Plates for the alignment of teeth: reviews of dentists and patients

In the treatment of any disease an important role is played by the timeliness of the diagnosis. The earlier the health problems are detected, the more effective the therapy will be.

This can be attributed to any organs in humans, to teeth in particular. If parents do not pay attention to the formation of teeth in the child, you can miss the wrong bite, defects in eruption. And such problems are easily amenable to correction. Plates for leveling teeth in childhood quickly cope with these pathologies. In this article we will try to understand what the plates are and what their role is.

What are the plates?

Many are familiar with braces, which are designed to correct bite. They are attached to the oral cavity for the entire period of treatment, but the tooth plates for aligning the teeth can be removed if desired, to make it easier to eat or clean teeth. Platens for teeth alignment

It should be remembered that the plates can not be bought at a pharmacy or medical facility. They are always made for each patient individually, taking into account the size of the oral cavity and the defect that needs to be corrected.

For example, if you want to put in place a tooth that grows in the wrong direction, then in the plates you can see arches, loops of wire or spring. If necessary, expand the jaw insert between the plates an expanding screw.

Plate assignment

Plates for teeth alignment are prescribed when the following objectives are pursued:

  1. The shape of the jaw bones needs to be changed.
  2. There is a need to keep the teeth in the right position.
  3. To correct the width of the sky.
  4. Plates prevent tooth dislocation.
  5. They can be used to inhibit or stimulate the growth of the jaw.
  6. If necessary, fixing the result achieved with the help of brackets.

Almost all dentists unanimously assert that all procedures for aligning the teeth are desirable and more effective to hold up to 12 years, since up to this time the dentoalveolar system is easier to adjust.

But this does not mean that you can not use plates for teeth alignment in adults. It all depends on the problem and the state of the human dental system, and carry the carrying of various foreign objects in the mouth, adults are much worse morally.

Varieties of tooth plates

Systems for teeth can differ significantly. How do the plates look for teeth alignment, depends on their purpose in the first place. Given the purpose and structure, the plates are divided into several types:

  1. Single-jaw. In its composition, they have orthodontic screws and a plate base. Using screws, you can adjust the pressure on the teeth. Most often used in the presence of single deformities of the teeth or if you need to expand or extend the dentition. Such plates can be used not only in children, but also in adults.
  2. With a hand-shaped process, the plates are used to fix the curved position of the individual teeth. The plate for aligning the teeth, the photo shows it, is put on one of the jaws, and the process presses on the tooth and promotes its movement in the desired direction. Plate for teeth alignment in children
  3. If necessary, correct the protrusive position of the front teeth using plates with a retraction arc.
  4. Plates with a pusher are suitable only for the upper jaw in order to correct the palatal position of the teeth.
  5. Brukle's apparatus is worn to correct the bite of the teeth on the lower jaw.
  6. The Andresen-Gojpler activator consists of two components that are put on two jaws at once and have a combined effect on correcting several pathologies in the structure.
  7. The most complex structure is Frenkel's apparatus. It includes the cheek guards, lip glands and a few additional parts connected together by a metal frame. Such devices are used to eliminate the mesial, distal and open bite.

In addition to this unit, the plates for aligning the teeth are:

  • Removable.
  • Non-removable.

There is such a wide variety of plates available in the arsenal of dentists, and they are all designed to make your smile dazzling and beautiful.

Difference between removable and non-removable

plates Removable teeth alignment plates are a design of small dimensions made of quality plastic. It does not contain harmful chemicals, so for a person wearing them is absolutely safe. how to look for plates for aligning teeth

Such plates are attached to the jaws with the help of metal hooks. Their advantage can be called the possibility of removal at any time, which gives more convenience during meals or brushing your teeth. But it is necessary to take into account that their effectiveness is higher, if there are minor defects.

Non-detachable systems are most often used to level the entire outer surface of the teeth. With their help, you can put in order the tooth-jaw system at any age.

The difference between these two types of plates is not only their structure and effectiveness, but also in value. Fixed construction will cost more, as the installation itself and the difficulty of fastening the locks are much higher.

The procedure for fixing the plates

It has already been said that the plates for each patient are made individually, therefore, before they are installed, it is necessary to make such a system, and for this it is necessary to undergo a number of procedures:

  1. Visit an orthodontist dentist.
  2. Make the casts of the jaw.
  3. Take an X-ray examination. tooth plates for teeth alignment
  4. Visit the doctor for fitting plaster models of future plates.
  5. If the gypsum model has approached( and it should sit perfectly), it produces the real plate.

The base of the plastic plate should perfectly repeat the surface relief of the teeth, and the metal arc - securely and firmly fix the entire structure.

The procedure for inserting the plates does not take much time and is painless for the patient. It is necessary to be prepared for the fact that at first it will be difficult to talk, but it will quickly pass as you become accustomed.

Techniques and adaptations for teeth straightening

You can notice the defects of the dentoalveolar system already in childhood. During this period, the baby's teeth are replaced by permanent teeth. Most parents mistakenly think that the pathologies of infant teeth growth will disappear by themselves with the appearance of permanent teeth, but this is a big mistake.

Some people do not want to put a bracket system in their mouth, but they simply do not know about other methods of correction. But now the position of the teeth can be completely corrected with the help of other structures. These are:

  • Trainers.
  • Plates.
  • Veneers.
  • Kappi. Plates for teeth alignment in adults

Which design is best used - the doctor decides, depending on the age of the patient and the defect to be corrected.

Which is more acceptable for children?

The most commonly used plates for the alignment of teeth in children. The photo demonstrates that such designs practically do not bring inconveniences to the small patient, besides they can be removed. At appointment the doctor always specifies duration of carrying and stipulates the periods when it is possible to do without them. plates for teeth alignment in children photo

Children are also often given preoretodontic trainers, which are made of silicone, and a special cell is provided for each tooth. Expanding arches exert pressure, and the dentition occupies the correct position.

For children this design is convenient because silicone practically does not feel in the mouth, but its selection is also done taking into account the pathology and individual characteristics of the child.

It is necessary for parents to remember that it is better to put the plates for teeth alignment in children as soon as possible. Reviews are almost all positive. Many note that not only the teeth become even, but the baby gets rid of some bad habits, for example, stops sucking a finger, putting the tongue between the teeth.

Positive aspects of use of

plates The tooth plates have gradually become used more and more, and this can be explained by some undeniable advantages of such designs:

  • It's easy enough to take care of them, and the child will cope with this task.
  • Installation does not take much time and is completely painless.
  • Visually, the plates are less noticeable than the braces.
  • Usually the doctor allows you to remove the plates before eating, brushing your teeth or allowing them to wear only at night. Everything depends on the degree of the defect. This gives rest to the dental system and is not so heavily morally perceived.

But it must be remembered that the choice and appointment of the treatment regimen should be performed by the doctor. To get the most effect, all recommendations should be followed.

Advantages of using the plates before the braces

Modern plates differ significantly from their predecessors, therefore, before the bracket systems, the following advantages:

  • Bracket helps to correct not only the position of the teeth, but also the shape of the jawbone of the skull.
  • Wearing plates quickly eliminates the gap between the teeth.
  • The bite and the width of the sky are quickly adjusted.

But before installing the plates it is necessary to find out whether there are any contraindications to using such a design. Since the system is made of metals and alloys, it is necessary to exclude an allergic reaction to the constituent components. And also it must be remembered that the installation of the staple on the carious teeth is fraught with the development of periodontitis.

Disadvantages of

Plates In addition to indisputable advantages, plates for alignment of teeth have their drawbacks:

  • If there are serious and complex defects in the dentoalveolar system, then they will not be able to correct them with the help of plates.
  • As there is an opportunity to remove such a design, there is a loophole somehow disrupt the prescription of the doctor, and such neglect can lead to zero all treatment.
  • To correct defects in adults, the plates are also not suitable, because they can not shift teeth.

When choosing a system for correcting teeth, it is better to rely on the professionalism of the doctor, and not on your preferences, then the result will not take long.

How to properly care for

plates This question is very relevant if there are plates for aligning teeth in children. Parents should take control of the whole process of wearing and caring for them. All this can be reduced to several main points:

  1. After each meal, you need to rinse your mouth or brush your teeth, while morning and evening cleansing has not been canceled. This is necessary to prevent the accumulation of bacteria on the structure and teeth, which can lead to the development of caries. Plate for alignment of teeth reviews
  2. Clean the plates with special gels, and they need to have two: for everyday use and deep cleaning. The cleaning process should be carried out with a toothbrush, only not too rigid, so as not to damage the structure.
  3. Approximately 7 days a plate at night should be placed in a special solution.
  4. It happens that as a result of prolonged wearing on the plate appears tartar, which can not be eliminated by the aforementioned means. In this case, you need to contact a specialist and give the design for cleaning.
  5. After cleaning on the screw plate, you need to drip a little vegetable oil and turn it in different directions.
  6. To prevent contamination of the plate, it is better to remove it before eating.
  7. You can not remove the plate before going to bed, the entire curative effect will be reduced to zero. Especially for this you need to follow the parents, if there are plates for the alignment of teeth in children.

With these simple rules, wearing plates will be more effective and will not cause trouble.

Reviews about the plates for the correction of teeth

If we talk about the wearing of such structures in childhood, then there is no doubt in the use. Looking at the responses of parents, it can be noted that they are all practically positive.

Children quickly get used to wearing such a system, less complex about this. Given that the dental system is not yet fully formed, the correction is faster. Parents note that an incorrect bite is perfectly adjustable, a place for a tooth is released, which appears too late in the place of the fallen.

Of course, one can not help but note that all children are different, and the features of the body are different, so there is a possible pain in wearing, speech problems. But with regular use all these inconveniences pass, if the plates are matched correctly.

Plates for the alignment of teeth reviews from doctors also have positive. There are even such dentists who claim that adults can not only fix their teeth with such structures, but it's much easier to do than children do. They explain this by the fact that the dental jaw system is fully formed, and alignment is done once and for all, and in small patients, sometimes it is necessary to correct the situation after a while due to the growth of the jaws.

Undoubtedly, the entire process of equalization in adults takes much longer than in children.

Beautiful and even teeth are the key to a charming smile. To ensure that you or your children do not feel shy, visit an orthodontist to correct possible defects. Children can not answer for themselves, so the burden of responsibility for the future of the baby rests on the shoulders of the parents. All health and beautiful smiles!