Abdominoplasty( abdominal plastic): indications, contraindications, procedure description, reviews

Modern standards of beauty make special demands on the harmony of the figure. Fatty deposits are not at all fashionable today. All those wishing to lose weight experts recommend diet and exercise regularly. However, in some cases, proper nutrition and exercise are unable to help. In this case, abdominoplasty will help out - abdominal plastic. What is this operation and in what cases is it necessary?

General information about abdominoplasty

Abdominal surgery Very often, abdominal plastic is confused with liposuction. It is important to understand the fundamental difference between these two operations. Liposuction is a surgical intervention whose purpose is to remove some of the subcutaneous fat. Abdominoplasty also involves surgical correction of muscles, removal of excess skin and fat. Today, clients of plastic clinics have three options for this operation. Classical abdominal plastic is performed with a cutaneous incision, during intervention, a large enough piece of skin can be removed, if necessary a new navel is formed. Endoscopic abdominoplasty is a gentle option for surgery, performed through small cuts on the skin. Also, if necessary, abdominal plastic can be combined with liposuction.

The classical version of the operation

Tummy tuck before and after Any kind of abdominal plastic surgery is performed with complete anesthesia. Depending on the patient's problems, the surgeon makes one or more incisions. Through them, if necessary, cross-linked muscles. At the same stage, excess skin can be excised. If required, the navel is transferred to a new location. The final stage of the operation is the application of cosmetic sutures and the installation of drainage for the removal of postoperative fluid. Plastic surgery of the abdomen is a rather complicated surgical intervention, which can be carried out only if there are corresponding indications. The operation can last from 1 to 5 hours.

Indications for abdominoplasty

Unfortunately, not all the problems with the figure can be solved by sports training and correction of the diet. Very often the belly loses its shape after childbirth. The discrepancy or stretching of the muscles, strong stretch marks and the presence of coarse scars are direct indications for carrying out the plasticity of the abdomen. The operation is also necessary in the presence of a fat apron or large / multiple folds of the skin. All these symptoms can appear not only in women after pregnancy. Often folds of the skin and fatty aprons appear after a sharp slimming in the representatives of both sexes. Remember that the plasticity of the abdomen is quite a serious operation, and before it requires specialist advice. Surgical intervention will be carried out only if it is really impossible to get rid of problems with a figure naturally.

Contraindications for abdominal plastic surgery

Plasticity of the abdomen after childbirth In some cases, do not take abdominoplasty, even if all indications for its conduct are available. Surgical intervention is not performed if the patient suffers from diabetes mellitus, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, varicose veins. It is inadmissible to perform surgery in cancer patients. In serious stages of obesity, the question of abdominoplasty is considered individually. Most often in this case, an operation of abdominal plastic surgery is required after significant natural weight loss to remove excess skin. Absolute contraindications for such surgical intervention are renal failure and rheumatism. You can not perform an operation during a period or exacerbation of infectious diseases. Also, abdominoplasty will be abandoned for those who have surgical scars above the navel, and women planning a pregnancy within the next year after the operation. Normally, the patient must be perfectly healthy to perform abdominal plastic surgery, which can be determined by conducting a series of studies.

Preparing for operation

Plastic abdomen reviews Each patient who is interested in abdominoplasty should begin preparing for surgery with a plastic surgeon. During the conversation, visual examination and palpation, the doctor will determine whether this operation is right for you or there are alternative options for correcting the figure. If the specialist in his opinion recommends surgical treatment, you should make sure that the plastic is acceptable. Examination before abdominoplasty is standard: it is necessary to donate blood and urine, visit a therapist, do a fluorography, cardiogram, consult with an anesthesiologist. If there were no obvious contraindications for surgical intervention, it is possible to agree on the date of the operation. At least a month before the plasticity of the abdomen, you must give up smoking, diet, lead an active lifestyle, and stop taking certain medications regularly. In the evening on the eve of the operation you can not eat and you need to wash well, in the morning before the intervention you can not eat or drink.

Rehabilitation after intervention, the expected result

How much is plastic abdomen When seeking help from plastic surgeons, many people dream of leaving the clinic in a few days with a new and ideal body. In fact, a full evaluation of the result can only be a few months. On the second or third day after the operation, drainage tubes are removed. After 7 days after surgery, you can remove the bandages. But a special corrective bandage is recommended to wear for at least three weeks. Postoperative sutures are removed after two weeks. To understand that the plasticity of the abdomen after childbirth is carried out successfully, it is possible and according to the general condition of the patient. In the norm, the state of health is fairly good already a few days after the operation. Hematomas, edema in the joint area - a normal phenomenon in the first time after the intervention, the most important thing is that the stitches remain dry and do not fester. During the whole recovery period, you can not do heavy physical work, go in for sports, visit a sauna or a sauna. The patient should also regularly visit his doctor for routine examinations.

How much does abdominoplasty cost in Russia?

Operation of abdominal plastic surgery Abdominal surgery is quite common and in demand surgery. Today it is conducted in many Russian clinics. A popular question among those who have problems with the figure: "How much does abdominoplasty, plastic belly, how to do such an operation?"Everything is simple enough, you just need to choose a clinic and a specific specialist, to undergo a survey. Plastic surgery of the stomach in our country is carried out only on a commercial basis. The cost of the operation starts at 20,000 rubles. The average cost of classical abdominoplasty( with the removal of surplus skin) is 80000-140000 rubles. In complex cases, the maximum amount can be doubled. Do not forget about additional costs, hospital stay, anesthesia, tests and examinations, as well as surgeon's consultations are paid separately. Find out how much plastic abdomen in a particular case, the patient can still during the first admission specialist.

Abdominoplasty: before and after, photos and reviews of real people

Abdominoplasty of the plastic abdomen how to do Is abdominoplasty a panacea for problems with abdominal muscles and excess skin? Yes, that's right, any self-respecting clinic boasts a good portfolio of patient pictures before and after this operation. With proper conduct and absence of complications, the stomach really becomes flat, and this is what all people who decided on the plasticity of the abdomen are saying. The only negative - a long scar, but with proper care the scar becomes almost invisible after a year. The operation of the plastic abdomen reviews is mostly positive. However, remember that you need to make sure that such a surgical procedure is safe for you. It is also important to follow all the recommendations of doctors on the preparation for the operation and care of the scar after it.