Family clinic "Zhemchuzhina", Chelyabinsk: photos, specialists and reviews

Family planning in our time plays a very big role. A polluted environment that causes chronic diseases and persistent stresses does not contribute to the rapid conception of a child. In order to improve the situation a little, family clinics have been set up, which allow to return hope for replenishment in the family. Among them, in Russia is the clinic "Pearl"( Chelyabinsk).The named private medical center renders a full spectrum of the services necessary for prolongation of a sort.

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Treatment of gynecological problems

Before starting family planning, experts recommend a complete examination and mandatory cure all available gynecological diseases. By the way, at the moment the clinic has an action, which presupposes comprehensive treatment of gynecological problems for 390 rubles per day. This cost extends to a course of treatment of 10 days. When paying for every single day you will have to pay 670 rubles for 1 day of treatment.

The "Pearl" clinic( Chelyabinsk) creates all conditions for its patients so that the birth of the child is healthy. A comprehensive approach to treatment provides the expected result.

Photo of the clinic

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The medical center always welcomes patients with hospitality. On its square are placed modern professionally equipped offices of medical specialists.

Here everything is created so that each patient feels comfortable. The lobby of the reception is decorated in pleasant colors, creating a pleasant impression among visitors from the first steps.

Gynecological rooms meet all the requirements of modern medicine. Here, every woman will feel care and professional approach.

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The ultrasound cabinets are equipped with the latest technology. By the way, you do not have to take anything extra with you, as many other medical institutions usually require. Here everything is provided on site, so the comfort of passing the procedure at altitude.

Care of children has always been one of the main directions of the clinic. And the leadership of the medical institution is making certain actions for the promotion of this direction, for example, photo shoots involving children, to whom the medical center helped to appear.

The "Zhemchuzhina" family clinic has many such projects in its arsenal.

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The operating mode of the

clinic The medical center works at a convenient time for all patients. He has three compartments. So, the clinic "Zhemchuzhina", Chelyabinsk, Dovatora, 10a is the address of the main department, where the main share of specialists is concentrated. Here you can learn a full list of family medicine services.

In addition to it there is one more that renders no less a range of services - the Zhemchuzhina clinic, Chelyabinsk, Komsomolsky prospect, 2. And the third one is located at: ul. Brothers Kashirins, 138.

All three departments accept patients in the following mode:

  • Monday-Friday from 08:00 to 20:00;
  • Saturday 09:00 until 14:00;
  • Sunday is the day off.

Twice a month there are possible receptions until 14:00.But this need to be clarified by the doctors. A single reference service is available by phone:( 351) 200-34-04.

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Specialists of the

clinic Most of the specialists are accounted for by obstetrician-gynecologists with long-term experience. Only the best specialists can work for the clinic, who can be entrusted with their health. Most doctors have 20 years of experience. The main expert on the medical part is Myasina Elena Vladimirovna( deputy head physician on the medical part).She has been working in the specialty since 1998.A single reference service will help you make an appointment with her or any doctor you choose.

No less important specialist is a urologist. After all, family planning is completely dependent on both partners. In the clinic, this post is occupied by Vladimir V. Pokatayev. He has been working in the specialty since 2005.Provides the following services:

  • plastic frenum;
  • prostate massage;
  • circumcision of the foreskin.

By the way, this list is not exhaustive.

The Zhemchuzhina clinic( Chelyabinsk) has a large staff of pediatricians who monitor children's health. Three main specialists with a huge( about 20 years) experience work for the benefit of many families:

  • Verkholantseva Svetlana Aleksandrovna;
  • Domanina Natalia Sergeevna;
  • Beybutova Bakhyt Esentaevna.

Narrow specialists for children are represented by a huge number of staff. Neonatologist, speech therapist, oculist, children's cardiologist, neurologist, hematologist, orthopedic surgeon, allergologist-immunologist - this is not a complete list of specialists.

Child Surgeon

A very large role for the clinic is played by the surgeon( child).This position is occupied here by Ershova Natalia Gennadievna, who has been working in her specialty since 2001.She defended her thesis. Emphasizes the formation of a healthy lifestyle of the child.

Surgeon for children is a very important profession today. After all, the organism of babies is radically different from the adult, so the presence of highly specialized doctors is necessary.

Ultrasound diagnosis is very important in predicting problems. The doctor of ultrasound diagnostics, prenatal, doctor of ultrasound screening of pregnant women - they all have the necessary experience and qualifications.

Training center for future married couples

The clinic "Zhemchuzhina"( Chelyabinsk) offers joint classes for couples from the second week of pregnancy. The specialists of the clinic help to prepare for childbirth and the first meeting with the baby. For this, the joint efforts of the pair will be necessary.

Each group consists of 4-6 people, therefore each future parent can receive due attention from the specialists of the clinic. Individual for each pair is selected a special course.

Since the 25th week of pregnancy, the woman's tummy is already noticeably rounded and it becomes clear that she is in position. At this time the expectant mother needs special support from her partner. And the specialists of the clinic help to establish closer contact in the pair. Courses with other family members are welcome.

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School "Papa-mama"

In this school the couple will be able to take a course of lessons on raising a child, to learn important points in the process of caring for the baby. Parents will get acquainted with the rules of hygiene of the newborn, bathing, massage and gymnastics for the baby. They will be taught how to properly handle the child and will allow them to acquire all the skills that may be needed in the course of his upbringing.

Partner births

If the couple decided to give birth together, then this issue should be approached in a comprehensive manner. There is a special course that helps weigh the pros and cons of such births. The course of lectures touches upon such important moments as helping a wife during labor, the role of each partner during childbirth and many other issues.

This course is conducted in stages, in order to prepare each partner for the forthcoming process. By the way, future parents have the opportunity to abandon it and interrupt their studies.

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Sport and delivery

The clinic "Zhemchuzhina"( Chelyabinsk) has a course dedicated to sports during pregnancy. Having learned about their situation, women tend to change their way of life. They abandon bad habits, cigarettes and alcohol. Their life becomes more measured. During pregnancy, many gain about 10 kg.

But at this time you can go in for sports. The clinic tells you which exercises can be performed in order not to harm the child's health. And women who have not abandoned physical exertion, much easier to carry the process of childbirth.

For each patient, an individual fitness program is selected, which will help her to keep fit and be in a good mood. It's one thing to find exercises from the Internet, and another - to get an exhaustive consultation of qualified doctors. Future mothers will be able to conduct training under the supervision of specialists who will monitor their well-being.

Pregnant women are available in yoga, swimming, pilates.

Clinic "Pearl": reviews

The official website of the medical center has a category "Reviews" where you can leave your comments, as well as familiarize yourself with existing ones.

Most patients are quite satisfied with the work of specialists. Many respond positively about the availability of professional and modern equipment.

The selection of a qualified doctor is very important and significant in the life of every woman who dreams about motherhood. And with this clinic, many couples are planning a second pregnancy, making sure of the professional qualities of the doctors. Many come back here to find help in the upbringing and treatment of their children, if necessary. And in each individual case in the clinic "Zhemchuzhina" it is possible to get an exhaustive list of services.