"Xeomin": reviews. Injections "Xeomin": indications, effect, reviews and instructions for use

It's no secret that we all want to stay young and beautiful as long as possible. And thanks to the achievements of modern medicine, this is not an unrealizable desire. Several, as they say in people, rejuvenating injections - and now the weight of the lived years has disappeared along with the wrinkles on the face that have been wrinkled.

Medical preparations based on botulinum toxin are able to level out the external signs of skin aging for half a year after the injection. One such medication is "Xeomin," a feedback about which most consumers describe the drug as highly effective.

Composition of the drug, pharmacodynamics

One bottle of "Xeomin" contains 100 units of botulinum toxin type A. As additional components are sucrose and serum albumin( human).The principle of action of almost all preparations based on botulinum toxin is based on the temporary blocking of nerve impulses going to the treated muscle, as a result of which it ceases to contract and is smoothed out.

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The medication contains muscle relaxant( a substance that lowers the tone of skeletal muscles and reduces motor activity until immobilization), suppressing the release of acetylcholine, the neurotransmitter, which is the main "actor" in the processes of neuromuscular transmission. After the injection of Xeomin( the patients' reviews of the procedure itself will be discussed below), the movement of eco-vesicles is disrupted at the cellular level, the synthesis and release of acetylcholine is discontinued. Within 4-7 days, relaxation of the treated muscle occurs, that is, deep relaxation, accompanied by the removal of mental stress. The effect will be maintained for a period of up to 4 months.

A drug is produced in the form of a powder-lyophilizate. The medication is packed into vials( each in a separate package).The sealed vial has a shelf life of 3 years. Already diluted for injection, botulinum toxin can be stored for the next 24 hours, subject to certain temperature conditions: 2-8 degrees Celsius.

Indications for the use of the preparation

According to the official instructions for use, "Xeomin" is prescribed for blepharospasm, atrophic changes in the skin and with a crippling spastic nature.

Blepharospasm is understood as involuntary contractions of the circular eye muscle, which, as a rule, lead to a persistent spasmodic closure of the eyelids. The drug "Xeomin" reviews medical professionals as an effective tool for treating this problem. With no less positive result, the treatment of torticollis( changes in soft tissues, nerve endings and the skeleton of the neck, manifested in the inclination of the head with turning it in the opposite direction), is obtained as a result of contraction of the neck muscles( spastic or reflex torticollis).

However, most often this drug, acting mainly on the peripheral nervous system, is used for atrophic changes in the facial skin around the eyes, nasolabial folds, etc.

Methods for use in various diseases of

In order to inject "Xeomin" injections( patient reviews andthe opinion of specialists confirms this), it is necessary to have a certain qualification and experience in working with similar medical devices. The number of necessary injections and dosage is determined by a specialist.

In the treatment of blepharospasm, the dose of a single injection is 5 units. Therapy can last up to 12 weeks, during which the total maximum dosage should not be more than 100 units. Injections are produced in the circular muscle of the eye, in the lateral part of the circular muscle of the eye of the lower eyelid, in the muscular apparatus of the face.

In the treatment of torticollis, the doctor determines the points of pain localization and is determined with the location of the procedure. When calculating the dosage, the weight of the patient and the volume of the diseased muscle are taken into account. In most cases, the dose for single use does not exceed 200 units.

The greatest use of medication found in aesthetic cosmetology. To correct the "crow's feet" or small wrinkles, introduce "Xeomin" under the eyes.

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Patients' reviews are mostly positive in nature. In addition, the drug is effective to eliminate wrinkles of any orientation on the forehead and between the eyebrows, removes radial wrinkles around the mouth and in the decollete zone. In each specific case, the dosage of the drug is calculated individually for each patient.

Advantages of Xeomin

If the decision to conduct botulinum therapy is taken definitively, often the question arises before the patients about which drug to prefer - "Botox" or "Xeomin".What's better? Reviews about both medicines are available both positive and negative.

The main application of "Xeomin" - it's still more of a cosmetology, not medicine. In the composition of the drug there is no protein part, which practically excludes the possibility of development of inflammatory processes and allergic manifestations. The smallest molecular weight among all known botulinum toxins allows the use of "Xeomin" for the smallest muscles.

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Next, the medication does not need to be stored in the cold, which gives the palm to the device in question if the following question arises: "Disport" or "Xeomin" - which is better? The manufacturer's comments indicate that it is impossible to violate the efficiency due to deviations in the conditions of storage or transportation. Even if the drug is used for a long time, the body does not produce antibodies. Drug molecules have a minimal diffusion capacity, which excludes the development of any negative effects from the drug in the areas adjacent to the treated. For the same reason, minimal diffusion - the dose required to obtain a positive effect - "Xeomin" is much less than "Botox".

In addition to all the above, "Xeomin" does not affect the deep layers of facial muscles, which allows the patient to keep emotional reactions. This advantage is especially valuable for public people.

With respect to finance, it should be said that "Xeomin" is somewhat cheaper than "Botox" - 250 rubles against 320-330.

Disadvantages of "Xeomin"

From the negative characteristics can be identified the fact that the drug is ineffective in the treatment of hyperhidrosis of the axillary basins. The reason for this phenomenon lies in the weak diffusion. In addition, the analogue of Botox - "Xeomin"( reviews of patients confirm this fact) - gives a lasting result for 3-4 months, while Botox itself is effective for half a year.

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It should also be said that "Xeomin" has not yet accumulated a sufficient scientific base( "Botox" in this respect is more well-studied, since it has been used in medicine and cosmetology for a long time).

Contraindications for the use of the drug

Contraindications are available for any medicine with the simplest formula, not to mention the botulinum toxins. The unique composition of the preparation and the possibility of applying minimal doses lead to the fact that anyone about Xeomin means the negative coloring is drowning in a sea of ​​positive responses. And nevertheless, the medicine has a number of serious contraindications for use.

Do not prescribe it to patients who suffer from diseases of the nervous and muscular systems, accompanied by weakness of the muscles( eg, myasthenia).Hypersensitivity to botulinum toxins, tumors of the malignant nature of any localization, glaucoma is also a sufficient reason for refusing to use this drug. Of course, about Xeomin, patients' feedback will be negative if the doctor is not informed before the procedure that a person is currently suffering from an acute infectious disease accompanied by a rise in body temperature, and in this regard takes any antibacterial or some other medications. The reaction of the organism in this case to the administration of botulinum toxin can not be predicted at all, but it will be present with a high probability.

It is inadmissible to apply Xeomin injections to pregnant women and nursing mothers, patients suffering from any diseases of the blood system, accompanied by poor coagulation. It is necessary to postpone the procedure until better times, if any dermatological, inflammatory, purulent skin problems are observed in the area where the injection is to be done. Also contraindication is the patient's presence of severe somatic diseases in the stage of decompensation.

Possible side effects of

Patients' opinions about Xeomin, as well as medical workers, though they say not about the frequent, but ongoing development of adverse reactions to injections of botulinum toxin. In most cases, this happens either because of a violation of the technique of the procedure by the doctor, or because the patient does not comply with the doctor's recommendations after the injection.

Most often people talk about unpleasant phenomena and sensations in the area of ​​injection - it is bruising, swelling, burning. Perhaps the development of ptosis( descent) of the upper eyelid, the sagging of tissues, the asymmetry of the face. Sometimes you can hear about the development of influenza-like symptoms, the appearance of a headache.

As for the doctor's recommendations after the injection procedure with Xeomin, negative reviews are often written by patients who have neglected the doctor's instructions. You need to know that after a shot, you can not massage this place on the skin, apply any make-up. It is inadmissible to heat the facial tissues( solarium, sauna, bath, etc.) and drink alcohol. In addition, you can not expose yourself to heavy physical exertion, sleep face down, use some medicines( for example, antibiotics).


If the medication has been applied to prolechivaniya blepharospasm, is a means of "Kseomin"( responses to the drug, injections of reviews) may carry a negative connotation for reasons manifestations significantly more side effects. These include dryness of the eyeball, lacrimation, paresthesia, lagophthalmos( inability to completely close his eyelids), diplopia( simultaneous vision two images of the same object displaced relative to one another horizontally, vertically, diagonally).

Given the possible negative reaction to medication "Kseomin"( a review of a small group of patients reported a deterioration in visual perception), it is highly desirable after the procedure, refrain from doing jobs that require high concentration and speed of psychomotor reactions. The medical workers also give the same advice about the management of motor vehicles.

Possible consequences of exceeding the permissible dose of

The introduction of excessive doses of "Xeomin" can cause paralysis of muscles that are far enough from the injection zone. About the fact of an overdose can be evidenced by such conditions as asthenia( a sense of impotence, manifested by increased fatigue, unstable mood, etc.), diplopia, ptosis. If there are difficulties with swallowing, problems with speech, paralysis of the muscles involved in the process of breathing, with the parallel formation of aspiration pneumonia, medical care is needed in a hospital setting. In particularly severe cases of reaction to "Xeomin"( recall in this case, as a rule, is left an expert), it will be advisable to use intubation, artificial ventilation( IVL).

What do you prefer - Xeomin, Botox or Dysport?

It is quite difficult to make a choice between preparations "Botox", "Xeomin".Experts say that both drugs are made on the basis of a botulinum toxin type A. The only difference is that "Xeomin" is an improved version of Botox. Both agents have the same principle of action: the main active component blocks the contractile function of the muscle, as a result of which it relaxes.

principle impact "Dysport" is also very similar to the two above-mentioned means, but for a meaningful outcome of its dose several times higher: if the "Botox" or "Kseomina" for the procedure should be 5-30 units, the "Dysport" for injection into thethe same point - 15-90 units.

Disport or xeomin that better reviews

The essential difference between "Xeomin" and two other medicines is the absence in the first protein complex. This factor, as mentioned earlier, gives a lot of advantages to this drug in front of all the rest. Here, and the possibility of long-term storage without strict temperature restrictions, and a very low probability of allergic manifestations, and a minimal risk of habituation and decreased sensitivity. The absence of protein compounds allows the molecules of "Xeomin" to tighten and attach to the muscle ends, which practically negates the possibility of shifts in the tissues, i.e., the skin does not sag at the site of the injection.

In the opinion of patients and doctors, when choosing a drug for injections, we must also pay attention to the fact how quickly the result will become noticeable visually and how long it will last. According to the duration of the exposure( about six months), the palm of the championship for Botox, the other two botulinum toxins will work effectively for 3-4 months. For the speed of manifestation of the result, "Xeomin" or "Disport" proved to be better. Feedback from patients and health professionals on this issue is the same. The effect will become visible after 2-3 days.

Opinion about the preparation of patients and medical workers

Among consumers, it has now become the opinion that "Xeomin" has the greatest effect on the areas of the mouth, eyes and nose, while "Disport" has a better effect on the forehead and nose. For some time it is believed that "Xeomin" is more suitable for young patients, although the drug is able to solve and age problems.

Opinions of women are quite ambiguous about the drug "Xeomin."Reviews( before and after the injection - many do not see the difference in appearance), this content can be read from time to time at women's forums in social networks. Although a certain group of patients liked the drug. Further, the effect of "Xeomin" lasts 3-4 months, while "Botox" will be effective for at least 6 months.

However, there is another opinion about "Xeomin" - this is the opinion of cosmetic specialists. This drug has a more gentle effect on the skin, its formula is much softer than all the previously known medications of this series. The lack of a protein component minimizes the risk of side effects and allergic reactions, but also significantly reduces the period of effective exposure to the skin. Low diffusion is a guarantee that the drug will not affect adjacent areas of the body and will not affect deep lying muscles.

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In any case, the most correct decision when choosing a drug for botulinum therapy will be to see a doctor. Only the doctor will assess the state of health of his patient, take into account all the attendant problems and decide on the use of a medication with the least risk of developing side and allergic manifestations, but with the maximum possible in duration and attractiveness of cosmetic effects.