"Hirel": instruction on the use of the drug, feedback

Homeopathic compounds have an increasing demand in pharmacy chains. It is worth noting that not all pharmaceutical stalls can offer a wide range of such products. All because of the fact that the goods are not included in the category of medicines. One of these means is the drug "Girel".Instructions for use, reviews about it will be presented to you in the article. You will learn about the features of using this composition, and also you can get acquainted with the main opinions about it.

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"Hydrel" is an acid?

The instruction on the use of this drug says that the composition refers to homeopathic remedies. Such components do not have a negative effect on the human condition. However, their unquestioned disputes are also on their usefulness. Many consumers believe that the "Hirel" remedy is an acid derivative. But this opinion is incorrect. The composition of the drug includes the following components: aconitum, bryonia, eupatorium perfoliatum, phosphorus, lachesis. Also there are additional components in the form of lactose and magnesium stearate.

The medication is available in the form of tablets. In one pack there are 50 capsules. On the facade of the packaging, the trade name "Girel" is written. Instructions for use are attached to each pack.

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Indications for use

What does the user's manual for the "Hirel" tool tell us about the instructions for use? The preparation is said to be anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, immunomodulating.

The composition is prescribed to alleviate the condition during viral and colds, including flu. Indications for the use of tablets were the following situations:

  • temperature increase;
  • headache;
  • malaise and drowsiness;
  • weakness and aches in the body;
  • loss of appetite and indigestion;
  • frequent catarrhal diseases( as an immunomodulator).

Despite clearly described indications, do not take the drug yourself. Uncontrolled treatment leads to the appearance of adverse reactions.

Restrictions in the use of

On the composition of the "Hirel" instructions for use inform that the preparation is harmless. As a result, the drug has practically no restrictions in use. It can be assigned to children and adults. However, doctors are of a different point of view.

Do not take the pill if you are sensitive to one of the components. Medication during pregnancy can harm a developing child, especially in the first trimester. That is why the treatment of expectant mothers should be carried out only under the supervision of a specialist. It is forbidden to give medicine to children under five without first consulting a pediatrician.

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"Hirel": the instruction and dosage of the preparation

The drug in the usual course of the disease is prescribed one tablet three times a day. The capsule should be kept in the mouth until it dissolves completely. In this case, do not chew the tablet or wash it with water. Such an application may be useless.

In case of severe disease during the first day, the medication can be administered one capsule every 15 minutes. Under this scheme, the composition is taken within two hours. This means that the patient will take 8 tablets. After that you need to switch to the standard usage scheme. If after six hours you do not feel better, you should immediately seek medical help.

Action of medicament

About the drug "Hirel" reviews in their majority are positive. The drug quickly has its effect. A few hours after the first application, the temperature is normalized. The patient begins to feel much better. However, not all consumers have such an opinion about the described means.

The composition of the "Girel" reviews is negative. Some consumers say that the medicine in the first day of use causes a deterioration in well-being. Indeed, such a reaction may occur. Homeopathy has this feature. However, with further use, the state of health is normalized.

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Reviews for

Consumers say that the instructions for use with the "Girel" preparation do not contain some information. There is practically no information on contraindications and side effects. Also, the manufacturer does not report a negative interaction of the described drug with other drugs.

Patients say that the described homeopathic remedy has an attractive cost. One package of the drug will cost you about 400 rubles. You will receive 50 tablets. Other similar compositions have a price category higher. Patients also report the convenience of using capsules. After all, they do not require water for their intake. To enhance the effect, you should refrain from eating for one hour after the application and before it.

Many parents report the convenience of using the drug for young children. If necessary, the tablet can be pulverized. However, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the composition includes lactose. It gives a pleasant sweetish taste, but it can have a negative effect on the baby's health when some of the enzymes are inadequate.

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Instead of the conclusion of

, you got acquainted with a drug that has the trade name "Hirel".Medication, despite all the positive feedback, should not be used alone. After all, no one knows how your body will react to treatment. The use of all drugs, including homeopathic medicines, must be supervised by a doctor. I wish you success!