How to calculate how many calories in pancakes?

People who are dieting should not feel "strangers in this celebration of life."If everyone around celebrates Maslenitsa, then we, who are watching the figure, or for other reasons compelled to count calories, can pamper ourselves with delicious Russian pancakes. We have two options: either eat this less good, or bake it so that the energy value of this product falls several times. How many calories are in pancakes, and how to reduce the nutritional value of baking? Let's figure it out.

In the Russian epics it is said that Ilya of Murom was nourished by pancakes. Hence, they say, and took the power of heroic. Indeed, this product is very nutritious, because it contains wheat flour, whole milk, yeast, sugar and eggs. And we are baking dough for fat, and on top, for taste, we put a slice of butter, sour cream, jam or honey. Thus, a solid total score accumulates, and the answer to the question about how many calories in pancakes will be: 330 kcal per 100 grams of product. But this dainty is useful - milk gives the body phosphorus and vitamins, yeast and eggs have a beneficial effect on the skin, hair and nails. Let's now think about how to leave all this positive, but that at the same time on the hips do not put off extra pounds.

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Let's start with the main thing, the basis of the dish, the flour. Wheat of the highest grade gives pancakes a pleasant taste and fluffy consistency. However, it is very nutritious. In stores the analogue "For pancakes" is sold, but it is better not to buy it. First, there are no useful properties of whole grains, and secondly, there is already added egg powder. How many calories in this product, even the manufacturer does not know. It is best to replace wheat flour with rye, buckwheat, oatmeal or barley flour. In these dietary products all the healing qualities of the grain are preserved, in addition, they have less starch and, consequently, such a product is easier to digest.

Now with regard to the liquid that we are baking the dough. Many housewives use whole milk, which, of course, is useful, but can damage the slenderness of our waist. Then we dilute the flour with skimmed milk, kefir, yogurt or even. .. mineral water. The latter option - the most ideal, because in normal soda virtually no calories, but it gives rise to the test and in this case there is no need to add yeast. And then when calculating how many calories in pancakes, you can safely take away from the total of 40 units.

Unfortunately, without egg preparation of this dish, we can not escape. But here the smart housewives have found a loophole: try adding some proteins to the dough. Pancakes in a frying pan will not crawl, will be tender and porous, and you can take another 40 calories from the total. Let's see how to reduce the kilocalorie of products needed for making pancakes. A large amount of sugar not only deplorable on the figure, but also on the fact that the products will simply stick to the frying pan. However, to refuse sugar in general, too, should not be - the dough will turn out to be tasteless.

When calculating how many calories in pancakes, great importance is filling. If you set off on all of the above tricks, such as oat flour, mineral water and egg whites, but stuff the product with pork and onions, the nutritional value of this dish will still be about 400 kcalor even more. For dietary nutrition, it is best to use such delicious fillings as fruit, low-fat cottage cheese with raisins, dried apricots or honey, cheese, low-fat fish, stewed vegetables( cabbage, leeks).Fry pancakes should be in lean oil.