Favorite by the people chokeberry ashberry. Useful properties of its fruits.

This small shrub of the Rosaceae family, called aronia, was born in the open spaces of North America, and for a long time wandered through Europe, reaching Russia only in the nineteenth century. Here she was very interested in the famous biologist Michurin, and he decided to cross the aronia with the non-rowan mountain ash, having obtained something in between these plants. Michurin gave this bush his name. But the people, evaluating the new aronia in its true worth, gave it another name, and it became known to us as a black cherry or chokeberry. Useful properties, as already becomes clear from the name, are enclosed in small black berries, reminiscent of their form of tiny, sunbathed in the hot sun, apples. Arony is very unpretentious and easy to breed. Every year the rowan is pleased with its useful fruits, not crumbling before the onset of severe frosts. Steady bush perfectly grows on any soils, fructifies well even in northern latitudes, and in the middle belt gives just a magnificent harvest.

The properties of chokeberry are in her berries. They are just a storehouse of various vitamins, minerals and other substances useful to the body. This includes a whole group of vitamin B, K, PP, E, C, A, carotene. Vitamin P is found in the fruits of chokeberry in huge quantities and helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and the good permeability of capillaries. Micronutrients such as iodine, nickel, chromium, zinc, cobalt, molybdenum, manganese, copper, fluorine, boron and iron are no less rich in chokeberry. Useful properties of it for the body is much higher than that of raspberries, gooseberries and other shrubs, and iodine in it contains four times more. Not to mention pectin, tannins and organic acids, which are especially numerous here. These fruits are able to remove from the body radioactive substances, heavy metals and a wide variety of pathogenic organisms. It is not by chance that people, as a cure for all diseases, chose black-ash rowan.

How useful is this berry in fighting various diseases? There is no exaggeration here. She is really a champion in terms of the number of useful ingredients, far-reaching clear leaders such as citrus fruits, apples, black currants and even kelp, which is maximally rich in iodine. But even with it may compete with chokeberry ashberry. Useful properties of this plant help in the struggle of the organism with various infectious diseases, strengthen immunity, improve appetite and normalize digestion. It is one of the first tools in the treatment of atherosclerosis, with bleeding, allergic diseases, rheumatism and diabetes. In recent studies, experts have found that for good liver function, chokeberry is necessary, its beneficial properties contribute to its purification and better functioning.

But, along with a lot of useful properties, there are some contraindications, in the presence of which it is necessary to limit the consumption of rowan fruit. This peptic ulcer of the duodenum and stomach, thrombophlebitis and high coagulability of blood, hypotension, frequent constipation and gastritis. Also, do not eat the fruits of chamomile in people with low blood pressure. In other cases it is very useful. It is a powerful antioxidant, used both in fresh, and in dried or frozen form. From it prepare jams, compotes and jams, and even make wine. But the most important thing is that such a wonderful plant can be easily grown on your garden plot. This unpretentious shrub just at the beginning will require abundant watering, and after, quickly mastered, over the years will give you every year a rich and incredibly useful harvest.