Lays the ears in the plane - what to do? Useful recommendations

Many people are wondering why laying an ear after an airplane, what to do in this situation? Naturally, the presented phenomenon does not cause painful sensations. However, discomfort is still present.

Let's find out why he lays his ears on the plane and how to deal with it? What should be done to ensure that the problem does not arise during subsequent flights?

pawns ears in the plane what to do

Hearing disorders

There are a number of diseases in which lays the ears in an airplane. What to do to eliminate discomfort and what are the manifestations of such ailments?

Eardrops can cause the following ear diseases:

  1. Eustachiitis - the development of inflammatory processes in the area of ​​the auditory tube is at the root of the problem. The appearance of edemas, as a rule, is a consequence of a late reaction to colds. However, the cause of the development of eustachiitis can also serve as a sinusitis, the formation of polyps in the nasopharynx.
  2. Hearing loss is a sensorineural pathology of the hearing system that occurs against the background of destructive processes affecting the auditory nerve. The prerequisite for the development of the disease can be hypertension of blood vessels, cerebral ischemia, head trauma. If the ear was laid after the aircraft, what should I do? To reject suspicions on the development of sensorineural hearing loss allows the passage of an audiogram.
  3. Otitis - is one of the most common reasons why you can regularly put your ears on an airplane. Even after successful treatment of the disease, the tympanic membrane contains so-called adhesions, which reduce its mobility and prevent a natural return to anatomically correct position.

Pressure drops

For most passengers, the stuffiness of the ears is observed during landing and take-off. The appearance of the effect is due to the difference in pressure on board the aircraft and outside. As a result of a sharp climb, conditions change so quickly that the Eustachian tube of the hearing organ simply does not cope with the functions assigned to it. Thus, the pressure outside the tympanic membrane and in the inner part of the ear does not have time to equalize.

laid the ear after the aircraft what to do

Gray plug

The accumulation of sulfur in the ear canal leads to the formation of a so-called plug. The latter often lays the ears as a result of displacement in one or the other side with pressure drops.

A direct sign of clogging of the ears of gray is the reduction of hearing acuity. A person can not catch individual words from the conversation. To such people it often seems that the interlocutor is talking too quietly. If there is a cork, it often gives the impression that the ears are submerged under water.

What if I put my ears on the plane? What to do when the blame for all the formation in the ear passage of sulfur plug? In this case, it is worthwhile to seek the help of a doctor who will quickly eliminate the clog. However, it is much easier to avoid the development of the problem. To do this, it is enough to regularly make hygiene of the ears, using special ear wands.

lays the ears when landing an aircraft what to do

Water in the ear canal

It is possible to lay ears in an airplane if, shortly before departure, a person bathed in the bathtub, swam in a pond or pool. After such procedures, water can remain in the ear canal, causing the effect of congestion during takeoff or landing.

In such a situation, it is recommended to carefully clean the ears with a cotton swab. The latter absorbs all moisture, and also removes clogging in the form of swollen sulfur. After the procedure is completed, several times to swallow, open and close your mouth, yawn. This will allow the probable remnants of water to move further into the nasopharynx.

Lays the ears when landing the plane - what to do?

What should I do if I put my ears on the plane and why?

The ear canal effect can be avoided by using the following recommendations:

  1. Helping to eliminate the problem allows the implementation of swallowing movements. It is for this reason that the stewardesses of some airlines offer candy to passengers. The latter cause profuse salivation, which causes a person to swallow more often. In turn, such movements provide abundant airflow into the middle ear.
  2. Lays the ears on an airplane? What to do? Avoiding unpleasant manifestation makes it possible to open the mouth during the recruitment or lowering of the height. Performing this action helps to eliminate the difference in pressure in the inner ear and outside. A good alternative to this method is yawning.
  3. If there is a stuffiness in the ears during the flight, it is enough to collect more air into the lungs, covering the nose with your fingers, and then exhale sharply. In this case, there should be a characteristic click, which informs on the departure of the tympanic membrane to its proper place.
  4. People who suffer from colds often lodge their ears in an airplane. What should I do in such cases? Here, nasal drops will come to the rescue, which have the effect of narrowing the blood vessels. The use of drugs in this category will free the nasopharynx from mucus and, accordingly, reduce the pressure on the tissue in the ear canal.

why lays ears in an airplane and how to deal with it

In conclusion

So we figured out what to do if we put our ears on the plane, and why such discomfort arises. As can be seen, it is quite easy to eliminate an unpleasant phenomenon during a flight. It is enough to use the above recommendations. If desired, you can buy special earplugs at the airport, which will allow you to regulate internal pressure in the hearing organs.