Trepan-biopsy of the breast: results, effects, reviews

Oncological diseases of the breast are today in the first place in the frequency of occurrence in women of different ages. In order to determine the presence of this disease, a woman needs to undergo a series of examinations at the first symptoms, which will help the attending physician to diagnose correctly. These studies include a number of activities. trepan biopsy

What is trepan biopsy?

One of the mandatory methods that confirm or disprove the presence of oncological changes in the mammary gland is a biopsy, the essence of which is that with the help of special equipment, biological material is taken from the affected tissue area and is subjected to research. Biopsy is one of the main methods of diagnosis of cancer in the very early stages, which has high information value.

Trepan biopsy is a type of this diagnostic study, which is characterized by the fact that a special thick needle - trepan is used to carry out a biopsy to remove biological material. A thin-needle needle, usually used in a standard bi

opsy technique, takes less material than trephine, so it is used to diagnose the mammary gland. trepan biopsy reviews

Equipment for this procedure

Trepan is a special, cutting needle equipped with a puncture gun that allows you to take a fragment of the affected tissue. This biomaterial undergoes a histological, morphological and chemical study, which gives an extensive idea of ​​the structure of the tissue and its characteristics.

The needle for trepan biopsy has a special structure. It is injected into the mammary gland, slightly scrolled, which helps to capture tissue particles, after which they are abruptly seized. This method of research is more informative than a conventional biopsy performed by a thin needle, since trephine allows you to capture material from several areas of the breast at once.

The resulting biomaterial is transferred to the profile solution, where a special chemical dye is added, after which it is sent for histological examination. There, particles of affected tissues are studied by specialists under a microscope, and also exposed to special reagents. This allows us to conclude not only on the presence of cancer cells, but also to what drugs the patient has the greatest sensitivity. This determines the plan for the most effective treatment. trepan biopsy do

The reliability of trepan biopsy is very high and is 97%, which can not be said about other existing studies of this nature. This study is safe, because it does not injure the breast tissue, which poses a risk of infection and aggravation of the disease.

Indications for

In order for a doctor to prescribe a given diagnostic study to a woman, special special reasons are needed, since this procedure is not carried out for the prevention of cancer and is not included in the list of ordinary patients.

The reasons for the conduct are:

  1. The presence of spots and shadows on the X-ray.
  2. Lack of information on the fine needle biopsy.
  3. Cysts of the breast, as well as other neoplasms.
  4. Allocations from nipples of undetermined genesis.
  5. The appearance of papillomas.
  6. Nodular forms of mastopathy, as well as their atypical cases. trepan breast biopsy reviews

Trepan biopsy is done before radiotherapy, and also instead of resection during breast surgery. Despite the fact that this tissue research is very high-quality, experts recommend appointing it only when absolutely necessary.

Contraindications to research

Contraindications in this case are:

  • allergy to drugs used in anesthesia;
  • situation, when the ultrasound examination of the breast gave enough information to establish the diagnosis;
  • hemophilia, poor blood clotting.

The consequences of Trepanum biopsy of the mammary gland are discussed below.

What is the preparation for the procedure?

This study does not require any special training, but in some cases, the doctor may prescribe medications to the patient that normalize blood clotting, as well as antibiotics that will help prevent inflammation in the mammary gland. trepan breast biopsy results

Before the test, you must stop taking medication that can trigger the formation of thrombi, as well as from drinking alcohol.

Procedure for

The procedure is as follows:

  1. The patient should remove the clothing from the upper body and lie on his back.
  2. The doctor performs local anesthesia, and then examines and palpates the site of the alleged neoplasm.
  3. The doctor cuts the problem site, then inserts the needle. The needle can be inserted automatically or manually.
  4. A fragment is taken from the damaged tissue site, after which the needle is withdrawn from the mammary gland.
  5. The internal area of ​​the site from which the biomaterial was taken is affected by a special anticoagulant, which helps close the blood and lymph vessels.
  6. After the procedure, a bag of ice is placed on the chest.

The total duration of the procedure is approximately 20-30 minutes.

Often this procedure is used for medicinal purposes - with the help of trephine-needles, it is possible to remove cysts by sucking liquid out of them. The walls of such a neoplasm dissolve subsequently independently. trepan biopsy effects

This procedure is minimally invasive and painless, which does not require suturing. Scars and scars do not leave a biopsy.

Possible negative consequences of the

procedure Within a few days after the procedure, the patient should give up physical exertion. If she is concerned about discomfort in the mammary gland, you can apply ice or take painkillers.

The risk of undesirable consequences is minimal, but it does exist. There may be swelling of the breast, from which a fragment of tissue was taken, and bruises may also appear. In rare cases, the patient rises to a temperature of 38 degrees, worries about chills and malaise. In all these cases, you should seek the advice of a doctor. Consider reviews of trepan biopsy.

Reviews about the

study Most of the patients who underwent this procedure responded positively to it. Almost all women were satisfied with the fact that the research is carried out using the latest technological equipment, which makes it possible to minimize the likelihood of complications and side effects as a result of mammary trepan biopsy. trepan biopsy of the mammary gland

In addition, the study is conducted, as a rule, by experienced professionals who do not allow mistakes in their activities. Many positive reviews of the patient are left regarding the procedure itself, which is absolutely painless.

Some women have observed such negative consequences of this procedure as the appearance of severe swelling of the mammary glands on the day after the study. According to reviews on breast trepanum biopsy, high temperature, often up to 37.5-38 degrees, as well as nervous tension, can occur, but such symptoms go away on their own for several days.


So, trepan-biopsy is one of the most progressive methods of breast tissue research, which has found wide application in the field of diagnostic measures for the detection and treatment of breast cancer worldwide. With the help of this study, not only diagnosis, but also functional treatment of certain breast diseases, such as, for example, cyst, can be carried out. The procedure is painless and minimally invasive, which makes it possible to use this method for qualitative research of all breast tumors and carry out this procedure in the conditions of ordinary polyclinics. To implement this diagnostic method, high-tech equipment is used to capture the maximum amount of biological material necessary for studying. Women, who underwent the procedure of trepan biopsy, were satisfied with both the method of its carrying out and the absence of negative consequences, with the exception of some rare cases.