Retrochorrial hematoma: causes, effects and methods of treatment

Pregnancy is a serious step in a woman's life, an event that requires increased attention to one's health.

Sometimes during this period there are a number of complications that can threaten the life and health of the baby, as well as the state of his mother. One such situation is retrochorional hematoma. This is one of the possible signs of a possible termination of pregnancy. When the detachment of the fetal egg starts from the wall of the uterus, there is a buildup of blood in this place, which leads to the development of a hematoma. The main manifestation of this pathology is the presence of brown secretions and painful sensations in the lower abdomen, which have a pulling character.

Retrochorial hematoma, the cause of which has not yet been elucidated, is still being investigated by physicians. It is suggested that pathology causes certain changes in the vessels of the uterus and the placenta( which is possible at later stages of pregnancy), inflammatory processes of the reproductive system and increased blood pressure.

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Very often this hematoma appears in the first trimester. If only the discharge is observed, this indicates that the woman has an average severity of the disease. In the case of the occurrence of severe pain and discharge, which are accompanied by a constant decrease or increase in pressure, the retrochoric hematoma has a more severe degree of development. These symptoms suggest that the interaction of the chorionic villi and the inner lining of the uterus is disturbed. That is why the risk of abortion is so high. In this situation, you should strictly follow all the recommendations of the doctor, which will still save the fetus.

Meanwhile, if the pathology is detected at the initial stage of the development of pregnancy, doctors, as a rule, prescribe medication. This means that a woman needs to take medicines containing magnesium to relax the uterus, as well as some antispasmodics, vitamins B, E, and valerian extract. Retrochorial hematoma requires a future mother to comply with bed rest, lack of sexual life and nervous loads.

Sometimes, when certain factors contribute to this, the doctor may advise you to put a pillow or cushion under the pelvic girdle or raise a little of the bottom of the bed. To avoid the occurrence of additional pressure on the uterus, which can be provoked by stagnant phenomena in the intestine, a special diet is prescribed that does not lead to flatulence.

Retrochorial hematoma requires a woman to follow a certain diet. So, it is best to increase the consumption of dairy and sour-milk products, use more liquid( drink juices, compotes, weak tea).Also more often you need to eat porridge. Coffee is strictly forbidden.

Retrochorial hematoma, the consequences of which depend on the degree of complexity of the pathology, adequate treatment and the duration of pregnancy, in the presence of a small size, usually does not require medical intervention. However, it still depends on whether it causes pain.

If pathology has developed in mild form, labor can be performed naturally. However, in this case, doctors do not wait for an autopsy of the amniotic fluid: they do it themselves. If the hematoma developed late in pregnancy, the birth is performed with the help of caesarean section, and not at the appointed time, but a little earlier, at the 38th week.

Note that this pathology is not so scary as to give way to panic, but it requires increased attention to one's health. A woman should follow the doctor's recommendations and follow all his instructions.