Novikova fluid is a universal healing agent

When scratches or abrasions appear on the surface of the skin, the question arises: what to process? Defect on the skin must be disinfected, take measures to prevent subsequent infection of the wound surface and ensure prompt healing. It is these top-priority tasks that help to solve the Novikov liquid.

Novikov liquid

Description and Composition

Novikova fluid is a fairly thick, colloidal substance that has a deep dark green hue, a characteristic sharp ether smell and the ability to slightly cloud with intensive shaking. When exposed to air, Novikova's solution freezes, forming a dense layer on the surface in the form of an elastic film of a dark green color. This property of the medicinal composition is used to prevent infection of small defects in the skin.

The mechanism of action of this composition is usually attributed to antiseptic and wound-healing agents.

This medication is available in flasks that have a volume of 20 or 30 milliliters, sealed with stoppers with foil pads. There is also a variant of capacity - a vial-dropper.

Novikova fluid has the following composition:

  • tannin;
  • diamond greens;
  • ethyl alcohol;
  • castor oil;
  • collodion.


According to the instruction, Novikova fluid is designed to handle, if necessary, minor traumatic injuries - scratches, abrasions, shallow wounds on the skin surface.

fluid novikov instruction

Before applying the drug to the skin, it must be cleaned of contaminants. If it is necessary to degrease( for example, if contaminated with technical oils), this can be done with ethyl alcohol or gasoline. After preliminary treatment of the skin on it in the area of ​​damage and on the area around the defect, it is necessary to apply a colloidal mass and leave it to dry and form a film.

Special instructions

In the place of application of Novikov liquid, a burning sensation, tingling, tingling, localization in the area of ​​skin defect may occur. This side effect is due to the properties of the substances contained in the product and is not an indication that the composition has ceased to be used.

In case of heavy bleeding, as well as in the presence of infected wounds, Novikova fluid is contraindicated. In addition, it is not allowed to apply the composition to the wetting areas of the skin surface. In such cases, you should see a doctor to determine the severity of the lesion and receive further advice.

This medication should be used according to the prescription of the doctor, clearly following all of its recommendations( this description is for informational purposes only).

Shelf life of the substance is one year. Use after the expiration of this period is not allowed.

liquid of a novice composition

Due to the flammability of the Novikov liquid composition, the storage conditions must meet the safety requirements necessary for the storage of flammable liquids( the product should be stored away from heat sources, out of the reach of children).