Children's massage and gymnastics for muscular dystonia: a description of the procedures

Dystonia is a special disease of the muscles that is characterized by their hypotonia or hypertonia. It is considered the norm when the newborn baby has knobs and legs bent, so starting to unbend them, you can feel a little resistance. Children's massage and gymnastics with muscular dystonia allow you to bring the muscles into tonus, while eliminating all kinds of pathologies.

Why this disease occurs

Most often, this ailment results from a violation of the circulation of the baby during the intrauterine period or when it comes into being. The causes of circulatory disorders can be several. Most often, the dystonia of the baby is due to the poor health of the mother herself. This is especially true for women who drink alcohol, as well as smoking cigarettes. A woman who does not care for her health risks not only breaking her own blood circulation, but also the bloodstream of her future baby.


Sometimes dystonia is the result of very difficult births. Muscular tone in a child can also depend on many other factors. For example, a baby can get an infection of the nervous system. It is possible and displacement of the skull bones during childbirth.


In fact, such a disease as dystonia in infants, it is easy to identify. It is done or made by the neurologist at survey.

If the baby has an increased muscle tone, then taking him by the armpits, and lifting slightly, you will notice how his legs will be tightened. If the muscle tone is lowered, the baby will not have any resistance to flexion and extension of the limbs.

If the baby in the supine position starts to wriggle with an arch, while on one side the skin folds are seen much more strongly than the other, this indicates the development of asymmetry of the body.

Features of treatment

Muscular dystonia, the treatment of which is described in this article is treated by eliminating the causes of its development. In this case, you can not self-medicate. All procedures should be performed only by an experienced specialist.

And so, usually treatment includes several stages, namely:

  • children's massage and gymnastics in muscular dystonia;
  • reflexotherapy;

massage infants

  • conservative treatment aimed at improving blood circulation.

The best effect can be achieved only if you use complex treatment. However, the main methods are children's massage and gymnastics with muscular dystonia.

Features of massage

Specialists recommend to massage in the morning, at least an hour after the baby ate. Be sure to ventilate the room, it should not be stuffy. Massage babe can be done only after you have carefully smeared hands with oil or baby cream.

You need to start the procedure with strokes, then proceed to rubbing. If the baby suffers hypertension, then during the massage, special attention is paid to the limbs of the baby. The doctor shakes them alternately and shakes them from side to side. But with a hypotone, the specialist uses the edge of the palm and knuckles of his fingers, and will walk through them throughout the body. Massage should end exactly the same strokes as the doctor did at the beginning of the session.

muscle tone in the child

Massage babe, suffering from asymmetry of the body needs to do special. In this case, one part of the body needs to be relaxed, while the other part needs to be toned.

Carrying out of gymnastics

Children's massage and gymnastics in muscular dystonia must necessarily be carried out in a complex way. Only in this case you can count on a good result.

Gymnastic exercises primarily depend on what kind of problems the kid has faced. If the muscles are in hypertonia, then the gymnastics should consist in performing passive exercises. In this case, experts recommend simply stretching the muscles.

But with the hypotonia, in addition to stretching the muscles, you also need to do exercises that will help bring them into tones. Doctors recommend buying a gym ball. Using it, you can work through all the muscles of the baby's body.

muscular dystonia treatment

Therapeutic massage and gymnastics will help your baby to come to normal after childbirth. Thus, his muscle tone will improve, and the motor abilities will be restored. It is best to entrust conducting such procedures to an experienced specialist. However, exercises and massage can also be done at home. Visit several sessions in the hospital and you will know how to correctly and safely carry out all movements.

Begin to take care of the baby's health before the pregnancy begins. A woman should eat right and lead a healthy lifestyle. Only in this case there is a great chance that the baby will be born healthy. Dystonia in infants is not a verdict. This pathology is eliminated very simply. The main thing is to pay attention to it in time and immediately begin treatment.