Mesoeye C71: reviews and description

Problems with the skin of women begin to occur already by about 25 years. By this time, the representatives of the fair sex can show small wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes, swelling. With age, these unpleasant manifestations progress. At the same time, the skin under the eyes saggers, and in the region of the eyelid often edema is formed. In order to get rid of such problems, women can use a variety of cosmetic products. For example, Mesoeye C71 is a very effective tool designed to combat swollen eyelids. Customer reviews this drug has earned just excellent.

Reasons for the appearance of edema and wrinkles

If a woman often swells up her eyelids or appears wrinkles, this most likely means that she has a very small thickness of the dermis in this area( almost no fatty tissue).The dermis in this case adjoins directly to the secular part. This is what leads to the formation of wrinkles. The lymphatic and venous system in the region of the eyelids of this structure predisposes to fluid stagnation. The skin is stretched.

mesoeye c71 reviews

It is for women with such ages that the cosmetic medication Mesoeye C71 is intended. Reviews this medicine has received good, above all, for its effectiveness.

Form and Composition

This preparation is manufactured by ABG LAB LLC, NY USA.Mesoeye C71 belongs to a group of biological vasomodifiers. It is a colorless viscoelastic injection gel. A good opinion about this drug among consumers and doctors has developed, including for ease of use. The drug is delivered to the market in a syringe with a luer tip. Needles complete with it do not go.

The effectiveness of the drug, and therefore, good reviews about it, are due, above all, to its rich unique composition. The main active ingredients in this cosmetic agent are several:

  • a dermomodelling complex that includes hyaluronic acid, amino acids, vitamins, nucleosides;
  • activating the outflow of lymph from the age of Hexapeptide 17-C 71( patented);
  • relieving spasm of local arteries PeriOrbita L PePtide XP2( patented).

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Excellent deserved Mesoeye C71 customer reviews of cosmetology clinics, including for excellent quality. The main specialization of the company "ABC Lab" is the manufacture of complex innovative injection products intended for skin rejuvenation. Director of ABG LAB LLC, NY USA and her subsidiary Premier Pharma( the official representative in Russia) is Dr. Elena Tester. Today "ABC Lab" is one of the world leaders in the production of innovative medicated cosmetology products. In addition to Mesoeye C71, this company delivers to the market such popular, deserving excellent customer reviews, tools, such as:

  • humidifiers EPI-ORAL F199;
  • MESO-GENESIS( a remedy for hair loss);
  • MESO-XANTHIN for the skin of smokers, etc.

preparation mesoeye c71 reviews

Indications for use

A good remedy for Mesoeye C71 deserved from cosmetologists and their patients, including for a wide range of activities. Apply this drug is allowed for almost any aesthetic disadvantages of the area around the eyes. It can be:

  • age wrinkles;
  • overhanging of the skin and its puffiness;
  • formation of unnatural folds.

Just perfectly helps Mesoeye C71 from bags under the eyes. The reviews are good for him mainly for this reason. Perfectly removes this remedy and bruises under the eyes.

mesoeye c71 from bags under the eyes reviews

In what cases can not use

Contraindications for this remedy are:

  • chronic and acute skin diseases;
  • availability of local implants;
  • pregnancy;
  • hypersensitivity;
  • lactation period;
  • autoimmune processes( lupus erythematosus).

Do not use this medication for herpes and chronic dermatoses. It is also forbidden to use this product for children under 18 years of age. It is impossible to apply Mesoeye C71 and with exacerbations of such a serious disease as diabetes.

Dosages and methods of using the drug

Most often Mesoeye C71, the opinion of which the consumers have developed good, including due to the speed of the effect, is introduced 5-6 times with an interval from a week to 10 days. There are only two methods of using this drug:

  • surface mesotherapy;
  • infiltration.

In the first case, 0.05 ml of Mesoeye C71 is used per session. The medicine is injected into the skin to a depth of 1-2 mm throughout the eye area. The needle 33G( 0.20 × 4 mm) is used.

mesoeye c71 customer reviews

The infiltration technique involves the use of 0.1 ml of the drug. The medicine is put in a bag under the eye. To ensure that the needle does not hit the bone, the latter is pre-clamped between the fingers. The drug is injected into this area to a depth of 2-4 mm. This uses the same needle as in the first case.

Any specialist in the procedure may slightly make a mistake and introduce the drug too superficially. No serious consequences such a blunder will not cause. It concerns, including necrosis. For security in this regard also deserved the good Mesoeye C71 reviews. A photo of the procedure for introducing this medicine into the eye area can be seen on the page. As you can see, this operation is absolutely not terrible.

Special instructions

For patients over 40 years of age this medication is administered according to the usual schedule. But this procedure must be combined with the use of Meso-Wharton from the same manufacturer. This medicine also deserved good consumer feedback.

The place of administration of the agent in the eye area is pre-marked. The injection points are determined by the cosmetologist, depending on the degree of skin flabbiness, puffiness, etc.

The very procedure of the drug administration is short and almost painless. The use of anesthesia in its conduct is not required.

Possible side effects of

It is believed that Mesoeye C71, reviews of which are good yet, and therefore, the drug is relatively safe. Of course, this means passed all the necessary tests - toxicity, bacteriological reaction, sensitization, mutagenicity. However, side effects in some cases this medicine can still give. These are primarily the following:

  • a slight redness;
  • swelling;
  • is an easy itch.

These phenomena can continue for about 1-3 days after drug administration.

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What is the therapeutic effect of

? Women who use Mesoeye C71 medication, in the first place, have swelling around their eyes. Good medicine Mesoeye C71 reviews doctors deserved in the first place for the fact that it perfectly improves microcirculation and lymphatic drainage of tissues. As a result, the skin acquires a pleasant color, and the dark circles under the eyes of the patients completely disappear. In addition, in women treated with this drug, the turgor in the periorbital region increases. A beautiful view of the skin in this place gets and because of the alignment of macro and microrelief.

Another beneficial effects Mesoeye C71, as claimed by the manufacturer, is to reduce the severity of periorbital hernias. Getting into the skin, this drug keeps such useful substances for it, as collagen and elastin. For this, of course, also earned an excellent drug Mesoeye C71 reviews.

Medication cost

The price of the Mesoeye C71 medication, unfortunately, is quite high. One such syringe( 1 session) costs around 5,000 r. This, of course, is very expensive. However, some cosmetic clinics are conducting a course of treatment using this medication at quite democratic prices. If desired, you can find a specialist who will, for example, 4 sessions for 10 000 p.


Mesoeye C71 is by far the only biological vasomodifier on the Russian market. Other similar drugs in pharmacies and salons can not be found. However, all sorts of cosmetic products designed to remove bags and bruises under the eyes, of course, exist on the domestic market. For example, injections to get rid of such problems can be posed using:

  • "Yuviderm Ultra".
  • IAL-SYSTEM( Italy).
  • Theosophical Mezo( Switzerland).
  • Yalupro( Italy).
  • "Yuviderm Hydrate"( USA).

Like Mesoeye C71, all these medicines have hyaluronic acid in their composition.

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Preparation Mesoeye C71: reviews

This medicine is relatively new on the Russian market. Therefore, there are not too many reviews about it yet. However, those patients who have already tried this tool in practice, in the majority of cases, as already mentioned, speak about it positively. Wrinkles around the eyes Mesoeye C71 smoothes very well. After the course, carried out with the use of this drug, the face of the patients looks rejuvenated. The procedure for administering the drug, in the opinion of many women, is actually painless.

For the rapid disappearance of bruises under the eyes also earned just superb Mesoeye C71 reviews."Who made injections using this drug and what did the course end?" - such questions can be heard from many women. And they are responded to by those who have already tried this tool, in most cases in a positive way. Bruises under the eyes pass through a couple of uses of the drug. Many patients believe that, in comparison with the Botox and Disport, this medicine is much more effective.

Some of the drawbacks of this drug, judging by the feedback, in addition to its high cost, is that it is not yet verified by time. Women who decided to use it to improve their appearance, have to some degree even risk. From hernias, according to most patients, this drug, unfortunately, does not help at all.