"Loragexal": what helps, reviews, analogues, instructions for use

Allergy medications are taken by many people for the purpose of treatment or for prophylaxis. One of the tested and old antihistamine active substances is loratadine. A lot of preparations have been created on its basis. This is the drug "Lorahexal".What helps it - you will learn further. Also the article will tell you about the reviews about this drug and its instructions.

loragexal from what helps

General description

What information does the application first contain about the preparation "Loragexal"?Reviews of doctors and consumers say that this product is available in tablets. Each pill contains 10 milligrams of loratadine. Also in the medicine there are additional components. It is lactose, corn starch, magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide.

Loregexal tablets are available in 10 pieces per pack. Instructions for use are attached to each bundle. The average cost of the medication is in the range of 50 to 100 rubles. The variation depends on the region of your residence.

The drug "Loragexal" from what helps?

As you already know, this medication is an antihistamine. It is prescribed for various types of allergies. The annotation indicates the indications for the use of the drug:

  • rhinitis and conjunctivitis( seasonal and year-round);
  • dermatoses and urticaria;
  • Quincke edema;
  • pollinosis;
  • allergic reaction to medications and food;
  • itching insect bites.

This concludes the list of indications specified in the instruction. However, the drug is sometimes used in other situations. This is discussed in more detail by the doctor.

loragexal from which helps reviews

Opinion of experts

You already know something about the drug "Loragexal"( from which it helps).However, doctors call this information incomplete. Doctors prescribe medication in other cases.

The drug "Loragexal" is recommended by otorhinolaryngologists in the treatment of otitis, eustachitis, adenoiditis. All these diseases are accompanied by swelling of the tissues. This means effectively removes it and allows the effective use of other drugs.

The drug may be administered in combination with other drugs in large quantities. In this situation, the medicine prevents an allergic reaction. Physicians sometimes prescribe a medicine for chicken pox or other viral and bacterial diseases accompanied by pruritus.


Experts say that in some cases it is worth not to use the tablets "Lorahexal".The use is unacceptable with increased sensitivity to loratadine or another additional component.

The medicine is not prescribed for future mothers and lactating women. It is forbidden to give pills to children under two years of age. After this age, you must first consult with a specialist before use.

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How to use

"Lorahexal" from what helps - you already know. However, you need to find out other information. Please note that the dosage is selected in accordance with the age and body weight of the patient. It is permissible to use tablets once a day or divide the drug into several receptions.

Adult patients are shown 10 milligrams of loratadine per day. This amount is in one tablet. Children from 2 to 12 years are prescribed 5 milligrams of active ingredient( half a pill).If a child under 12 years old has a body weight of more than 30 kilograms, then he can be offered an adult dosage of the drug. Otherwise, the baby portion may not be effective. The duration of therapy is individual. Usually it is from one day to several weeks.

"Loragexal": analogues of the preparation

Substitutes of the medication are selected for the patient in those cases when the use of the original drug is unacceptable. Usually it is an allergic reaction, a child's age, individual characteristics or pregnancy. You can replace the described medicine with absolute analogs. They contain the same active substance - loratadine. This means with the trade name "Eropin", "Lotharen", "Lomelan", "Claritin", "Alepriv" and others.

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Drug substitutes may be relative. In this case, they have other active substances in their composition. These include Suprastin, Tavegil, Dimedrol, Zirtek, Tsetrin, and so on. Their use is possible only after a preliminary consultation with a specialist. Many drugs are prohibited for use in children. Also, pay attention to the possibility of using the drug for drivers and workers who require increased concentration of attention.

Opinions of consumers

Patients say that the drug "Lorahexal" is very convenient. Unlike many other drugs, the use of tablets can be done only once a day. Doctors report that it is better to take the medicine before going to bed.

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If you ask consumers about the drug "Loragexal"( which helps), they will respond unanimously. The medicine is effective for allergies of different nature. However, most patients also say that the drug can have a sedative effect. It causes drowsiness, weakness. In case of overdose, there may be a loss of strength and apathy.

Doctors draw the attention of consumers to the fact that the drug "Lorahexal" is one of the few drugs that can be combined with the use of alcohol. Other antihistamines with this combination cause vomiting, diarrhea, nausea and other unpleasant symptoms.

Use in children under two years of age is contraindicated by the manufacturer. However, in some situations, the drug is still prescribed by pediatricians. In this case, an individual dose is selected, a suitable baby. It is necessary to take into account all possible risks and compare them with the benefit for the child. Self-administration of the medicine to your baby is not allowed either by the annotation or by experienced specialists.

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Let's summarize: a small conclusion of the article

You learned about the effective and inexpensive antihistamine drug "Lorahexal".From what helps, customer reviews and other information are presented to your attention in this article.

Please note that this product should not be used alone. This can cause negative reactions( side effects).Usually they appear as a rash. Less often there is a pain in the abdomen, a digestive disorder. Consumers also talk about such negative reactions as cough, tachycardia, headache and others. If they occur, stop taking the drug and consult a specialist for advice.