush, cheap and effective, with pregnancy and breastfeeding

When a pregnant woman has symptoms of thrush, for her the most important thing is that the medicine chosen by the doctor is safe not only for herself, but for the baby. Candles in this case will be the best option in the fight against this disease. They are absolutely harmless, in rare cases, there may be side effects.

Candles against thrush are allowed to be used not only during the period of gestation, but also during breastfeeding. All suppositories have a local effect, due to this the risk of getting the drug into the milk is reduced to a minimum. Very often prescription drugs are prescribed by doctors prior to delivery in order to guarantee the child's safety during childbirth and to protect him from getting into the body of pathogenic microbes. For this, a woman is examined and, in the presence of symptoms of thrush, an effective drug is prescribed, most often candles.

candles from thrush cheap and effective in pregnancy

When combating thrush during pregnancy, a complex approach is very important because the bearing of a child greatly undermines the immunity of a woman. The most effective in this case will be "Pimafucin" and "Macmirror complex."In the 2nd and 3rd trimesters, the use of more aggressive drugs is prohibited because of their possible absorption into the blood. In extreme cases, the doctor may prescribe "Nystatin" or "Clotrimazole."Many of the doctors allocate the complex action drug "Terzhinan", which is used in the 1st trimester of pregnancy and has the most effective effect in treating thrush, when other drugs do not help. It is used according to the risk / benefit ratio.

To find cheap and good candles from thrush, it is important to take into account the severity of the symptoms and the presence or absence of pregnancy. If possible, you should initially try the most sparing drugs. If they do not help, you can pick up other candles from thrush, cheap and effective. The patients' testimonies indicate that in each individual case their preparation is suitable.

candles from thrush cheap and effective photos

Rules for the use of candles

How to use candles correctly:

  • suppositories should be administered as deep as possible in the vagina;
  • enter candles best at night, so that you can lie down and relax;
  • during the treatment it is necessary to exclude sexual relations;
  • during the treatment should not wear tight cotton underwear;
  • treatment is necessary not only for a woman, but also for her sexual partner;
  • candles from thrush, cheap and effective, are incompatible with alcohol and other drugs;Before using candles,
  • should be consulted by a physician.