From migraine "Nurofen": instructions for use, composition, description and reviews

Headache is a very unpleasant symptom that a person experiences more than once during a lifetime. The cause of this feeling can be anything: overwork, cold, fatigue, lack of sleep, stress, vascular diseases and so on. Headache can be accompanied by different sensations( pulsating, pressing, aching).Migraine is described separately. Experts still can not find the main reasons for its occurrence. Manifestations of migraines are very unpleasant. At first the person feels dizzy, sees the so-called aura of flying flies before the eyes. After this begins photophobia, unbearable pain on one side of the head, giving in the teeth, nausea or even vomiting.

from migraine nurofen

Modern pharmacology in 2015 invented the drug "Nurofen" from migraine( new).The price of this medication, instructions for use and reviews will be presented to your attention. The article will tell about the peculiarities of the use of tablets and give their description.

Medication characteristic: appearance and price category of the medicine

The medicine for migraine "Nurofen" is available in tablets. Each pill is placed in a separate blister cell. In a cardboard box you can find 10 tablets with an oblong( oval) shape. In the middle of the pill there is a so-called risk. On it you can divide the medicine into two parts.

Externally, the box is a yellow-gold color. In the middle there is an inscription "Nurofen Multisymptom from a migraine".The drug is always accompanied by instructions for use in a single copy. The cost of the drug is in the range from 200 to 300 rubles. Find out more precisely in your regional pharmacy chains.

Active components of

What is the composition of Nurofen( from migraine)?The active substance of the drug is unchanged ibuprofen. The amount of this component is considerable - 400 milligrams in one tablet. Ordinary and all familiar "Nurofen" has from 100 to 200 mg of ibuprofen in a pill. As you can understand, in this form of medicine, a double dose of medicine is collected.

Also included in the formulation is paracetamol. The amount of this substance reaches 325 milligrams per capsule. This is a feature that distinguishes the remedy for migraine and other types of Nurofen.

How does the medication work?

How effective and quick is Nurofen from migraine( new)?Instructions for use indicate that in this medicine, the active substances reinforce each other.

nurofen from migraine new instruction manual

Ibuprofen is an analgesic and antipyretic component, and it effectively removes inflammation. After all, it is his doctors who consider one of the main causes of migraine. Paracetamol increases the analgesic and antipyretic effect of the main active substance. Improvement of well-being comes already in 10-30 minutes after the first reception. Please note that migraine usually lasts 12-18 hours. The effect of the drug lasts less. Therefore, to achieve a good effect of the therapy, tablets should be taken strictly following the instructions.

Prescribing medication

In what cases is Nurofen prescribed for migraine? This disease begins quickly and progresses in a matter of hours. Therefore, often the patient does not have time to get advice from a specialist on the use of the drug. If you often have migraine or are prone to it periodically, ask the doctor about this medicine at the nearest reception. The specialist will give individual recommendations and tell about the features of the drug. From migraine "Nurofen" should be taken at the first symptoms of its manifestation:

  • appearance of white flies before the eyes;
  • aura accompanied by flashes of light;
  • a sharp change in activity( agitation or, on the contrary, fatigue);
  • beginning pulsating pain in the temples. nurofen migraine instructions for use

All these signs can be attributed to the harbingers of migraine. If you often have to deal with this ailment, then you probably know your individual prerequisites.

Indications for use of the drug, which are described in the instructions, are the following cases:

  • fever of different genesis( often with a cold);
  • pain of the tooth and joint;
  • female ailments a month;
  • diseases of the ENT organs( otitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis) - usually as symptomatic therapy;
  • inflammation of the interarticular bones, tissue damage( accompanied by pain) and so on.

Restrictions in the use of

From migraine, "Nurofen" helps quite well. This is evidenced by patient reviews, which you can read further. However, not everyone can use this medication. The medicine has its contra-indications and time limitations. Consider them.

It is forbidden to treat with this remedy in patients who are hypersensitive to the constituents of the drug. If you ever had an allergy to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, then refrain from using Nurofen tablets from migraines. With a stomach ulcer, kidney and heart failure, the drug is contraindicated. As the time limits can be identified the following: age to 12 years, the third trimester of pregnancy, breastfeeding. Experts do not advise taking the drug, if after opening the pack you see that the blister is damaged.

"Nurofen" from migraine( new): instruction for use

The dose of the medicine is taken strictly according to the instructions. However, if the doctor gave you individual recommendations, it's worth observing them. The medication is often used by consumers independently( without a preliminary visit to the polyclinic).In this case, the algorithm prescribed in the instruction must be strictly observed. Never alone do not exceed the dose and the frequency of medication.

nurofen from migraine price

The daily norm of the drug for an adult is 3 tablets. Take the drug before eating or after a meal in 2 hours. Take the medicine with plenty of clean water. Children after 12 years, provided that their body weight is not less than 40 kilograms, the drug is shown in an amount of 2 tablets per day. The average duration of the drug is 8 hours. If you are taking a migraine remedy, then be sure to drink a second dose of the medicine before the attack begins to gain strength.

The duration of the drug is determined individually. With a pain syndrome, the drug can be used up to 5 days. As an antipyretic agent - 3 days. If you take medication because of migraines, then the duration of application will be 1-2 days.

Adverse Reactions

About the "Nurofen" preparation for migraine( price is presented at the beginning of the article) the instruction says that it can cause unpleasant side reactions. Among them there is an allergy( hives, itching, swelling).There is also the possibility of developing dyspepsia( abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea).Less likely are dizziness, visual impairment.

nurofen migraine reviews

If you previously had liver, kidney, stomach, then in the course of treatment, those can become worse. Pay attention to your health. If any unpleasant symptoms occur, consult a doctor for help.

Combination with other medications

Often patients suffering from migraine have to take different medications. However, with the onset of an attack a person does not pay much attention to this and uses the above described remedy. Is it correct?

What else can you say about Nurofen? Migraine instructions for use recommends treatment at the first of its manifestations. However, when using certain medications, special care must be taken. With prolonged use of the ibuprofen-paracetamol combination, there is a risk of a negative impact on the kidneys. With the simultaneous use of diuretics, the effect of the latter is weakened. The drug has a toxic effect in combination with some antibiotics. It is not necessary to combine Nurofen with corticosteroids and alcohol.

Migraine: reviews

The drug "Nurofen Multisymptom" appeared on the pharmacology market recently. It was invented only in 2015 and is still undergoing various studies and tests. The medicine for today has a positive response. Consumers say that because of the high dose of active substances and their combination, the effect of therapy comes quickly and lasts a long time.

nurofen from migraine a new price

Specialists are anxious to prescribe the described medication. After all, its effectiveness is still not fully understood. However, all physicians are aware of the active ingredients of the medication. Most doctors predict the success of this drug. Its price is relatively low in comparison with other means of migraine. However, the effect occurs almost immediately after the first administration. Perhaps in the future there will be negative reviews about the drug. In the meantime, almost all patients were satisfied with the described medication.

Summarize the information provided

If you are often tormented by migraines, you are tired of enduring these endless tortures, then try a new drug, which has the trade name "Nurofen".Please note that in the market of pharmacological products there are several types of drugs with this name. Ask the pharmacists exactly the medicine for migraine on the basis of ibuprofen and paracetamol. Nurofen multisymptom from migraine

If you often have bothersome migraine attacks, it makes sense to turn to a good doctor, and not to use anesthetic medications. Perhaps, doctors will be able to find the cause of your ailments and eliminate it. Live without a headache and enjoy life! Strong to you health and perfect state of health!