Information for consideration: useful properties of birch buds

What are the useful properties of birch buds we know? Now we'll figure it out.

1. First of all, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. This is due to flavonoids and phytoncides, which are contained in them.

useful properties of birch buds 2. Their diuretic and diaphoretic effects caused by a substance such as saponin are widely known. Thanks to him, the output of bile and urine from the body is carried out.

3. Wound healing action. In order to quickly cut the cut, it is enough to apply a compress of crushed kidneys and leaves on it.

4. Useful properties of birch are truly inexhaustible: very few people know that the kidney broth can help with the treatment of bronchitis.

Useful properties of birch buds are difficult to accommodate in several places, however their most important advantage is, of course, the composition. They contain vitamins of almost all groups. But do not forget that there are contraindications: it is not recommended to use drugs from birch buds for people suffering from acute kidney failure.

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Preserve drugs

Experienced herbalists are advised to harvest buds in early spring, when they have already started to swell, but have not yet fully blossomed. Simply cut them with a knife. The younger the tree, the more useful substances you will get. The only nuance - it is better not to do it in the immediate vicinity of the road, preferably go away into the forest. Kidneys can be dried by spreading them on ordinary sheets of paper. It is believed that in a dried state they retain medicinal properties for up to two years. Kidney preparation
Useful properties of birch buds: treating colds

To get rid of kidneys from the kidneys, you should make a decoction.15 grams of kidneys pour boiling water( about 200 ml) and insist 10 minutes. The resulting drink can be drunk instead of regular tea and rinsed with a throat. If you drink it before going to bed, then by morning your condition will improve dramatically: most likely, you will sweat properly and the temperature will drop. Do not panic if during the night you have to go to the toilet often: this decoction acts as a diuretic.

Kidney preparation or alcoholic infusion

People who suffer from bronchitis or laryngitis can easily make an alcoholic infusion: a handful of kidneys cut from birch, pour a small amount of alcohol, close the vessel tightly and insist for twenty days( in general, it is believed that the longer it costs,the more useful it becomes).As a result, you will receive the most real medicine: drink 15 drops three times a day and you will be surprised at how quickly the recovery will come. This tincture has a disinfectant effect. She can wipe the wounds, cuts and scratches, handle bedsores and eczema.

Help with rheumatism

Useful properties of birch buds will help with joint diseases. Rheumatism will save you a special therapeutic ointment based on ordinary butter. Take the enameled container and fill it with oil and kidneys, alternating layers. Then wrap the dishes in foil and keep in a warm oven for 24 hours. The resulting cream rubbed before going to sleep in the aching joints.

Birch buds with bile stiffness

If you notice a tendency to fatty, spicy and smoked dishes and do not move much, periodically feel a feeling of heaviness and pain under the ribs, this may indicate bile stagnation. To get rid of it tea will help you on the basis of kidneys and birch leaves. properties of birch
Female Secrets

Birch buds are also used in cosmetology. For example, if you insist on butter, you will get an excellent moisturizer for over-dried skin. If you have fragile, weakened hair, make a mask for them: mix a spoonful of kidneys, a spoon of chopped nettle, a little lanolin. Squeeze the juice from one lemon and add half a cup of olive oil. After that, thoroughly rub the mixture with the egg yolk. Stir everything and boil on low heat. Blend the mixture over the hair with a thin layer. Keep it on your head should not be more than an hour. Its regular application will make the hair shiny and healthy.

Useful properties of birch buds largely depend on the method of application. For example, lotions made from broth, will be a real salvation for adolescents suffering from adolescent acne. They will soothe irritated skin and relieve inflammation. The effect will, as they say, is obvious.

Do you get tired quickly? You feel a constant lethargy, although you get enough sleep and rest a lot? Are you in a state of incessant deafening annoyance to the whole world? This may be due to a lack of vitamins. Drink a course of broth from the kidneys( half a glass before eating) and after a couple of weeks colleagues and relatives will not recognize you.

Birch buds with indigestion

In case of indigestion and stomach ulcer, birch kidneys on alcohol can be very effective. However, the medicine should be prepared in a slightly different way than with lung diseases. If you are concerned about the stomach, take 30 grams of kidneys and pour them with vodka. After infusion, strain the solution( this is very important)!Take the drug should be half a teaspoon before eating. By the way, if the tincture is diluted with water, it can be applied to the scalp: it will strengthen the roots of the hair and prevent their loss. And if you mix the product with a pinch of soda and add a little salt, you can rinse the gums with acute attacks of stomatitis.

But who should not be treated for birch buds in any case, so it's pregnant and lactating women, as well as those who suffer from urinary tract diseases.