Lecithin grains in the secretion of the prostate: the norm and the deviation

Sooner or later almost every man with age or in the form of complications after a number of diseases can develop inflammation of the prostate. To find out the reason for such a process, you should conduct a thorough diagnosis of it.

The main way, through which you can find out all the insights of men's health, is the secret of the prostate, which should contain the so-called lecithin grains. To do this, it is necessary to take for analysis the secret from the prostate gland and to conduct a number of special laboratory studies. Thanks to the analysis alone, prostatitis, malignant neoplasm and adenoma can be detected. What are lecithin grains?

The grains themselves, which are also called lipoids, are considered to be non-cellular formations that must be secreted by the prostate of any healthy man. It is thanks to these grains that it acquires a whitish shade.

In a healthy man, normal lecithin grains in the secretion of the prostate should be a lot. Under the microscope these compounds should be densely covered with everything that can be caught in the field of vision. It is by the number of such small elements that it is possible to judge with certainty the health or illness of any member of the stronger sex. The exact amount of lecithin grains shows the very condition of the prostate, the presence of inflammation of its tissues and the severity.

lecithin grains in the secretion of the prostate

Collection of material for further investigation of

To date, there are only two methods by which you can take a prostate secretion: from the urethra or the bladder. In both cases, a prostate massage is necessary before the fence itself. To do this, you have to stretch the walls of this organ through the rectum. During the procedure, the patient should lie on his side so that his knees are bent. Initially, you need to massage from the edges to the center of the organ, and only then go to massage the isthmus. It is at this time that the secret will stand out from the urethra.

The obtained material can be investigated in several ways: in a native form or using a special staining method. You can also conduct an analysis of the polymerase chain reaction, which helps to find the pathogen of infection in the very secret. In this case lecithin grains in the juice of the prostate will be, just their number will be reduced.

At the first stage of the study, one of the parts of the secret obtained is placed on the glass and viewed under a microscope. Further, this juice is diluted with cold distilled water, after which it is mixed with methylene blue. The finished solution is placed in the Goriaev chamber, after which all the grains are counted using a special formula. By the way, the increased number of marked elements does not affect the decoding of the spermogram itself. amount of lecithin grains

If, during the massage, the secret did not begin to separate, it is possible that the urethra had entered the bladder. In this case, it is necessary to examine the liquid that comes out from there, exposing it to a centrifuge.

The correct preparation for the procedure

To calculate the lecithin grain in the secretion of the prostate of a man correctly, it is necessary that he passed a short preparation before the direct collection of the material. To begin with it is necessary to refuse sexual relations or masturbation for 7 days. For 3 days before the procedure, alcohol is excluded, as well as organic loads. By the way, at this time in the bath or sauna, too, can not. On the eve of diagnosis, a man will have to make an enema in order to cleanse the intestines from stool.

Norm and possible deviations of

In the absence of pathology, lecithin grains in the assay should reach an amount of 10 million. Under the microscope, this substance almost completely covers all the material. It is very important that there are no leukocytes in the juice of the prostate, or they are met in a single quantity. This means that there is no inflammation and it's too early to talk about the prostatitis. Also, the normal content of these components indicates a healthy fertile function of the sperm itself. If there is a slight decrease in the concentration of these grains in secret, perhaps the chronic inflammatory process has already begun in the prostate. lecithin grains in the spermogram

But it happens that the lecithin grains are completely absent in the spermogram. This means that the prostate massage was incorrectly performed. As a result, the fluid emerging from the urethra is urine and has nothing to do with the gland itself. In this case, it is better to conduct a second study. Also, a similar result can be with a serious inflammatory process, when the ducts of the gland are clogged. To eliminate this outcome, it is worthwhile to conduct a whole course of prostate massage, which will help to regulate blood circulation in this place and reduce the inflammatory process.

Even during the massage itself, a doctor can determine the condition of the organ itself in its form. For example, puffiness already says that lecithin grains will be a secret, although their number will deviate significantly from the norm.

Indications and Prohibitions for the Analysis of

The attending physician may appoint a prostate secretion check to the patient only in cases when frequent urge to urinate, difficult urination, weakening of the jet and tenderness in the groin and perineum region. That's just a similar study can not be carried out when a person is sick with a cold, he has a rectal cracks from hemorrhoids or there is tuberculosis. Also, fence secretion should not be carried out with acute manifestation of inflammation, otherwise lecithin grains in the secretion of the prostate may disappear altogether. lecithin grains in prostate juice

What should I remember?

From the foregoing it follows that lecithin grains are considered to be an excellent signaling device for the presence of inflammatory processes in the body of a man, or more precisely - in the prostate gland. It is only necessary to conduct an examination of this body as a preventive measure, for the timely establishment of a diagnosis and rapid treatment. And then many men's age problems can be forgotten forever.