How to treat periodontitis at home - the experience of ancestors

If you, having eaten an apple or brushing your teeth with a thread, did not find any bleeding, then you have a good chance of keeping your teeth healthy until old age. You do not suffer from such a disease as periodontitis. Many believe that the most common tooth disease is caries. And they are mistaken. Leadership has "won" parodontosis - a disease caused by bacteria that are formed in the mouth due to poor hygiene. There is inflammation of the gums. This disease affects animals.

The guile of periodontal disease

The next stage of the disease is the stones on the teeth that are not removed by the toothbrush, and then - the penetration of inflammation into the gum and the roots of the teeth with the formation of so-called "bags", which leads to the destruction of periodontal tissue, gum deformity,loosening and falling out of teeth. The insidiousness of periodontal disease is that it does not manifest itself at the initial stage with any obvious signs. There arises an urgent question: "How to treat periodontal disease?"Medicines for this purpose exist, and the most diverse. In addition, the practice of the past years in the treatment of periodontal disease at the stage of deep inflammation consisted in the opening of "bags" surgically. It's time to forget these frightening stories about cutting and sewing gums and cleaning bags - medicine has allowed to protect the patient from such an unpleasant procedure. Inflammation of this kind is very successfully treated by laser radiation today. And the patient only needs 3 things: perfect oral hygiene, regular monitoring and a dental hygienist. How to treat periodontal disease medically? First of all, it is an inflammatory disease, therefore, medicines are selected in accordance with this process. In choosing the name of medicines, it is better to trust the dentist( do not self-medicate with medications!).It should also be remembered that any disease has its own cause. Periodontal disease often occurs due to many diseases of internal organs, diabetes, atherosclerosis, beriberi, and also in connection with hereditary predisposition. Therefore, it is worthwhile to direct its efforts to the treatment of sick organs.

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How to treat periodontal disease at home?

Regular reception of medicines is unlikely to please the patient - chemical preparations may adversely affect other organs of the body. In addition, medications often cause various allergic reactions. Do not worry - except for medicament, laser and vacuum treatment, there is another soothing argument - the experience of ancestors. How to treat periodontitis at home using folk remedies? First of all, you should adhere to careful hygiene, sparing diet with the exception of sugar-containing products, replenish your stocks of fruits and vegetables, especially carrots and apples.

Their use saturates the body with vitamins, and also promotes regular gum massage, prevents the formation of tartar. To all listed methods of treatment, add rinsing of the mouth with the decoctions of herbs. For this purpose, the field horsetail( removes the plaque from the teeth, stimulates the gums), birch juice( rinsing and ingestion), calendula alcohol tincture( frequent rinse for disinfection), celandine infusion, horseradish tincture, violet flowers, oak, marigold, sage, chamomile, strong welding of green tea, saline solution. How to treat periodontitis at home? This can be done with a regular massage of the gums with a toothbrush dipped in saline( 1 glass of water + 1 tsp of salt) or in decoction of oak, marigold, sage, chamomile. You can chew pine needles, eat cranberry berries, rub their teeth( vitamin C strengthens the vessels of the gums).Parodontosis is also treated with hydrogen peroxide: it is necessary to rinse the mouth cavity or rub the gum twice a day with a mixture of 15 ml of water and 15-20 drops of peroxide. After a while, the question of how to treat periodontal disease at home will stop worrying you, you will see from your own experience that such treatment is a very real, effective and effective method.