How and what to treat insomnia at home - folk methods. How to treat insomnia in women, men, menopause, old age

Everyone at least once experienced a state of insomnia. It can occur in lovers who dreamily look at the Moon, and sometimes overtake a person struck by unexpected news. Short-term problems with sleep periodically occur at all. But if such a condition continues for a long time and negatively affects the quality of life of the sufferer, then it is necessary to struggle with insomnia.

Insomnia: a description of the problem

In the ancient fairy tale about the padishah and the little boy, there appears a wise phrase: "Sleep is the nicer of all the gifts."This is an absolute truth, because for a long time the sleepless person becomes weaker both physically and intellectually. What is insomnia? Expressed in scientific language - this insomnia. This term includes a set of various sleep disorders. The mechanism that causes drowsiness is regulated at the hormonal level. than to treat insomnia Next comes the successive phases of sleep. Our brain, like a computer, must perform a mandatory program for the nightly reboot of the human body."Sleepy" stages go in strict order one by one, and the interruption of this process threatens the emergence of a whole bunch of problems and failures.

It is necessary to know that insomnia can be of three types:

  • situational: lasts less than a week, but causes its failure modes, overdose of caffeine;
  • is a short-term one: it can last for about a month, the cause is strong and prolonged stress;
  • chronic: the most dangerous form that occurs against the background of serious ailments: depression, chronic diseases, alcoholism;the duration of this type of insomnia starts from a month.

Causes of a sleepless disease

Causes of insomnia may be episodic life circumstances. Worse, if it causes neurotic abnormalities or other disorders in the body. As a rule, the main causes of insomnia are:

  • mental or emotional overstrain;
  • is an overloaded stomach, especially before going to bed;
  • exposure to external stimuli;
  • depressive states;
  • consequences of the use of certain medicines;
  • inactivity;
  • nicotine dose before bed;
  • advanced chronic ailments;
  • emotional instability;
  • too much caffeine.

There are reasons for the subconscious nature, for example, a person fears that he will be tormented again by nightmares.

how to treat insomnia at home If the problem is clear, then how to treat insomnia? There are a lot of ways, and they all deserve attention. Of course, it's better to use medicines or use the resources of traditional medicine, everyone decides for himself, because everything depends on the individual characteristics and causes that caused the ailment. A doctor who treats insomnia will help to understand the variety of provoking factors and a combination of characteristic symptoms.

Sleepless symptoms

In fact, the main symptom is the only: the inability to sleep. But there are nuances. Sometimes, patients complain that they fall asleep almost immediately. There are cases of unproductive sleep, when a person wakes up sleepy. Often the sufferers complain about long, but unsuccessful attempts to fall asleep, and this despite the fact that the house is quiet and peaceful. If such symptoms occur sporadically, then it is not worthwhile to raise the question of how to treat insomnia. In case of increased signs of sleep disturbance at any stage, attention should be paid to the problem that has arisen, because the reasons can be quite serious.

Get out, please, insomnia: folk therapy

To consult a doctor or grandmother's recipes is a conscious choice of any adult. Many people prefer not to let medications into their lives whenever possible. Accordingly, the question arises: "How to treat insomnia at home?" In the arsenal of traditional medicine there is a mass of means. For example, the classic recipe, known since the Soviet Union: in a glass of milk, add sugar and a pinch of black pepper. This drink should be consumed immediately before bedtime.

insomnia than cure Also used is a well-known remedy such as tea with mint and honey. If you drink it three times a day, you are guaranteed a calm and balanced state of mind and, as a consequence, a healthy sleep.

Wine and Vodka Recipes

The decoction of wines with the addition of dill seeds is an invariable success. Prepares the remedy as follows: take a half-liter of red wine( better "Cahors"), boil it in an enameled container, and then add to the decoction dill seeds in the amount of sixty grams. Then the agent should be wrapped and wait about an hour. The filtered wine is consumed before going to bed, but not more than 50 grams per one intake.

How to treat insomnia in men? We continue an entertaining story about how to treat insomnia at home with strong drinks. This time, absinthe comes home: natural vodka, infused with wormwood flowers. This magic tool should be insisted for a week, and then drink 15 drops three times a day. It is advisable to take a miracle tincture before eating.

Herbal medicine chest

When insomnia came, than to cure, nature will tell. Legendary sleep-grass( 5 flowers per 200 g of water), if boiled in a water bath, and after filtering, will help the suffering sleep disorders. Such a drug should be taken on a tablespoon every two hours in the evening, but no more than three to four times.

Daily reception of poppy seeds is able to establish sleep, but the dose should not be more than 3 grams. Literally in a few days sleep will improve.

Well normalized herbal mint-valerian tincture. Roots of valerian, five-lobed motherwort and leaves of mint( 10 grams) pour a liter of hot water, let it brew, drain and drink twice a day in a glass of 0.5 cup.

Go to the bath, or We evaporate the insomnia

If you overcome insomnia, than treat the unpleasant ailment, as not bath procedures. The fact is that the bath is a magic remedy for many diseases. It successfully helps with joint pain, relieves cholesterol, provides blood flow to all organs. how to treat insomnia in women Among other things, the sauna relaxes and normalizes sleep. Of course, every procedure has contraindications. These are heart diseases, hepatitis of various types, focal skin diseases, anemia, brain disorders. In other cases, the bath is an excellent remedy, and not only for insomnia.

Invitation to the sunset, or How to treat insomnia in old age

Many categories of citizens suffer from sleep disorders, this bowl and elderly people have not passed. This is not surprising, since insomnia is directly related to the nervous activity of the brain, and after sixty years, failures in this area are not uncommon. Which doctor heals insomnia It is possible to regulate uncomplicated sleep disorders with the help of home remedies.

  1. Tea from celandine and cones of hops( 1: 2) to insist about 4 hours and take a glass before going to bed. It is a good help alcoholic tincture of the same ingredients. Only a single dose is 1 tsp. It is recommended to take three times a day.
  2. Mix 4 types of pharmacy alcoholic tinctures: hawthorn, motherwort, valerian extract and peony. Means to use at night for one dessert spoon.
  3. Herbal tea has always been considered a salvation from insomnia. For example, strawberries, brewed and infused for 15 minutes, perfectly helps to fall asleep. It's good to add honey instead of sugar.
  4. Also useful are teas from linden, oregano, mint and blackberry.

And than to treat insomnia for older people? Light gymnastic exercises are a great way to get rid of the scourge. But it is necessary to avoid physical overexcitation, since this can have the opposite effect.

Sleep peephole, sleep another: lulling the obstinate

Insomnia is a global problem that affects both women and men. How to treat insomnia in men? The solution to this problem is due to several other reasons for its appearance, rather than for women. As a rule, men's insomnia is caused by fears of a different nature, problems at work, protracted family quarrels, diseases of certain organs and body systems. Of course, first of all, it is necessary to eliminate the cause. In addition, it is necessary to conduct a number of activities:

  • to exclude caffeine from the menu, especially at night;
  • to establish adequate motor activity;
  • add to the daily routine of walking before going to bed;
  • for the night is a good idea to perform light massage procedures and take an aromatic bath with rose or lavender oil;
  • comply with sleep: go to bed at one time, not too early, but not too late;
  • it is important to monitor the comfort of a bed and comfortable sleeping conditions.

The use of sedatives and drugs that improve sleep is an extreme measure. The decision about such treatment should not be used independently, it is more reasonable to use the advice of a doctor who will tell you how to treat insomnia.

Insomnia with menopause

A woman is tender and beautiful at any age, but, unfortunately, there are times when she starts to seriously lose her health. This step in life ladies know everything. The extinction of the reproductive function, or menopause, is a complex transitional stage, and practically every woman at this time has varying degrees of sleep disorders. How to treat insomnia with menopause? The causes of this condition are usually the classic menopausal changes in the female body: hot flashes, unreasonable anxiety, arrhythmia, sweating.

How to treat insomnia with menopause Because the effects of chronic sleep disturbances can significantly exacerbate the condition, the question of how to treat insomnia in women is certainly very important. In addition to the medicines that the doctor will recommend, there are people's methods of getting rid of the problem. Very well helps herbal tea, especially with the motherwort. This natural product is sold in a pharmacy. Also, sleep will improve after tea with mint and melissa, which should be consumed no earlier than half an hour before bedtime. Rosemary, insisted on alcohol for 72 hours, is able to relieve insomnia with menopause, if taken in the amount of 25 drops before eating. Also a good remedy are dry leaves of sorrel, filled with boiling water. They should be consumed before meals, at ¼ cup. But the visit to the doctor still need not be postponed. Who treats insomnia

Which doctor cures insomnia? As a rule, it is a neurologist, as often the problem arises from neurological failures. Well, the answer to the question of where to treat insomnia, is known to everyone - is a district or private clinic. In the first case, it makes sense to apply to the registry, whose staff first of all send the patient to the local therapist. And only after the doctor, having examined the patient, will write out a direction, it is possible to go on reception to the neuropathologist.

where they treat insomnia If this scheme does not suit, there is another way, shorter, but not free. This is a private room or clinic. In such institutions, you can sign up for the right specialist even in the telephone mode. And the patient, already exhausted by insomnia, will be spared from idle in the queues.

Express tips for workaholics

Do not hide that many people do not know how to relax. This category is called workaholics. Constant consideration of problems is a strong stress, which inevitably leads to insomnia. Such people are advised to think over all the unresolved cases and relive emotional moments before entering the bedroom. A bed is a place for sleeping, so you need to create a relaxing atmosphere and throw away all problems. In addition, it should be mandatory in any weather to ventilate before going to bed room. Yes, and moderate physical activity, preferably in the air, also never hurts. Even the usual leisurely walk before going to sleep can have a magical effect. Have a nice sleep!