Plantar warts, laser removal: reviews

Any warts are caused by a human papillomavirus. People with strong immunity, he practically does not bother. But with a decrease in the protective forces of the body, the pathogen can cause the appearance of formations on the skin.

Distinctive features of

Plantar warts, laser removal Before starting treatment, it is necessary to understand how the plantar warts look. Laser removal of these formations is carried out only after examination.

Externally the plantar warts look like a circle or an oval with a diameter of 1-2 cm. At the same time they are slightly convex, projecting only 1-2 mm above the surface of the skin. In most cases, the color of new formations is the same as that of the surface of the foot. Only some can have a pale brown or pink hue.

Fresh warts have a smooth surface. But over time they grow and become covered with layers of the epidermis. The skin on their surface becomes coarse, rough and acquires a yellow-gray color. Sometimes black-and-brown points appear on them. They arise because of the thrombosis of the capillaries located near the surface of the skin. Some people in the center of the wart have a groove that looks like a crater.

Most patients who have experienced this problem have only one education. But with weakened immunity the virus is activated. As a result, a large number of daughter warts can appear on the soles of the feet. Because of them, a mosaic pattern is formed on the foot.

Diagnosis of the disease

Removal of plantar warts by laser Before carrying out the removal of the plantar wart by the laser, it is necessary to establish the diagnosis accurately. After all, outwardly these formations are like corns. Only the dermatologist can distinguish them with the help of dermatoscopy. In some cases, the stratum corneum is scraped off and sent to PCR diagnostics. This examination makes it possible to identify the papilloma virus in the skin layers.

It is possible to suspect that a plantar wart is a human being, because there is no skin pattern on its surface. Also a characteristic feature of these formations are the points from the thrombosed capillaries. If they are, the doctor even without PCR diagnostics can distinguish plantar warts. Laser removal is best done after ultrasound. With the help of this study it is possible to establish the depth to which the root of the tumor has grown.

People with plantar warts often complain of the discomfort and soreness that appear when walking.

Methods of disposal

Modern medicine offers several fairly effective ways with which you can completely remove the plantar warts. Laser removal is considered one of the most progressive methods.

You can also get rid of tumors with the help of electrocoagulation. True, this method is only suitable for removing only fresh, not overgrown warts. But it is practically not used, because after it there are scars and scars.

Cryodestruction is considered the most effective and cheap method of getting rid of the emerging outgrowths. But the effectiveness of the procedure depends largely on the experience of the doctor.

To prevent the spread of the virus and getting it into the blood can be, if you use the radio wave method. It allows not only to get rid of the wart, but also to burn the vessels, thus preventing the risk of bleeding.

Advantages of laser therapy

Removal of plantar warts by laser, reviews It is possible to forget about pain and discomfort when walking and to prevent possible relapses of the disease if you choose the correct treatment tactics. Removal of plantar warts by means of a laser allows the patient to recover quickly, and from this operation there are no traces left.

The advantages of this method include:

- the speed of the operation;

- rapid healing;

- absence of scars and scars;

- the possibility of adjusting the depth of impact;

- operation under local anesthesia.

After such removal, a person does not need special care. After all, the beam simultaneously cauterizes and disinfects the tissues that are surrounded by plantar warts. Laser removal is performed only once. Relapses, as a rule, do not occur.


Plantar warts after laser removal Before deciding to remove the plantar wart by the laser, it is necessary to be examined. You can start the procedure only after confirming that you do not have malignant formations.

Before removing the wart, the doctor enters an anesthetic. As soon as it begins to act, you can start treatment. A laser beam is sent to the problem site, which layer-by-layer evaporates the tissues affected by the virus. This is a non-contact method, so there is no chance of infection with any other diseases.

Many doctors recommend the removal of plantar warts by laser children. After all, this is considered one of the safest and most effective methods.

After the treatment, the surface is additionally treated with an antiseptic. If necessary, a dressing is applied, which will help accelerate the healing process.

Types of laser systems

Different equipment can be installed in cosmetology clinics. Erbium, carbon dioxide laser or dye laser can be used to remove warts. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

Erbium laser acts more gently. He gradually removes the epidermal layer, not affecting the surrounding healthy tissue. The possibility of thermal burn or hyperpigmentation of surrounding tissues is excluded due to the fact that the beam pulse is low-energy. But for the treatment of plantar warts it does not fit.

Carbon dioxide( CO2) laser is also called carbon dioxide. He burns infected tissue with infrared radiation. This method is used in those cases when the maximum impact is necessary. Stimulates tissue coagulation.

When exposed to the affected tissue, the dye laser in blood vessels sharply increases the temperature. This leads to dystrophic changes, resulting in blood flow to the wart. The upper skin layers that have been exposed begin to peel off and are removed.

The last two devices allow the most effective removal of plantar warts with a laser. The reviews confirm that the recovery is taking place quickly.

Treatment of small patients

Removal of plantar warts by laser to a child Sometimes plantar warts appear in children. They cause them pain and discomfort. Even if it seems to you that the child does not have anything terrible on the feet, it is better to show it to the dermatologist.

Removal of plantar warts by a laser to a child can be performed under local anesthesia. But refer to this procedure should a doctor. After its termination it is desirable to impose a bandage on the treated area.

Parents should know that there will be a small groove in place of the wart, it is covered with a crust. It is important to ensure that the child does not try to remove it on his own. You can put an infection in this way. After a few days the crust will dry up and itself will fall away. It is better to protect yourself and the baby and seal the wound with a bactericidal plaster.

Post-operative care

Removal of plantar warts by laser to children During removal of warts, the laser vaporizes cells in the problem area. The rest of the skin is not damaged. In addition, it disinfects the surface and cauterizes the tissues. Due to this, no special care for the surface of the feet is required.

Do not constantly touch the treatment site, plantar warts after removal by the laser do not appear again. But to bring the infection into the wound is quite possible. At the beginning of the build-up, there will be a thin crust, after which the skin will begin to peel off. Do not steam it up, smear it or somehow process it.

Also it is necessary to limit the load on the legs. It is advisable to walk less, temporarily to give up playing sports. In addition, doctors advise to minimize contact with water. It is clear that it will not be possible to abandon the soul for the entire period of recovery. But the duration of water procedures should be minimized and try to wet less the place where the plantar warts were.

Laser removal though is the most progressive method, but after the procedure the patient is forced to temporarily change his lifestyle. If you have wet a site where there was a wart, do not wipe it with a towel. It is best to dry it with a hairdryer.


Laser removal of plantar warts is not allowed to all. Specialists distinguish a number of contraindications, which will have to abandon the procedure. So, it can not be done to people suffering from:

- diabetes mellitus;

- oncological diseases;

- epilepsy;

- the immunodeficiency virus;

- connective tissue diseases.

Time limitations include various colds, herpetic diseases at the stage of exacerbation, increased blood pressure. The question of removing warts for pregnant women should be decided in each case separately.

Opinions of patients

Removal of plantar warts by laser, reviews, photos If you are afraid and can not decide to remove the plantar warts with a laser, reviews, photos of people who have already gone through this procedure, will help you tune in the right way. Most patients confirm that the process itself is painless due to anesthesia.

But many complain that the pain is already at home. Doctors, as a rule, write out anesthetics, which can help a little to ease the condition. But the discomfort is observed in most patients no longer than one day. When the regime is observed and the loads on the problem foot are limited, the recovery is quite fast.

Many are frightened when they see a groove in place of the plantar warts. But it should be so. Over time, it overgrows, and the skin surface is leveled. However scary, you should not postpone the procedure. It is better to make it and forget forever about the pain and inconveniences that the plantar wart causes you.