Tingling in the hands and feet: causes

Many patients complain of tingling in the hands and feet, unfortunately. This problem is present in people regardless of age category, sex, weight and their physical activity. Discomfort in the upper and lower limbs appears not only after a hard day, but also for a variety of reasons. Unpleasant sensations can arise even when the human body is at rest. What does this mean?

tingling in the hands and feet

What are the tingling sensations?

Tingling in the hands and feet happens:

  1. Permanent. It lasts a very long time. A person is practically exhausted from pain symptoms.
  2. Short-term. Continues for a few minutes.

On the strength of sensation:

  1. Painful. Flowing tingling with sharp and sharp sensations.
  2. Weak. The person hardly sees the symptoms that have appeared.

By the nature of tingling, doctors determine the potential cause of their occurrence. Of course, it is possible to make a complete medical report only after a thorough examination and a number of analyzes. But in most cases this is a signal of internal disturbances in the human body.

tingling in the legs of the cause

Influence of

Disease Tingling in the hands and feet provokes many factors associated with acute and chronic diseases. These include nerve damage, blood supply disorders in the blood vessels, diabetes mellitus, thyroid disease, Buerger's disease, multiple sclerosis. To the listed list of diseases should be added and Lyme disease. Sometimes a tingling leads people to panic, anxiety, crying screams. If you do not establish the cause in time and do not begin timely treatment, this problem will lead to joint swelling and arthritis.

Tingling in the legs: causes of

In the spine of a person there is a large number of nerve roots stimulating the motor functions of the limbs. For the innervation of the legs responsible lumbar. He requires special attention. In this area the largest and strongest vertebrae are concentrated. Nevertheless, due to the lifting of weights, injuries, their strength is disrupted, which leads to a variety of diseases.

In addition, the force of the flow of blood to the legs also changes. Tingling in the toes is most often associated with the fact that the vessels also receive an increased load. Moreover, the venous blood must still overcome incredible efforts to make its circulation when squeezing some parts of the body, for example, when a person is sitting.

tingling of the toes

Therefore, if the tingling in the legs is disturbed, the reasons must be established immediately. The practice of doctors and scientific research has long confirmed the fact that to promote the development of diseases that cause such feelings, can:

  • alcohol;
  • radiation exposure;
  • muscular overstrain;
  • dehydration;
  • increased blood sugar;
  • lack of vitamins;
  • menopause in women and more.

Discomfort in the hands of

The causes of tingling of the hands are not always associated with the same disease. If the symptoms are localized symmetrically, this is a characteristic sign of the deposition of salts in the cervical spine. Accompany the tingling will be a pain syndrome in the head, neck. The picture of the disease can worsen when the upper parts of the torso are turned. Clinical manifestations usually manifest themselves after a prolonged strain on the muscles of the neck.

Sprain, tendon rupture, fracture of bones are no less important factors leading to tingling in the hands. The oedematous limbs squeeze the soft tissues, and there is no normal blood supply to the damaged area. Symmetry of symptoms in this case is absent. Tingling discomfort will be felt only by an injured hand. The same signs are also characteristic for vascular pathology.

tingling in the left hand

With cautiousness, one has to treat such a symptom as tingling in the left hand. This is the first sign that the person has developed angina or other serious failures in the cardiovascular system.

In the left hand it can tingle and against the background of aching headache. Sometimes, in this condition, one side of the trunk begins to grow numb, including the face, arm, and leg. The main causes of this condition are ischemic heart disease, cerebral circulation disorder. Ignore such attacks in no case it is impossible, otherwise the picture of the disease will go to the diagnosis of "stroke" and paralysis of the extremities on the left or right side will occur.

Hand Problems

Carpal Tunnel Wrist Syndrome is the likely answer to the question: "Why does tingling occur in the hands?"This symptom began to manifest itself more often not only in adults, but also in children. This is due to the constant use of the keyboard and mouse. Some systemic diseases, heredity, mature age, cervical osteochondrosis also cause disruption of innervation processes.

In the wrist, the radial and ulnar bones are joined, including eight bones of the hand, the middle nerve passes, tendons are located. If the tunnel channel is in constant compression, the tendons swell, the nerve becomes entangled, leading to tingling.

tingling of hands

How to help yourself?

Tingling in the hands and feet, not associated with serious illnesses, can be eliminated by yourself:

  1. Change the posture while lying or sitting.
  2. Make an easy massage of the problem area.
  3. Buy comfortable loose shoes. Women will have to give preference to models without high heels.
  4. Go for a balanced diet. Eat more foods containing vitamin B and potassium.

Yoga exercises have a good effect, because many positions relax the muscles, which helps improve blood circulation.

Treatment of similar conditions

Treatment of tingling in the hands and feet is performed by various methods after a complete diagnosis of the state of human health: massage, acupuncture, exercise therapy and much more. Immediate intervention of the doctor is required in the patient's condition, when there is a direct threat of myocardial infarction and stroke. For rapid relief of symptoms prescribe drug therapy with special medications.