What if the hemorrhoids got out? Ointments for hemorrhoids: inexpensive and effective. How to treat hemorrhoids at home?

About some diseases it is not accepted to speak out loud, and more often from aesthetic considerations. However, even silence of problems has not helped anyone to recover. Without taking the necessary actions, the patient runs the risk of aggravating the situation. But what if the hemorrhoids got out? The answer is unequivocal: do not wait for serious, and sometimes irreversible, complications with health, it is necessary to start treatment as soon as possible.

Types of hemorrhoids

This disease is one of the most common in the population of the entire globe. As a rule, adult men and women suffer from his symptoms, children are practically not affected by the disease. Regardless of the reasons that caused the development of pathology, do not experiment with the use of drugs. Only a professional proctologist knows what measures to take if hemorrhoids get out, how to treat this disease at home and what medicines.

what to do if hemorrhoids come out

To get rid of this pathology associated with impaired blood circulation in the blood vessels of the rectum, it is important to diagnose it correctly. The disease is conventionally divided into three types:

  • internal;
  • external;
  • combined.

Features of treatment of the external form of

These types of diseases are diagnosed everywhere. In order to confirm internal inflammation of the rectum, you can not do without an examination of the proctologist. Burning, itching, a feeling of fullness of the intestine can testify to other diseases of the intestine. Most often, patients do not seek medical help in a timely manner, trying not to pay attention to the symptoms. In most cases, people go to the doctors if the cone has already come out with hemorrhoids. What if the swollen hemorrhoidal nodes hurt, bleed and do not allow to fully live?

The external form of hemorrhoids in itself speaks about the need for urgent therapy. If the first stage of the internal type of the disease can be cured without the use of any medications, revising its diet and drinking regime, then in the subsequent stages of the disease development it is worthwhile to seriously consider the use of drugs. It's not about self-medication: any drug should be purchased and taken only by medical prescription, following the dosage instructions, the schedule of admission, the duration of the course, etc.

ointment from hemorrhoids inexpensive and effective

Often, the therapy of the disease in an unopened stage lasts no more than 10-14 days. To cure a hemorrhoids, as a rule, is much more complicated, which means that more time will be needed to solve the problem.

The most popular suppositories and ointments for the therapy of hemorrhoids

To reduce the severity of symptoms that make the patient feel uncomfortable for a long time, candles and ointments from hemorrhoids will help. To inexpensive and effective drugs are the following:

  • Emla, Relief Advance - candles with an anesthetic component. As an anesthetic, lidocaine is included in the "Emla" composition."Relief Advance" eliminates the pain syndrome due to the contained in it benzocaine.
  • "Nigepan", heparin ointment - available anticoagulants in the form of candles and ointments that promote the healing of anal fissures, with hemostatic and blood-curling effect.
  • "Proctosedil", "Aurobin" - hormonal suppositories and ointments from hemorrhoids, effective and inexpensive. Preparations and their analogues produce a rapid complex effect - reduce swelling in the rectal zone, relieve itching and soreness, which facilitates the patient's condition.
  • "Diclofenac", "Viburkol", "Ibuprofen" - anti-inflammatory drugs used in combination with the above candles and ointments for the treatment of hemorrhoids.

When involved in the inflammatory process of the skin surrounding the anus, use "Levomekol", "Mafenic acetate".

Hemorrhoids have gotten a lump what to do

It is worth noting also preparations from hemorrhoids of combined type - "Adroxon", "Relief", "Proctaglyvenol".Due to the content of venotonic, vasoconstrictive and anesthetic substances in them, tissue regeneration occurs much faster.

Can I use ointment with internal hemorrhoids?

Ointment applications are performed several times a day. This type of external therapy is especially useful if hemorrhoids have got out, but what to do with internal damage of the colorectal region? In this case, at the initial stages of the disease, ointments are also used. With the help of a special device, on which the drug is applied, or fingers penetrate to the site of inflammation, to lubricate the anal canal. Use ointments and in another way: the medicine is impregnated with a cotton swab and injected into the rectum.

To date, the range of drugs against hemorrhoids is so large that it makes it difficult to choose even the most experienced proctologists who treat patients. It is worth considering the likelihood of intolerance of certain potent components, in which case the drug change will become inevitable.

What to do if you have hemorrhoids in women

Avoiding allergic reaction and side effects in the treatment of hemorrhoids is possible due to the use of drugs with a natural composition or the most identical to the natural. The most popular among such drugs are the drugs presented below.

Combined ointment "Bezornil" from hemorrhoids

"Bezornil" is an ointment with the strongest hemostatic and antimicrobial action. Due to the hypoallergenic composition, the drug does not cause allergies, produces a local astringent effect. In addition, applying Bezornil to the anal ring and the skin around it is the first thing to do when hemorrhoids come out, as the drug eliminates swelling. Use the ointment can be with external cracks and deep hemorrhoids, introducing the drug into the rectum with the help of the tip in the package. Apply "Bezornil" after every act of defecation, as well as in the morning and before going to bed.

Hormonal and immunomodulating "Posterizan"

"Posterizan" is released in the form of suppositories and ointments. A distinctive feature of this hormonal agent is the presence of microbial cells of Escherichia coli, which allows it to be classified as a combination of local immunostimulating drugs.

what to do if hemorrhoids in men got out

With regular use of "Posterizan" helps to activate the natural protection of the intestines. Due to the hormonal elements of the ointment, its use is justified with concomitant dermatitis, cracks and wounds. The advantage of "Posterizan" can be called and its affordable cost.

Flemings ointment from hemorrhoids: a brief description of

Among the homeopathic remedies for the treatment of hemorrhoids, it is worth noting Fleming's ointment. The composition of the drug is harmless, its components cope with a wide range of manifestations of the disease, including itching, soreness, bleeding, inflammation. The secret of the effectiveness of the drug is the combination of calendula, zinc oxide, witch hazel, menthol and esculus. After a week of application of Fleming's ointment, the walls of the vessels are strengthened, blood circulation is stabilized. To apply it it is necessary from above on an anal aperture if the hemorrhoids has got out. What you should not do exactly, is to enter it inside with the internal puffiness of the hemorrhoids. With complications, the drug is not prescribed. Flemming ointment is dispensed without a prescription, but before using it is advisable to consult a doctor.

Without constipation - the main condition for the recovery of

Of course, it is impossible to cure such a disease as hemorrhoids, continuing to lead a habitual way of life. Absence of heavy physical exertion, sufficient motor activity and proper nutrition - this is what is the basis of therapy. But, even having cured hemorrhoids, one can not be 100% certain that the disease will not return again.

got out hemorrhoids and bleeds

In the complex of therapeutic measures aimed at combating the disease, it is necessary to include prevention of constipation. The chair should be regular, and therefore compliance with the diet is an important condition for recovery.

Diet for hemorrhoids: what you need to know?

At the doctor's appointment, the patient usually receives recommendations on what to do if hemorrhoids get out. But if for any reason to get to the specialists there is no possibility, it is necessary to adhere to the following diet:

  • Minimum of fresh vegetables and fruits - the products must be heat treated.
  • As prune components of the diet, prunes, dried apricots, linseed or sunflower oil are perfect.
  • The use of alcohol during the treatment of hemorrhoids is unacceptable.
  • From bakery and pasta, made from wholemeal, rye, it is better to refrain.
  • Preference is given to boiled or stewed meat dishes, buckwheat, rice or oatmeal, low-fat sour-milk products.
  • It is important to regularly drink enough water - at least 1.5 liters per day.

Folk Remedies Against Hemorrhoids

If the hemorrhoids get out, bleeds and hurts, for a quick result, the treatment should be supplemented with folk remedies. Checked by years and human experience recipes to date a huge variety, but among them there are the most effective and safe.

how to cure a hemorrhoids

What to do if hemorrhoids come out - in men this is quite a frequent question. Seated trays of herbs are one of the available and uncomplicated ways to fight the disease in the early stages. As active components, you can use chamomile, string, calendula, oak bark and other medicinal plants. Combine herbal decoctions with propolis, a solution of manganese and add to water. Such a bath should take at least 20-30 minutes, the water temperature should not significantly exceed the body temperature.

According to statistics, ladies are more likely to face a similar problem, and so they know what to do if hemorrhoids get out. Women have proven means: sea buckthorn oil. A tampon can be used to directly affect pathological formation. After soaking it with sea buckthorn oil, insert it into the anus and leave it overnight. More convenient analogue are candles with sea buckthorn oil, sold in any pharmacy.

The easiest recipe: potato candles

As another means for treating hemorrhoids at home, it is worth mentioning potato candles. Prepare them simply: just peel the raw root crop and cut out a cone-shaped object from it. The diameter of such a suppository should not exceed 1 cm, and length - 4 cm. The candle from the potato is put in the rectum for the whole night, the procedure is repeated for 10 days. Supplement the therapy can potato lotions: every evening to the anus apply a swab moistened with root juice, and leave for 20-30 minutes.

Do not be shy about your problem and postpone its decision for tomorrow. The main thing is to ask for medical help on time. Untreated and progressing hemorrhoids can grow into colorectal cancer.