How to determine ovulation

For 12-16 days before menstruation, ovulation occurs. If the cycle is 28 days, then ovulation will occur most often in the middle of the cycle. After ovulation, it usually takes about 14 days.

Pregnant, possibly if the sexual intercourse occurred 3-4 days before ovulation( that's how much sperm live), ending one day after ovulation( so much egg lives).However, I would like to note that the method of determining ovulation is not an effective method of contraception, since sometimes ovulation can occur in one cycle twice, or move for a couple of days. But for the planning of pregnancy to determine ovulation can be very useful.

How to determine ovulation for certain "symptoms"

The so-called "symptoms" of ovulation are subjective, but if a woman is observant, she will notice changes in the body. So, one of the indicators of ovulation will be an irresistible sexual desire. And some women experience tingling sensations and pulling pains in the lower abdomen.

The nature of the vaginal mucus also changes - its number increases several times, and in its consistency it becomes more viscous and viscous. An experienced gynecologist will definitely notice the approaching ovulation, since in the cervix there will be a copious accumulation of transparent mucus, and between the tweezers it will be stretched by several centimeters.

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How to determine ovulation by measuring

basal temperature

This is the oldest and easiest method for determining ovulation. If the method is used correctly, the information content will be high and reliable. The basal temperature is measured using a conventional mercury thermometer. How to determine ovulation by temperature? Every morning after six hours of sleep, without getting out of bed, to measure the basal temperature for three cycles, and the results to make a certain schedule( along the horizontal axis - the days of the cycle, on the vertical - the temperature).

The average temperature increase is 0.5 degrees in the second half of the cycle, but before the rise, the temperature drops by 0.5 degrees - these are the days of ovulation.

How to determine ovulation with ultrasound

The most reliable method for determining ovulation is ultrasound monitoring. Using ultrasound, all changes that occur with the follicles are identified. Sign of ovulation will be the presence of a dominant follicle( its size should reach 18-20 mm).If the cycle is regular, then the snacks are held 2-3 days before ovulation, and then after it every other day. And with irregular every 2-3 days from the 10th day of the cycle. It is possible to conduct ultrasound less often if the estimated date of ovulation is calculated by the size of the follicle - the dominant increases at a rate of 2 mm per day.

How to determine ovulation at home

How to determine ovulation at home? Before answering this question, it is advisable to verify the presence of ovulation with the help of some other methods, since a false positive result is possible.

The test strip that determines ovulation is very similar to a pregnancy test. They need to use the same way: putting the test in urine, wait a couple of minutes. One strip - the result is negative, two - positive( ovulation will occur in 1-2 days).The method is based on the level of LH in urine( a couple of days before ovulation it significantly jumps).

Based on the changes in the vaginal mucus and saliva before ovulation, a small amount of saliva is applied to the glass( from morning to meal and brushing teeth) and examined under the usual microscope. If the pattern is clear and similar to a fern - ovulation is approaching. If on the contrary, the lines are fuzzy, intermittent, therefore, in the near future ovulation is not expected.

I would like to note that research of this kind should be carried out in a complex way, only then the results will be accurately reliable.