A sedative for depression. List of drugs, instructions, reviews

Patients with depression are in fact much more than official statistics. Some of them do not go to the doctor, trying to cope with the disease on their own, especially since a mild sedative with depression can be purchased without a prescription. Many people do so, trying to drink medications that they have been told by friends, advertising or pharmacists. But this can not be done: depression - a dangerous disease, with the wrong treatment, it can go into a chronic form and cause more serious mental disorders. Moreover, when prescribing medicines a doctor takes into account many factors, because not all people act in the same way.

How to treat depression correctly

At the first symptoms of a mental disorder, you should immediately consult a doctor. Only a specialist knows what you need to take the pill in depression, and in which cases you can do without them. Many try to cope on their own, taking antidepressants that are sold without a prescription.


But such patients should know that the effect of these drugs is very individual and selective. In addition, never before only taking pills did not cure depression. It is necessary to combine medicines with the right way of life, nutrition and psychotherapy. In many cases, only this can help the patient, and some medicines do not need to be taken, all the more soothing have many contraindications and side effects. Therefore, the patient needs to monitor his thoughts and mood, communicate more, engage in sports and creativity, include in the diet products that contribute to the production of serotonin. Generally it is believed that any food saves from depression, but some does it more efficiently. This is tomatoes, whole wheat bread, bananas and cheese. In addition, do not neglect and traditional methods of treatment. Aromatherapy, massage, relaxing baths and herbal decoctions also help to cope with depression. But if the disease is in the middle or severe stage, then taking special medicines is necessary.

What to take with depression

Now there are many drugs designed to help a person cope with this mental disorder. All of them are so different and have such a unique effect on the patient's body that only a doctor can choose the right medicine. Therefore, most of these medicines are sold by prescription. What are the most commonly prescribed drugs for depression?

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  1. Antidepressants are the largest group of drugs for this disease. They are designed to influence the mood of the patient, his mental state, cause emotional upsurge and interest in life. Antidepressants for depression are prescribed most often, and some of them can even be purchased without a prescription. Among them, you can identify drugs that have a sedative effect. These are "Amitriptyline", "Azafen", "Lerivon" and others. There are also stimulant drugs - "Nortriptyline", "Imipramine" or "Fluxiothin".There are still antidepressants of balanced action that do not exert a pronounced sedative or stimulating effect. This is "Clomipramine", "Pyrazedol" or "Stablon".
  2. Neuroleptics are very common in the treatment of various types of mental disorders. But many of them are used in therapy of depression. Such drugs relax, suppress a sense of fear and hallucinations, reduce the response to external stimuli and improve sleep. These include "Haloperidol", "Perferazin", "Tiapridal", "Truksal" and others.
  3. Tranquilizers are one of the most popular, but dangerous groups of drugs. You can not take them without the doctor's advice, as they are highly addictive and have many side effects. However, the drug attributed to this group can be used as a sedative in depression, as these drugs effectively relax, relieve cramps, remove fear and anxiety, promote sleep onset. They are rarely used for course treatment, since the effect is observed after the first intake. The most famous tranquilizers are Diazepam, Elenium, Valium, Sedukesen, Lorazepam, Fenazepam and others.
  4. Nootropic drugs improve the blood circulation of the brain and its ability to withstand negative external factors. These drugs affect the receptors and hormones responsible for the development of depression - serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine. The most famous nootropic drugs are "Piracetam", "Glycine", "Phenotropil", "Noofen" and others.
  5. Normomitiki are medicines that smooth the mood. They also have a soothing and anticonvulsant effect. These are such drugs as "Mazepin", "Lithium carbonate", "Convulex", "Epial" and others.

What is needed for a sedative

The effect of such drugs with depression is not always effective. This is due to the cause causing the disease, and the peculiarities of its course. This state is not always accompanied by excitement. In case of apathy, drowsiness and loss of strength, a sedative during depression can only exacerbate the condition. In addition to the causes and symptoms accompanying the disease, when selecting drugs, it is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of the organism. Such medications act so selectively that the doctor often has to act by trial and perhaps mistakes. This is connected with the fact that one third of patients with depression can not be cured with the help of common medications. In what cases can you use a sedative for depression?

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If the patient is agitated and aggressive, can not fall asleep and relax, feels fear and anxiety, such medications will help him. Soothing is also called sedative and slows down the psychological and physiological responses of the body. Therefore, they help the patient cope with anxiety, relax and fall asleep. Such drugs can be divided into two groups: sedatives of natural and synthetic origin. Natural are produced on the basis of medicinal herbs and almost do not cause addiction, although their effect is just as effective. Most sedatives can be purchased in a pharmacy without a prescription, but it is not worth taking them without a doctor's recommendation.

Features of antidepressants

Their action is based on the ability to relieve tension, anxiety and anguish. They normalize the mood and sleep.

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  1. One of the most popular antidepressants is "Amitriptyline."Its price is quite low - from 20 to 50 rubles, but treatment with the help of a course means, so you will need not one packing of tablets. The effect of the drug is based on reducing anxiety and reducing motor excitement. This drug normalizes the content of hormones norepinephrine and serotonin, so it is used for sleep disorders, neuroses and emotional disorders. In schemes of depression therapy, "Amitriptyline" is often used. The price in this plays not the last role, but also that it is easily tolerated by patients is also important. Therefore, reviews about him are mostly positive.
  2. "Citalopram" well regulates the nervous state of patients and positively influences their mood. The drug suppresses feelings of anxiety, tension and fear, blocks panic and obsessive states, but almost does not cause drowsiness.
  3. The depressant antidepressant Desipramine helps to reduce symptoms of depression, sometimes encountered under the name "Norpramine".He well normalizes the mood and improves sleep, even has a weak analgesic effect. The drug is popular because it almost does not cause side effects and addiction. Therefore, doctors and patients respond well to it.
  4. Wider indications for the drug "Clomipramine".The price is quite high - 200-300 rubles per package, which is still not enough for the course of treatment. But the fact that, besides relieving anxiety, panic and tension, it helps to eliminate chronic pain, makes it quite popular. The drug is used for any depressive disorder, as a sedative for neuroses, migraines and cancer. Often appoint "Clomipramine" to the elderly. The price of it though high, but it is available to many, and the drug really helps.
  5. It is quite popular abroad, and now in our country the drug "Fluoxetine", better known as "Prozac".The drug rarely calls side effects, and its effectiveness as a sedative in various nervous disorders is very high. It helps with depression, accompanied by a strong fear and anxiety. Patients and doctors respond well about the drug.
  6. In severe cases of panic disorders, Paroxetine is also used. The instruction recommends prescribing it for depression accompanied by anxiety and fear, with various phobias and panic, even with suicidal disorders. This is also quite expensive medicine, especially its effect, like most antidepressants, manifests itself after 2-3 weeks of intake. But all the same, patients with depression often use the drug "Paroxetine".The instruction recommends taking it in the evening, as it has a pronounced sedative effect.


These drugs are often prescribed as a sleeping pill for those who can not fall asleep. And with depression, tranquilizers perfectly help to cope with anxiety, relax and calm down. Most of them last for half an hour after taking, so they are used during a panic attack or a nervous breakdown. The most popular preparations of the benzodiazepine group are phenazepam, diazepam, lorazepam, Tofizepam, etc. Some of them are better known by other names: Seduxen, Relanium, Valium

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All of them relieve tension well, relax and help to fall asleep. Those drugs are indicated for anxiety, anxiety and panic, often even healthy people use them as sleeping pills, which can not be done without the doctor's advice, as they quickly become addictive. However, it is considered that the bestsedativeTranquilizers of other groups - Buspirone, Gedokarnil, Mebikar, Amizil and others, have a similar effect and are also used for anxiety, sleep disorders and muscle spasms.cause drowsiness and relaxation, and also have many side effects, but there are many positive responses

Other sedatives

1. The herbal remedy "Helarium Hypericum" has few side effects and almost does not become addictive. But just like synthetic antidepressants, it can reduce anxiety and irritability, relieve tension and improve mood.

2. "Glycine" is a rather weak but effective sedative. It is worth it inexpensively and improves mood well and normalizes sleep due to influence on metabolism and blood circulation in the brain.

3. In recent years, it is believed that the best soothing is "Afobazol".It has virtually no side effects and is not addictive. And his ability to effectively remove anxiety and tension, normalize sleep and improve mood, makes it so popular.

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4. For many years, a motherwort has been used as a sleeping pill. Soothing is quite effective and safe. And now it is also available in the form of tablets, which makes its reception more convenient.

The best sedatives for women

Depression are subject to the representatives of both sexes almost the same. But women are more likely to experience anxiety, fear and mental arousal and turn to the doctor about this. Therefore, psychotherapists often prescribe a sedative for women. Phenotypic depression is quite common. At this time, a young mother needs psychological help, and often special drugs. But not all soothing for lactating women can be used. Many of these drugs penetrate into breast milk and negatively affect the baby. Therefore, a woman or her family should always consult a doctor who can choose the right drug. In light cases it is enough to take decoctions of herbs: chamomile, valerian, motherwort or mint. It is also acceptable to use homeopathic or plant sedatives. The doctor can advise:

- "Novopassit", which quickly relaxes the strained muscles, relieves anxiety and fear;

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- instant tea "Hipp" in granules, which is a mild sedative;

- "Valerian" in tablets, because it calms well, but does not harm the child;

- "Persen";this remedy is also a fairly safe homeopathic sedative.

No, even seemingly harmless, medicines should not be taken without consulting a doctor. In more severe cases of depression, there may sometimes be a synthetic sedative for nursing. Such antidepressants are used when the danger to the health of the mother is greater than the risk for the child. Many modern drugs almost do not penetrate breast milk: "Nortiriptyline," "Fluxythein," "Venlafaxine," or "Sertraline."

Side effects of taking such drugs

Usually, negative effects are the same for different groups of drugs for depression. But they do not appear in all patients. If the drug causes any side effects, it should be discarded and consulted with the doctor about changing the medicine. What can the patient feel? The reactions can be as follows:

  • nausea, dry mouth, abdominal pain, or bowel disorder;
  • insomnia, anxiety or irritation;
  • drowsiness, tiredness, or weakness;
  • sweating, hives and itching;
  • impaired vision and hearing;
  • headaches or dizziness.

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One of the most dangerous side effects is the addiction to soothing. It leads to the fact that the patient needs an increasing dose, and without the medicine he can not sleep and constantly feels anxiety. But such an effect is observed mainly in those who do not follow the doctor's recommendations and exceed the dosage of the medicine.

Traditional sedative

Used for depression and various home, non-medicinal methods of treatment. Especially they are effective at the initial stages of the disease. But with prolonged depression, they can be used together with medications. The most popular are such folk sedatives:

1. Drinks based on medicinal plants. They need to be drunk, like tea, but to taste they should like the patient. These include:

- a citrus elixir with a good relaxing effect;They make it from freshly squeezed orange juice, which is poured on crushed leaves of lemon balm;

- decoctions and infusions of St. John's wort, effective against depression;

- well calms chamomile tea, decoctions of mint or motherwort.

2. Relaxing baths can be taken the day before bedtime. Water should not be hot, comfortable for the patient. Here are the common bath compositions:

- fresh twigs of pine, cones and needles boil for about 40 minutes, and then insist half a day;strained infusion poured into the bath;

- baths with a decoction of ginger, lavender or rosemary are useful;

- well relax soda bath.

3. Listening to music can heal many people from depression. And you can listen to both special works and loved ones for the patient. Mozart's music and other classical works have a particularly healing effect. In addition, experts advise patients with depression to sing more.

4. Aromatherapy is also very effective in the treatment of depression. Favorite aroma, reaching the brain, has a relaxing and soothing effect. The most popular are the smells of jasmine, geranium, rose, chamomile and sandalwood.

How to take sedatives

These medications are used only as directed by a doctor. But even in this case, you need to know the features of using antidepressants and tranquilizers.

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  • It is impossible to take them for violations in the liver, kidneys and heart.
  • Most of these drugs take long courses. It is necessary to strictly follow the doctor's recommendations and make sure that the medication is taken without any passes and every day at the same time. It is especially important to gradually cancel the drug, otherwise there may be withdrawal symptoms, which are very unpleasant and often even more dangerous than the depression itself, from which this medicine was prescribed.
  • Some antidepressants can lead to thoughts of suicide, excessive aggression and hostility. Especially often, these drugs affect children under 18 years. At the first occurrence of such symptoms it is worthwhile to see a doctor.
  • Patients who need to exercise increased attention during the day, for example, because of the specifics of the work or the need to sit behind the wheel of a car, it is better to take soothing, not causing drowsiness.
  • When taking most antidepressants, it is necessary to refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages.
  • No medicine is able alone to relieve a patient of a depressive disorder. Antidepressants only weaken some of the symptoms and help a person control their emotions. But you need to know that for a successful outcome of treatment you need to work on yourself, change your lifestyle and diet and visit a therapist.