Polyclinic Semashko Zhitna: doctors, work schedule, feedback

Polyclinic Semashko at Zhitny is one of the oldest medical institutions in the capital. Today, there is a multidisciplinary assistance to the adult population.


Polyclinic № 2 named. Semashko was opened in 1935.Today, it is a multidisciplinary medical center for adults, where assistance is provided on the basis of a commercial contract or VHI policies. For the comfort of visitors in the institution there is an electronic recording system to the right specialist at a time convenient for the patient. The favorable location on the Garden Ring makes the hospital accessible to customers, and peace and quiet in the clinic are achieved through air conditioning, sound and noise insulation.

Polyclinic Semashko at Zhitnoy provides visitors with multifaceted medical care and a wide range of services, including:

  • Diagnostics and laboratory tests.
  • Inspection and consultations of specialized specialists.
  • Prophylactic examination and supervision by the attending physician.
  • Narrow programs developed for the prevention and treatment of certain types of diseases or aimed at monitoring the health status of certain categories of the population( men, women, elderly people, oncology, etc.).

Polyclinic. Semashko( Dobryninskaya metro station) is equipped with advanced medical equipment from leading world manufacturers for diagnostics, treatment, and surgical interventions. Staff - a friendly team of like-minded people and professionals of the highest category, many have academic titles, staff constantly increases the level of skills and involvement in the provision of multidisciplinary care to patients.

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Polyclinic Semashko at Zhitnyi bases its activity on the principles of preventive medicine, early recognition of the disease and prevention of common pathologies. In the clinic, the following types of research and diagnostic procedures are performed:

  • Laboratory tests( hemostasis, clinical blood test, biochemistry, hormonal studies, vitamins, oncomarkers, infectious, coagulogic, immunological and many others).
  • Functional diagnostics( ultrasound, rheography, EEG, electroneuromyography, ECG, spirography, ECHO, phonocardia, EG, daily monitoring of AD, dopplerography, etc.).

Based on the results of the conducted studies, the specialist makes up an individual treatment program adapted for a specific patient, where contraindications and concomitant diseases are taken into account.

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Specialists of

Synthesis of advanced methods of treatment and proven methods of therapy is one of the trumps in the practice of the Semashko clinic. Doctors who have a profile education behind them, a lot of practical experience, are trying to diagnose the disease at an early stage and are taking all available measures for the speedy recovery of the patient.

Polyclinic Semashko on Zhitnoy offers a service for the following specialists:

  • Therapist, angiosurgeon, gastroenterologist, pulmonologist.
  • Cardiovascular surgeon, neurologist, homeopath.
  • Rheumatologist, otolaryngologist, ophthalmologist.
  • Hirudotherapist, surgeon, nephrologist, mammologist.
  • Pulmonologist, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, trichologist.
  • Gynecologist, dermatologist, ultrasound doctor.
  • Urologist, andrologist, cardiologist, hematologist.
  • Specialist of functional diagnostics, endoscopist.
  • Traumatologist-orthopedist, endocrinologist, rheumatologist.
  • Allergist-immunologist, oncologist, immunologist.

Patients who do not have the opportunity to visit the clinic are examined and consulted by doctors at home. This service includes therapists, psychiatrists, ophthalmologists, cardiologists and other specialized specialists. Possible to call a doctor with subsequent hospitalizations.

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Close attention to

Polyclinic im. Semashko( Dobryninskaya metro station) offers visitors a number of special programs designed to show existing health problems or to make sure that one does not bother.

Complete offers:

  • Investigations of vision and eyes, computer diagnostics from an ophthalmologist( checking visual acuity, biomicroscopy, glasses selection, autorefractometry, tonometry, perimetry, etc.).The center of ophthalmology is considered one of the best in Moscow in terms of technical equipment and work experience, qualifications of leading specialists.
  • Pregnancy planning. Diagnostics of the couple's health( HIV tests, ultrasound, STDs, compatibility, colposcopy, hormonal studies, urological studies, etc.).
  • Women's health is examined by two programs: "Intimate minimum" and blitz-examination of early diagnosis of cancer. The program includes research, analysis and consultation with a doctor.
  • Men's health is examined by the complexes "Intimate minimum" and "Urological minimum after 40".

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Price policy

Polyclinic Semashko on Zhitnoy does not conceal the cost of services in the clinic, you can get acquainted with the pricing at any moment, therefore the majority of patients know exactly what amount will be spent on consultations or diagnostics.

Approximate prices are as follows:

  • Electroencephalography - 2400 rubles.
  • Electrocardiography with interpretation of the results - 1000 rubles.
  • Spirography - 1400 rubles.
  • Clinical blood test - 600 rubles.
  • Blood type and Rh factor - 650 rubles.
  • Rheumatoid factor - 400 rubles.
  • Initial consultation of a narrow specialist - from 2000 to 4900 rubles.
  • Secondary medical consultation - from 1800 to 3900 rubles.

Regularly held in the clinic, promotions and discounts help significantly save finances, while receiving a full package of necessary assistance.

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Positive feedback

Polyclinic Semashko received positive feedback from the positive stories for excellent service, a large number of specialists, a powerful diagnostic database. Patients left a lot of words of gratitude to the specialists who treated them. Particularly noted ophthalmologist, which is written enthusiastic recommendations. Dermatologists, surgeons, gastroenterologists and many other specialists deserved no less compliments.

Reported in the registries."Semashko" is a polyclinic where they are trying to create comfortable conditions for each patient, paying attention to all of his needs. Registry staff consider it their duty to answer all questions interesting to the visitor, find the right specialist and make a recording at a convenient time.

On such a pleasant attitude, many visitors write, noting that there are almost no queues to see doctors. Waiting for admission can last only a few minutes. Many describe the possibilities of diagnostic equipment, patients felt that functional and laboratory studies helped to accurately determine the diagnosis, and experts are well versed in their business.

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Negative feedback from

Polyclinic Semashko( Moscow) did not like all customers. Visitors said that doctors sometimes formally approach treatment, trying to conduct years of proven procedures instead of necessary. In several cases, the patient's complaints clearly indicated the source of the problem, but the specialist preferred to conduct more expensive activities. One of the unpleasant moments was the absence of references to real complaints in the patient's card, but the diagnoses that were comfortable for the doctor were adorned.

There are several complaints about the large number of papers that the registry registers."Semashko," as the patients felt, is one of the most cautious clinics in the legal sense. Even if the patient does not come for the first time, he needs to draw up a new contract in each visit. And since the flow of customers is large, the filling of the forms takes at least 30 minutes. Then you need to immediately pay in the cash register, where an impressive line is also built. Also, many angrily spoke about payment - it is made before the visit to specialists and also, before receiving all services, patients sign the certificates of work performed.

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Useful information

Polyclinic named after Semashko is located on Zhitnaya street in building 10.

The nearest metro station is Dobryninskaya.

Operating mode of the institution:

  • On weekdays - from 08:00 to 20:00.
  • On Saturdays - from 09:00 to 18:00.
  • Sunday is a day off.