Hansen - liquid for refilling various types of electronic cigarettes

Those who are just starting to learn the wisdom of electronic smoking, you can immediately advise to buy Hansen. A liquid with this name is used by steamers around the world to refill reusable cartridges.

Product description

In ordinary cigarettes, the taste and aroma determines the tobacco that is inside them. In electronic smoking devices, this role is performed by a special solution. It is he who is responsible for the basic organoleptic indicators. Hansen is a liquid that is well known to steamers of many countries.

hansen liquid

It, in fact, is a set of chemical elements that are in a dissolved state. After heating, the mixture changes its aggregate state and turns into steam, which is smoked with pleasure by smokers. Hansen is a liquid with a classic composition. It includes several mandatory components:

  1. Glycerin. It softens the taste and is the main element for vaporization.
  2. Propylene glycol. This element serves to dissolve essential oils.
  3. Aromatizer is the basic substance that is responsible for the taste.
  4. Distilled water is the main solvent.
  5. Nicotine.

Depending on the type and grade of the product, the last ingredient may be completely absent.

The company

Hansen is a liquid manufactured by the same-name plant in China. The enterprise has been engaged in such production for many years and managed to achieve serious results in its field over the past period. In the market, it is known as a high-level producer. This plant was one of the first fully automated production process, virtually eliminating from it direct physical intervention of a person. The company pays great attention to the quality of the product. For this purpose, periodically sampling lots are constantly undergoing special testing. Its results allow us to judge the safety of the produced aromatic liquid not only for the human body, but also for the environment. This is especially important. After all, we are talking about the health of society and each of its members individually. This liquid is not a product of laboratory synthesis. It is made from an extract of tobacco, which once again emphasizes the naturalness of the product and the natural way of obtaining it.

The rich assortment of

Hansen is a liquid for electronic cigarettes, which the manufacturer produces in a fairly wide range.

hansen liquid for electronic cigarettes

Numerous samples, depending on the characteristics of the fragrances, can be divided into the following groups:

  • fruit;
  • berry;
  • hookah;
  • peppermint( or menthol);
  • dessert( sweets);
  • analogues of famous drinks;
  • tobacco;
  • Premium.

And sometimes there are quite successful combinations of them. When choosing an instance, the buyer should be guided by two basic principles:

  1. Fortress, that is, the level of nicotine content.
  2. Own taste preferences.

This is the only way to ensure that the purchased electronic cigarette can really be fun. Otherwise, it simply will resemble the usual bad habit. If you position the hover as an alternative, then the question of obtaining pleasure and positive emotions automatically becomes the main one.

Magic container

The liquid that is used to produce a fragrant vapor is usually found in a special container. It is called a "cartridge".

cartridge for cigarettes

This is a container that has a specific structure. Depending on the model of the device and features of its design, the cartridge for cigarettes can be:

  1. Normal. It is a plastic cylinder inside which is placed a piece of sintepon, saturated with fragrant moisture. During smoking with the help of an air stream, droplets of liquid fall on the spiral, then turning into steam. Such a device is ineffective, therefore, the fragrance, as a rule, is very weak. But this defect is compensated by a relatively low price, which may be of interest to those who are looking for a budget variant of the device.
  2. Cartomizer. It is a combination of two components of a cigarette: a cartridge and an atomizer. All the basic processes occur within this element. The design is well insulated and very user-friendly.
  3. Tank. This is the capacity from which the liquid enters the spiral of the atomizer, passing through a special atomizer. However, the device has one serious drawback: it is very cumbersome. This makes it difficult, for example, smoking on the street. After all, on the move to hold a massive device in your hand is not very convenient.

In any case, the choice will be made by the buyer himself, taking into account his requirements and wishes.

Enjoying the taste of

Premium Hansen fluids are divided into four main types:

  1. HS Menthol Sensation.
  2. HS Impulse.
  3. HS Storm.
  4. HS Delight.

hs delight

The last version is translated into Russian as "pleasure".Indeed, soaring with the help of such a liquid can cause real delight in lovers of tobacco flavors. True, the taste in this case is not quite ordinary. Along with pronounced notes of tobacco there are pleasant sweetish hues that make the steam softer and tender. This composition is a bit like hookah smoking. He, as a rule, is chosen by people who know a lot about tobacco. A liquid of this kind gives a sensation of full-fledged smoking without any characteristic negative consequences. This option is suitable for people who are not able to independently abandon conventional cigarettes. An electronic device with the usual aroma allows you to deceive the body without affecting your own psyche.

Tobacco storm

A liquid called HS Storm is another representative of the premium class. It has a consonant translation and is pronounced in Russian as a "storm".The product also refers to tobacco flavors, like the previous version.

hs storm

The steam has a bright, rich taste, in which there is a sufficient strength. The taste of pure tobacco is complemented by a hint of honey and sweet baklava. From this, it becomes softer and at the same time opens up new facets of the familiar flavor. Others may even get the impression that a person smokes an ordinary cigarette. Sometimes this causes some discontent on their part. But in this case there is nothing to be afraid of. It's just a smell that can not do harm. It is completely safe. However, psychologically people still tend to go on about their emotions and prejudices. All this only attracts to the product additional interest and increased demand, which can not but please producers of a popular product.