Clinic "Status"( Dmitrov): description, services, contacts and reviews

Today you will see the clinic "Status"( Dmitrov).What is this organization? What services does it offer? What can you say about the quality of service and pricing? And about doctors? All these questions are extremely important. Especially for those who are going to be observed for a long time with doctors. Finding a good place for treatment and counseling is very problematic. Especially if preference is given to private organizations. The choice is huge, everywhere there are pluses and minuses. Judging about them allows feedback from employees and customers. So what does the "Status" clinic( Dmitrov) offer? What features are recommended to pay attention before contacting the given medical center? About all this - further.


What is "Status"?This is a long-established medical center in Russia. He received his development as a dentistry. It was precisely this kind of activity that the organization was engaged in in status of Dmitrov

But over time it began to develop and expand. Eventually, "Status" was transformed into a private clinic that provides a wide range of medical services. That is, it is a multidisciplinary center. It is located in Dmitrov. Of course, dentistry is one of the activities of the organization. Most often, this service is used for this service.


Where is this organization located? What is the address for citizens to apply for help? This is what every potential visitor is interested in. Fortunately, it is not so difficult to know the location of the medical center.

Company address: Minina st., Building 12, Dmitrov. The clinic "Status" is on these coordinates. Convenient location in the city center only pleases the visitors. So you can come here almost at any time. After all, to travel to the center of a particular locality is easier and more convenient than to the outskirts.


What's next? A lot of potential visitors are interested in how to contact the organization. After all, it is through telephone communication that it seems possible to write to one or another specialist. This is only one of the alternatives, but it is in high demand. clinic status dmitrov prices

At the moment, the specified organization, which is located in the city called Dmitrov( "Status" clinic), the phone for communication offers the following: 8( 495) 993-86-66.But this is only one of the available numbers. You can also call the registry by using the combination 8( 495) 933-80-46.It is this number is offered to all who want to send a fax.

The clinic is open from 8 am to 9 pm. At the indicated intervals, if you believe in numerous reviews, everyone can reach the company without any problems and get not only advice on the range of services, but also to make an appointment with a specialist.

About the

record The process of recording an appointment with a specialist requires special attention. Quite often, "Status"( clinic, Dmitrov) reviews do not get the best for questions related to writing to doctors. Why? Dmitrov clinic status phone

The thing is that the discontent is caused by the lack of the possibility of electronic recording. The official website of the "Status" clinic is not very convenient. There is no possibility of recording at the reception. There are no any more significant complaints in this area.

In general, if you do not take into account the previously mentioned nuance, the "Status" clinic gets pretty good reviews. All potential visitors have the right to personal contact with the given medical center for recording at the reception. Or the given idea is realized by means of telephones.

Many indicate that it is often possible to get an appointment with a specialist, especially a dentist, without an appointment. And this fact pleases most customers. You can choose the recording time almost any - everything is done for the comfort of visitors. Therefore, there are no problems in this area.


What does the "Status" clinic offer in the city called Dmitrov? The services of this center are diverse. It should be noted immediately that this medical center provides services to both children and adults. This factor has only a positive impact on the rating of the organization.

What can be distinguished among the main activities of the company?"Status" assists in the following areas of medicine:

  • dentistry;
  • laboratory studies( acceptance and delivery of test results, conducting studies);
  • functional diagnostics;
  • endocrinology;
  • services for MRI and X-ray;
  • cosmetology( including laser);
  • Neurology;
  • Urology;
  • gynecology;
  • therapy;
  • ENT services;
  • ophthalmology;
  • cardiology;
  • endoscopy;
  • dermatology;
  • Ultrasound diagnosis.

Actually nothing special. The usual range of services for a private clinic, which positions itself as a multidisciplinary center. Visitors are satisfied with the fact that the "Status" can receive comprehensive assistance. Here, even offer to lead a pregnancy. Therefore, if you want to be treated in Dmitrov in a private clinic, and complexly, then to the specified organization is clearly worth a closer look. г дмитров clinic status


Doctors are the main staff, which is actively discussed by clients of any medical organizations. After all, due to the work of these employees, the main rating of a certain company that provides medical assistance is formed.

What does the "Status" clinic( Dmitrov) offer in this area? All the doctors in this center are people with higher education. They are constantly improving, actively participate in a variety of seminars and refresher courses. There are also young doctors, but at the same time, as many people assure, they are not inferior to their professionalism.

The majority of dentists are delighted. They try to keep every tooth. All are friendly, try to find an individual approach to visitors. Therefore, judging by the feedback, "Status" is a pretty good place, where for a certain fee a citizen will be cured by teeth.

But the rest of the doctors get mixed opinions. Some reviews indicate that there are physicians in the "Status" who do not render the best service. Someone is rude, someone is not writing the proper treatment. And therefore, customers who are faced with unprofessionalism, especially those who have long visited the medical center being studied, are surprised. status clinic dmitrov reviews

Is this true? To some extent yes. From such cases, no one is immune."Status" punishes workers who receive repeated complaints. Fortunately, there is very little criticism. Therefore, you can trust doctors working in this clinic. At all thus it is recommended to look carefully to all experts and to choose that whom it would be desirable.

Other personnel of

These conditions can be offered to date clinic "Status" in Dmitrov. Staff( secondary) here also plays an important role. It's not like doctors, but nurses and just employees of the center have an impact on the rating of the organization.

As practice shows, there are no complaints about secondary personnel. Nurses know exactly what they are doing, they always help doctors. Like the main cadres, they try to look for an individual approach to visitors.

The reception staff are also polite and courteous. After visiting the "Status", clients have mostly positive emotions. It is felt that mainly those who work with the flow of visitors work here. Rudeness and rudeness are not present. Everything is done so that I would like to return to the clinic again and again.


But this is not all the features highlighted by the visitors. Quite often, potential clients are interested in what clinic "Status"( Dmitrov) prices offer for their services. Well, when the ratio of "price - quality" is ideal. Dmitrov clinic service status

In this area, too, there are no complaints. Admission of specialists is not too expensive. It is noted that the quotations in the "Status" are within the norm. Much depends on the professionalism of doctors, as well as the nature of the research. Therefore, the exact price( it changes quite often) for services should be recognized directly in the clinic or by the phones mentioned earlier.

Special attention is paid to dental services. Visitors notice that problem teeth are expensive to treat. But this is normal. A similar situation occurs in all dental clinics. In any case, patients recommend preparing for spending, if treated in the "Status".

And then not always! Why? The clinic "Status"( Dmitrov) offers its clients free treatment according to the OMS program. Some services( or rather, most) can be obtained absolutely free of charge. At the same time, the reception quality, according to numerous reviews, does not reflect the type of recording. They treat everyone equally and politely.


An important, though not the first, role is played by the situation in the medical center."Status" receives mostly positive reviews in this area. Why?

Here, as already mentioned, everything is designed for the convenience of customers. The situation is pleasant, everywhere is light and clean. The offices are equipped with new equipment and furniture. It is felt that the client came to a private medical center, where comfort is appreciated. Some point out that "Status" is a place of treatment for people who are used to comfort, for those who are extremely important to it.


Now it is clear what the clinic "Status"( Dmitrov) reviews, address, telephones and staff. Is it worth to go here? If you carefully choose a doctor for observation and consultation, then you can look at this center. There are no significant negative aspects of the organization. Basically, customers are satisfied with the service. clinic status dmitrov reviews address

Just do not think that "Status" is the best place. Yes, it is a worthy medical center, but far from ideal. It's not for nothing that among the patients there is at least a small, but the percentage of those who are not too happy with the treatment. This is quite normal phenomenon."Status" is a multidisciplinary clinic in Dmitrov that is designed for people who want to be in a comfortable environment.