Rashes in tongue and body: causes

Very often a rash appears in the language of the child and adult. Definitely, this is the manifestation of some disease. Why does a rash appear on the tongue or body and how to treat it? Read about this in the article.

How does the language look normal?

Whenever a person comes to see a doctor, when examined from him, they will be required to show the language. Few patients think about why this is necessary. So, this is really a mandatory procedure. According to the state of the tongue the doctor may notice the onset of the onset of some disease.

Chick in the tongue

The normal language is always wet and has a pink color. It seems velvety in appearance. It must be covered with a thin layer of white tint. With its help, sounds are formed and the taste of those foods that people eat is determined. Ten thousand receptors are on the tongue. With their help, the language recognizes sweet, bitter, salty, sour. Language is the most flexible muscle in the body.

How to identify the disease by the location of the rash?

Depending on the location of the rashes, you can determine against the background of which diseases they appeared. This is very important for the correct diagnosis. A rash may appear on the following parts of the tongue:

  • A rash in the tongue of an adult and a child, at the very tip of it is a sign of glossitis. First, the formation of small tubercles, which subsequently become acne white. This is a very painful process, accompanied by discomfort when eating. Chinese healers believe that the appearance of a red rash in this area of ​​the tongue indicates a disease of the heart and blood vessels. Perhaps the disease has not yet manifested itself, but is already developing.

A chicken in an adult

  • At the base of the tongue, a rash is characteristic of a disease such as stomatitis. Rashes in the form of small pryshchikov white, bright red or pink. During eating, especially when swallowing food, there is burning and severe pain. A white rash indicates thrush. Often red dots appear in this area of ​​the language. An unpleasant smell comes from his mouth. The cause may be a disease of the stomach or oral cavity.
  • Under the tongue - the cause of the eruption is glossitis. It is accompanied by high fever, swelling of lymph nodes and tonsils. The localization of the rash under the jaw can be a consequence of diseases such as tonsillitis, pharyngitis. A rash under the tongue is a harbinger of the disease of the salivary glands.
  • The sides of the tongue are stomatitis, the occurrence of which is associated with improper care of the oral cavity or the use of unwashed products, especially fruits and vegetables.

How to identify the disease by the color of the rash?

At the site of the rash it is very difficult to accurately know if there is a pathology or not. More details about this can tell the color of the rash:

  • Rash is white, sometimes with a yellow tinge - a sign of stomatitis or thrush. In the case of the first disease, acne appears on the tongue, and with a thrush, a white coating.
  • A rash of red can have different shades of this scale and manifest as a result of allergies, herpes and burns.
  • Black rash occurs as a result of injuries or vascular hemorrhage during injuries.

Causes of rashes in

The cause of rashes are infectious diseases. A rash in the tongue of a child and an adult disrupts the habitual course of life: discomfort in the mouth, discomfort and pain during eating. Rash is a sign of such diseases as:

  • Allergy.
  • Angina.
  • Influenza.
  • Enterovirus infection.
  • Stomatitis.
  • Candidiasis.
  • Herpes.
  • Glossitis. Scarlet fever
  • .
  • Diseases of a hereditary nature. The deficiency of vitamins.
  • Microbial infection of the oral mucosa.

A rash that appears on the tongue is the beginning of some kind of disease. You need to see a doctor, he will put a correct diagnosis and prescribe a treatment.

The causes of rashes in the body and tongue in infants

The appearance of rash in newborns - the development of some disease. In childhood, many of them pass by themselves. The reasons for the rash may be as follows:

Rashes in the child

  • Postnatal adaptation of a newborn to a new environment. During this period the children's organism is completely reconstructed, and this can cause a rash.
  • Often in infants, white small pimples appear. It can be a thrush or an allergy at mum on flowering plants.
  • Rash caused by viral disease, herpes, chicken pox. This is often the case with non-compliance with hygiene rules for caring for the baby: it is rarely bathed, put on stale clothes from artificial fabrics.
  • The appearance of white pimples on the face occurs because the baby has not yet formed skin sebaceous glands. You do not need anything, everything will go away in a month or one and a half.
  • The rash appears due to a violation of the feeding regime of the baby and the associated stresses of his small organism.
  • In some cases, rashes can not be avoided during the period when teeth are pricked. This process is accompanied by abundant salivation, which results in a rash.
  • The cause of the rash is sweating, especially if the child was born in the summer. The baby is hot, it sweats a lot, hence the rash.

The reasons for the rash on the body and the tongue of the toddlers are many. Mom, preparing for the appearance of a child, should learn a lot of information on caring for him, so that if necessary, help the baby.

Allergy manifestations in the child's tongue and body

Allergens of any origin are reflected in the digestive and respiratory organs. Language is their component. Therefore, allergic manifestations in the first place will be seen in the language. Often, no attention is paid to this in the hope that everything will pass by itself. This is wrong and dangerous for health. In case of an allergy, a rash in the tongue can lead to its swelling.

A mild rash in the child

An allergy symptom is a small rash in a child's tongue. It can cover any part of the body. Eruptions are painless, often accompanied by itching. Dangerous is the situation when the face appears hives, and the oral cavity appears swelling Quincke, the size of the lips and tongue increases, the breathing process is disrupted. A rash in a child's tongue, whose causes are caused by stimuli of various origins on the body, must necessarily be treated.

Candidiasis in a child

If a child has white spots in his mouth, it is thrush. It appears as a whitish-gray coating on the mucous membrane, accompanied by an increase in temperature.

Rashes in the child

The child painfully endures such a condition, does not eat well and drinks. Especially difficult to cope with this disease, if it arose in the baby.

Treatment of Candidiasis

Thrush often goes by itself, without special treatment. A week later the rash in the tongue and the curdled mucus on the mucous membrane will disappear, the oral cavity of the baby will be clean. In the case of high fever and severe pain, the child is treated by a doctor. Usually prescribed treatment with paracetamol, ibuprofen, methylene blue, antifungal solutions, analgesic gels.

Stomatitis in a child

Stomatitis occurs or not, depends on the immunity. If the protective functions of the body are high, the disease proceeds much easier, in many cases is asymptomatic. Most often stomatitis is caused by infants. This is because their immunity is just beginning to form, it is difficult for babies to resist disease-causing bacteria and viruses.

Stomatitis is a viral disease. Her pathogens are herpes, rubella, chicken pox, ARVI, measles. The manifestation of stomatitis in a child is a rash in the tongue and oral mucosa. In most cases, these are small vesicles, as with chicken pox. When they burst, painful erosions are formed, lymph nodes increase, dry mouth appears, which are signs of dehydration. With such symptoms the child needs medical treatment.

Treatment of stomatitis, regardless of the origin of

If a rash occurs, the disease is severe, medications are prescribed. If stomatitis is caused by herpes, the doctor prescribes tablets "Acyclovir", ointments and gels. To wipe the tongue and gums of the baby apply solutions of such herbs as chamomile, sage. Older children can do oral cavity treatment with solutions prepared in a pharmacy.

Rash for infectious diseases

A rash in the child's tongue and body appears with a disease such as chicken pox. It rarely occurs on an isolated area of ​​the skin, more often on its entire surface.

A rash in the tongue and lips

When diagnosed with scarlet fever, the entire tongue is covered with a white bloom. After two or three days it is cleaned and gets a bright crimson color. Chronic pharyngitis is accompanied by the formation of cone-shaped spots in the tongue. They are painless, but often violate diction.

Herpetic manifestations in the

language Herpes is an infectious disease in which there is a rash in the tongue and lips. It is accompanied by a lesion of the tongue with blisters inside which a clear liquid is contained. Blisters burst, ulcers are formed. In this case, the temperature rises, there is weakness and irritability.

The causes of stomatitis in an adult

This disease in adults is called catarrhal glossitis. Often there is a rash in the tongue of an adult. The photo demonstrates this clearly. The cause of the disease lies in a bacterial or viral infection. It can be measles, diphtheria, scarlet fever, worms, diseases of the digestive organs and much more. So there is a rash in the tongue of an adult. Causes of the disease are as follows:

rash in the child

  • Inadequate hygienic and dental care for the oral cavity. Presence of dental diseases - caries, periodontitis and others.
  • Stomatitis in adults is not only an isolated disease, but a whole complex of other ailments that cause complications.
  • Often occurring stomatitis is a sign of the presence of worms in adults. Parasitizing organisms for a long time can not claim themselves. Gradually, the body begins to function according to their needs. Other symptoms will appear: pain in joints, head, intestines, upset of the chair and others.
  • Non-passing stomatitis is the result of permanent mechanical injuries about dentures, braces, tartar, shells of seeds or nuts. Most sores are formed on the side of the tongue.
  • The cause of stomatitis in the language is smoking and alcohol.
  • Glossitis appears due to viral diseases: herpes, chicken pox, influenza, measles and others.
  • Allergic reaction to stimuli of various origins: flowering plants, food, medicines and others.