The eye twitches. What is the reason?

Many, if not all, know how unpleasant the sensations are when the eye twitches. The eyelid begins to tremble tremendously and it seems that this is noticeable to everyone around. This is not true. Just a man is not used to such intensive work of the muscles of the eye. But, nevertheless, this very uncomfortable feeling you want to eliminate. And to do this, first you need to figure out why the eye twitches.

Specialists say that the most common factor in eye muscle twitching is the nervous tic. This should include nervous overexertion, lack of sleep and overwork, which most negatively affect the entire body and its sensations. If the reason is exactly this, then it's enough to just relax and sleep well, put aside all the work for a while and completely relax. But what to do when the eye twitches, and all the above circumstances are eliminated? It's time to go to the doctor and undergo a thorough examination.

The body never complains for nothing. If the twitching disturbs you for quite a long time, there is a threat of developing facial hemispasm. In such cases, you should contact a specialist neurologist who will deliver the most accurate diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment. In some cases, if the eye twitches, vision may drop noticeably. Therefore, a visit to the ophthalmologist is also worthwhile.

In addition to stress and stress, frequent twitching of the eye muscles may occur due to a lack of certain vitamins in the body. Often people face this problem in the spring. But those who sit on frequent diets or eat monotonously, the danger threatens throughout the year. The left eye or right is twitching due to a decrease in conduction in the synapses of the motor muscles of the eye. Diversify your diet, include in it as much fruit, vegetables and fresh greens.

What should I do when my eye jerks constantly, interfering with normal life and productive work? Doctors unanimously state that the most frequent factor of eye muscle twitching is acute or chronic neurosis. This is a psychological problem and it should be solved only by a specialist. The psychologist will help you to identify and eliminate all psychotraumatic situations. And at the time of treatment should limit the time spent at the computer to a minimum. After seven to ten days, the condition usually stabilizes. If the reasons for which the left eye is twitching or the right one is not eliminated, you should go for advice to the neurologist.

This phenomenon has a separate medical term. Doctors call this state "nystagmus".It should be noted that he can be both acquired and congenital. Often it occurs when you focus and look at a very fast moving object. Some professions provoke his appearance. This is a working conveyor, a subway engineer or a miner. In an ordinary person, short-term twitching may occur because of severe eye fatigue or when the glance is quickly shifted to the side.

It should also be noted that the eye often twitches due to multiple sclerosis, encephalitis of various origins, middle ear diseases, parasitic diseases of the brain, ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke, tumor, concussion or brain contusion, and also due to a trauma to the skull. Therefore, under no circumstances should one start his own health, and in case of the appearance of the slightest unpleasant symptoms, immediately seek advice from an experienced specialist. In some cases, procrastination can end tragically. This is especially true for young children. Our main resource is health, so take care of yourself and your family.