Glucometer "Diakont": reviews, technical characteristics and features

"Diacont" glucometer reviews of patients deserved only the most positive, as this is one of the most modern devices designed to determine the level of glucose in the blood. This product is characterized by modern design, as well as affordable supplies.

Product features

The Diacont glucose meter is a glucose monitoring system that is very convenient to use, especially for older people, since it is not necessary to enter special codes when performing a measurement. In addition, this product has a sufficiently large display with well-marked symbols, the size of which can be increased or decreased depending on their own needs.

glucometer deacon testimonials Due to the small size it can not only be stored at home, but also carried with you, which is very important for diabetics. Calibration of the product is carried out on a plasma, and the range of calculations is very wide. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the main parameters of research.

Appearance and Configuration

The Diacett Glucometer measures b

lood sugar. It has a rather attractive design. The case is made of high-quality plastic, nothing creaks or leaves during operation.

glucometer deacont price reviews The weight of the meter is small enough that it can be used at any time, which is convenient, as it is often necessary to carry it with you at all times. The complete set includes:

  • glucometer;
  • test strips;
  • lancets;
  • battery;
  • device for puncturing the skin;
  • test strips for control measurements;
  • user manual;
  • storage case.

The analyzer is easy to operate, so it is suitable for any age, including for children.

Functional Features of

The Diacont Glucometer reviews deserve the best, as it has features inherent in expensive models. In particular, among the main characteristics can be identified:

  • the possibility of applying an electrochemical measurement method;
  • long battery life;
  • function of automatic shutdown;
  • small blood sampling required for measurements.

The device switches on strictly automatically when a test strip is inserted into the special hole. A special cable comes in the kit, which is why the results of the conducted research are simply transferred to the computer. This makes it possible to very clearly trace the influence of certain products on blood sugar level, and also to control the peculiarity of the course of the disease.

glucose meter diacont reviews The speed of the measurement is only a few seconds, which is a very big advantage, because in terms of functionality this product is not inferior to foreign analogues. There are very few control elements, and the cost of a meter with the required set of functions is quite affordable.

Instructions for use

Before buying a Diacont, check out the reviews and specifications first. It is important to strictly follow the instructions for use. Before you do the analysis, you should thoroughly wash your hands with soap and dry them with a towel. To normalize blood circulation, you need to warm your hands a little under a stream of warm water, and also massage your finger a little, from which blood will be taken.

diacont glucose monitoring system From the case you need to take a test strip. Then the packaging is tightly closed so that the sun's rays do not penetrate the surface of the materials used. The test strip is installed in the glucose meter compartment, and the device starts working immediately. The appearance on the screen of a graphic symbol indicates the readiness of the device for conducting the study.

Determination of blood glucose in the home is done with a special piercing pen. The lancet device must touch the skin tightly, then the patient needs to press the product button. Instead of a finger, a blood sample can be taken from:

  • forearm;
  • of the palm;
  • of the lower leg:
  • of the shoulder;
  • thighs.

If the meter is used for the first time after its purchase, then it is necessary to study the available instructions for use and to act strictly according to the instructions. It also contains information on actions to take blood from other parts of the body.

To obtain the required amount of blood, you need to massage the area of ​​blood sampling slightly. The first drop should be wiped with clean cotton wool, and the second part should be applied to the surface of the strip for the test. For the results to be most accurate, a sufficient amount of blood is required.

The pierced finger should be brought to the surface of the test strip, and the capillary blood should fill the entire required area for analysis. After the device has received the required blood volume, the time will immediately appear on the screen, and the device will begin testing.

After approximately 6 seconds, the measurement results can be seen on the display. At the end of the test, the test strip is removed from the nest and discarded. The received data is automatically saved in the device memory.

Functional Testing

After reviewing and reviewing reviews of the Diacont meter, you can see that this is a high-quality product that is ideal for home use. If a person buys it for the first time, then the pharmacy staff should check its efficiency. In the future, you can conduct the test yourself, by applying a special solution that is included in the kit.

glucose deaconte determines blood sugar Control solution is considered an analogue of human blood, but it contains a certain amount of glucose. The liquid is used to check glucometers, as well as to learn how to work with the device.

The test should be carried out with the purchase of the device, and also every time a new set of test strips is used. In addition, testing is required in the event of a drop in the meter or direct sunlight.

Advantages of

The Diacont meter is very popular. He deserves the most positive feedback, because he has many advantages. Among the main advantages of this device can be identified:

  • affordable price;
  • clear indication on the display;
  • memory, which stores up to 250 measurements and sorts them by week;
  • small blood sampling required for the study.

In addition, it should be noted that the readings of this device are practically the same as laboratory tests. The monitor shows a deficiency or an excess of glucose in the form of emoticons.

Additional information

This device is quite economical, as feedback about the price of the "Diaconte" meter also responds positively. The cost of the device is approximately 890 rubles, which makes it affordable for a wide range of customers.

glucose meter diacont review and a selection of reviews Despite all the advantages of this device, there are certain nuances that must be taken into account. In particular, there may be certain discrepancies in glucose values ​​if strips from different packages are used. However, the developers try to eliminate this problem as much as possible.

In addition, for the convenience of users, it is possible to send received data by e-mail. Given the presence of this function, diabetologists recommend that patients who have deviations from normal glucose values ​​should use this glucometer. This will allow you to constantly monitor your health.

Reviews on the product

Reviews of the glucose meter "Diacont"( Diacont), in general, there are only the most positive. Many note the ease of use of this device and the affordable cost of special test strips in comparison with other models.

glucometer deaconte reviews technical specifications According to reviews about the "Diakont" glucometer, this device allows you to determine the level of glucose in just a few seconds. Very pleased with the availability of certificates of quality and warranty. In addition, this device is very convenient to use, and can master it completely each. All the symbols on the display are large enough, which is why it is suitable even for people with poor eyesight.