Pomelo( fruit): useful properties and diet

Pomelo - fruit, the useful properties of which are simply amazing. Until recently, more people in the CIS did not know about the existence of pomelo. And when this fruit appeared on the shelves of shops, people viewed it with an unknown curiosity, but did not dare to buy for some reason( it was believed that it was a genetically modified grapefruit).

After getting accustomed gradually to such a novelty, they decided to try and unexpectedly came to the conclusion that in fact this fruit deserves more, special attention. Yes, and a huge content of useful properties in it is so great that it increasingly occurs in the kitchens of the owners of the 21st century.

This cute giant is a little bit tart to taste, but its useful properties still exceed this little flaw.

Pomelo is a source of nutrients and vitamins. It contains many vitamins( B1, B2, C), carotene, calcium, iron, fiber and potassium.

If at least half( or at least ¼) of this fruit is eaten a month, then after 2 pomelos( fruit) whose useful properties are diverse, you will be provided with:

- active help in severe struggle with sore throat and fever;

- strengthening of immunity;

- activation of digestion processes;

- preservation of elasticity of almost all arteries;

- decrease in blood cholesterol;

- a decrease in the blood sugar( so it is often used in the treatment of heart disease and diabetes);

- inhibition of aging processes due to the huge amount of antioxidants;

- reduction of the level of unnecessary lipid deposits in the thin arteries and an obstacle to the possible development of atherosclerosis.

In addition to all the above points, pomelo:

- effectively acts in the fight against insomnia and fatigue;

- has the properties of antidepressants and stimulants;

- promotes elimination of toxic substances from the body.

Among all fruits, pomelo has the largest number of antioxidants. And thanks to its useful properties, it is widely used both in cooking and in medicine.

What is the use of pomelo( for medicinal purposes)?

Medicine recommends it:

- people who suffer frequent heartburn, because the juice of pomelo actively neutralizes in the stomach increased acidity;

- women who have a predisposition to breast cancer. The skin contains bioflavonoid substances, which provide a good antioxidant effect;

- people who have diabetes. Juice from this giant can safely be included in diets with increased sugar in the blood, tk.it contributes to its positive reduction.

In addition to all this, regular use of this citrus gives vigor and energy, and skin radiance and smoothness. Freshly squeezed juice is a wonderful choice for breakfast, because besides the excellent taste, pomelo( fruit) has beneficial properties in the production of energy for the whole day. And as a dessert, this appetizing citrus fruit is just perfect.

Interesting this pomelo. The fruit has beneficial properties not only with the pulp, but also with the skin. And in order not to overeat the skinny raw peel, you can cook from it a wonderful candied fruit or jam.

Pomelo: diet

To lose your excess weight with a diet on this fruit, you must use it fresh or in the form of fresh. Diet on pomelo quite allows you to eat a variety of cereals, pasta, as well as meat, but lean( chicken, a bit of lean beef).This diet lasts no more than one week. But at the same time, we should not forget that it is necessary to drink more water or other drinks, not less than 2 liters / day.

The main thing is breakfast. You must eat half the pomelo + cheese + unsweetened tea( or coffee).Lunch and dinner can be more dense, but by no means breakfast.

To lose weight on a pomelo is actually not at all difficult, but it also has its own small disadvantages - an allergy to this fruit. If it is available, you must immediately abandon the diet and choose another.