What is the use of inhalation in angina?

Angina is an inflammatory process that occurs in the palatine tonsils, as well as in clusters of the tissue of the lymphoid ring located in the pharynx. Factors contributing to the development of the disease, can be very different, but the main causative agent is a viral infection, as a result of which cold, flu or mononucleosis is added inflammation of the tonsils. In some cases, angina may cause a bacterial infection. This is the reason for the mandatory appointment of a course of antibiotic therapy. The most effective and fastest means for treatment are rinsing or inhalation with angina. However, it is important to recognize the nature of the appearance of the disease in order to prescribe the optimal complex treatment, sometimes with the need for antibiotics. However, if as a fight with an angina that has a viral etiology, take only antibiotics, then the therapeutic effect may be zero.

Inhalation with angina is part of a complex of measures for the treatment of the inflammatory process. Along with medications taken internally, the effect of inhalation occurs locally, localizing at the site of inflammation. Regularly administered inhalation with antineptic antiseptic solutions can stop the development of the disease, ease the patient's condition, anesthetize and speed recovery. Such procedures can be performed by adults.and children.

As inhalation in angina can be used aqueous solution of baking soda, with the preliminary addition of iodine drops, as well as an aqueous solution of antiseptic - chlorhexidine.

Traditional medicine also has its own recipes, which allow to effectively combat inflammation. Using a variety of decoctions, tinctures, infusions of medicinal herbs such as chamomile, marigold flowers, oak bark, eucalyptus leaves, inhalation with sore throat can relieve sore throat. It also has an excellent anti-inflammatory effect.

Inhalation with sore throat will ease the general condition of the patient, improve his health, remove discomfort and discomfort.

You can use one of the methods for inhalation. The first method will require the presence of a medical or household inhaler. The second method is known since time immemorial - the patient is seated over a saucepan or a teapot, and a dense large towel is covered. Breathing with healing couples is best at night, before going to bed, as after the procedure of inhalation the patient needs rest and peace. If you use the same medicinal herbs or remedies for rinses as with inhalations, the effectiveness of the procedures will be greatly improved.

Inhalation with mineral water is a wonderful way to irrigate the sore throat, and among other things, allow the mineral substances contained in the water to favorably affect the sick organism. It is best to use alkaline, alkaline-saline and alkaline-earth small or moderately mineralized waters: Borjomi, Essentuki No. 4, Staraya Russa, Zheleznovodskaya, etc. for inhalation, and such inhalations are effective in treating variousdiseases of the upper respiratory tract. It is prescribed for such diseases as bronchitis, laryngotracheitis and even bronchial asthma.

It is not recommended to perform inhalations only in cases when the patient has a high temperature or there is a threat of bloodupper respiratory tract infection Severe patient condition, high blood pressure, heart or respiratory problems are also contraindications to the use of inhalations

If no such symptoms are observed, inhalation becomes a true salvage for the sore throat and for a variety of inflammatory processes throughout the wholerespiratory system.