The best psychiatrists in Moscow: addresses and reviews

How to make an appointment with a psychiatrist in Moscow? Can I trust all doctors, information about which is on the vast virtual web? Currently, private psychiatrists in Moscow are quite a large group of doctors, but not all of them can boast of really worth their money. How to choose your doctor? Who should I contact if I need a psychiatrist for the traffic police in Moscow?

best psychiatrists of moscow

What are we talking about?

A psychiatrist in Moscow( as, indeed, in any other city) is a specialist in the field of medicine with a thematic education and is able to diagnose a health disorder and offer tactics for its elimination. It is necessary to understand the difference between psychotherapists, psychologists and psychiatrists. The latter are often practiced in psycho-neurological boarding schools in Moscow. These are doctors who establish an accurate diagnosis, choose reasonable medication and really help their clients. But the other two groups of professionals act in a softer way, resort only to weak drugs and generally treat the "soul" as a more subtle matter.

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Leading psychiatrists in Moscow help patients suffering from paranoia, delirium, fear, hallucinations. Their consultation is required for hysteria, epilepsy, addiction. The doctor will help alleviate the condition of the patient with schizophrenia and a number of other pathologies. However, a really good result will be the consultation of a psychiatrist in Moscow, if it is a good, reliable doctor with a profile education and extensive work experience.

Where can I find a specialist?

It can not be said that there is the most important psychiatrist in Moscow. Currently, several advanced research institutes are working in the capital, dealing with problems of the psyche and methods for their elimination. The staff of these dispensaries are highly qualified doctors, they are all perfectly oriented in their field. However, it is often very difficult to get to the reception. The queue is stretched almost for years, but the price list for paid services is so high that it is not available to the broad masses.

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Turnout, passwords

Addresses of research institutes in Moscow: Poteshnaya street, 3;Kropotkinsky pereulok, 23.

It is believed that good doctors take in the clinic Isaev, located on Babaevskaya street, 6. 6. RI Isaev himself, as can be seen from numerous reviews, has long established a reputation as an impeccable specialist capable of copingwith the most difficult cases. At the address Kashirskoye shosse, d. 34 takes Dr. DS Burminsky. Responses about his high qualifications, qualitative attitude to work also cause trust. According to many of his patients, this is the best psychiatrist in Moscow at the moment.

Ability to choose

By inviting a psychiatrist to a home in Moscow, you can apply to both private professionals and public hospital doctors if they practice additional services. Choosing a variant, it is necessary to study where and how long the person works, what kind of education he got, what activity he does besides the main one.

To choose wisely

Psychiatrist and psychotherapist: what's the difference? The first one is a doctor who is called upon to fight with severe mental disorders, when only medicamental treatment comes to the rescue. The second specialist will help if the situation is not too severe and the patient will benefit from soft methods of exposure. Some phobias, for example, are best eliminated by working with a therapist.

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When choosing a specialist for yourself, you need to make sure that this is the doctor of the required category. Many do not know what is the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychotherapist, so they write to someone who is cheaper. Do not do this: if the condition is severe, the therapist will not help. Note: if in parallel the doctor is practicing, for example, cleaning up the chakras, restoring mental balance, other meditative programs not recognized by the official medicine, it is not necessary to address him( in the general case).If the patient's condition is severe, it will only be a waste of time, which in some cases is life-threatening.

Where can I find a doctor?

Reviews about psychiatrists in Moscow in abundance are published on the expanses of the World Wide Web. If any doctor is interested, you first need to look for responses that have already been treated. This will help to understand whether it is worth spending money on such services. When researching information, you need to be careful and sensible to evaluate the data: in some patients expectations are overstated, which leads to an incorrect negative evaluation of the doctor's activities, but there are also possible reverse situations. Unfortunately, we can not say that there is a list where the best psychiatrists of Moscow would be listed, in addition, new specialists regularly begin their careers, and old, proven, well-proven ones stop their activities.

What to look at?

There are several specialized websites on the Internet, where doctors who provide private services are registered. All of them present themselves as the best psychiatrists in Moscow, but the availability of customer testimonials, as well as the rating, allows the reader to understand who should be trusted. The convenience of such aggregators is also in the fact that you can immediately see the price for the service, as well as understand what kind of services the doctor has.

However, many agree that the best psychiatrists in Moscow work in state dispensaries. Enroll here at the reception is simple enough, you just need to understand which institution is assigned a permanent place of residence. Incidentally, indeed the best psychiatrists in Moscow, apart from the main activities in the hospital, often conduct private practice in their spare time. If there is no possibility to use the service of the public clinic, you can privately turn to a psychiatrist, who works there at the main place of work.

How do I get to the reception?

Much depends on who it was decided to contact. If it is a state clinic, then it is enough to call the registry or use a special website developed with the participation of the government and created for the virtual line in medical institutions. However, many are afraid to work with such resources, preferring to go directly to the registry. Nowadays stereotypes about evil, disrespectful employees of clinics are gone, so you can ask for help without fear: the nurses will always tell you how to get to the reception, when to come and what to have with you.

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If it was decided to use the services of a private clinic or a self-employed psychiatrist, then the recording becomes even easier. You can use the personal site of the organization, if it has one, or simply call the contact phone number. If you need to invite a doctor to your home, you can immediately clarify whether there is such a service and how much it will cost.

When do I need help?

The need for professional advice can be felt in a number of situations. So, if a person internally feels the horror caused by a number of ordinary, everyday situations, which is easy for ordinary people, it's time to ask for help. The psychiatrist will assist with increased tearfulness, sleep disorders and even headaches. The doctor will help if there are problems with appetite, eating disorder, panic attacks, excessive aggressiveness or dependence on any substance. Consultation of a psychiatrist is needed if a person is afraid to communicate with the society, it is difficult to tolerate normal household contacts with other people. Often a psychiatrist is visited before the first day in the kindergarten, a school for assessing the condition of the child and his readiness for such an institution.

Nervous System: a Complex Instrument

In recent years, problems with HC have been observed in a growing percentage of people. This is due to a number of factors, a change in the way of life, the characteristics of upbringing, the social situation as a whole, and also the established practices of interpersonal communication. It so happened that an appeal to a psychiatrist in our country is considered something out of the ordinary, almost shameful. Of course, this way of thinking is absolutely wrong - the illnesses of the National Assembly are no less significant and dangerous than any other system or body, and they require qualified and timely assistance. Which, only the specialist can understand after collecting information about the course of the pathology, and also receiving data from the patient's analyzes.

In case of any suspected abnormality, it is necessary to visit a physician. Currently, many clinics allow for treatment in an anonymous manner - this is associated with stereotypes in the society. Do not deny yourself qualified help only because of the embarrassment or conviction that "normal" people do not have the need for such services.

Real doctors: what are they?

Trying to figure out which doctor to go to, the patient always hears recommendations to address only to an experienced professional. But how to understand who is really experienced and who is not enough? Who is really professional, and who else has to grow in the chosen field? In general, it is believed that a good psychiatrist can provide good services for at least five years working in this field. He must have a topical higher education, preferably in one of the universities of our country with the best reputation. If possible, you can contact a doctor who has completed additional( or basic) training abroad, but again not anywhere, but in an educational institution with a good reputation. If possible, it is necessary to work only with those who have successfully completed residency, since it is there that they give a clear final specialization in the chosen direction.

leading psychiatrists in Moscow

If it was decided to go to a private clinic, you need to clarify whether her doctors worked before in state institutions. If the answer is positive, and the people themselves in the chosen sphere have been working for a long time, then the appeal to them probably will not disappoint. It will not be superfluous to learn and about how often doctors undergo training programs. Normally, this should happen every five years. If the specialists of the clinic satisfy all the listed parameters, it is likely that cooperation with the institution will leave pleasant impressions, will help restore health to the nervous system.

Doctor: how professional?

Any clinic is proud of the fact that its staff is really good professionals( if there are any).As a rule, the level of knowledge of specialists is confirmed by the degree, therefore it is not very difficult to assess the staff of a medical institution. For example, getting an appointment with a candidate of medical sciences is certainly luck. Of course, such a status does not in itself guarantee that this is the best psychiatrist in Moscow, but lets hope that the doctor is one of those professionals. Also, doctors have categories. Of course, the higher is much preferable, rather than something weaker. On the other hand( especially when working with private institutions), the higher the category, the it will cost more. Many, fortunately, are convinced that health is more important than money, so do not regret spending money on yourself - especially your psyche. This allows you to work with really good doctors.

Do not pull!

According to many, you need to go to a psychiatrist at the last moment, when you can see that no other doctor can help a person, but advises visiting such a specialist. Many even psychics appreciate and respect more than psychiatrists. Surprisingly, the confidence of such mages for some reason among the masses is often deeper, although, it would seem, society has reached a fairly high level of scientific, technological development. So it turns out that the pathology, which at first could be relatively easy to eliminate, by the time the patient comes to a doctor able to help, takes root very deeply.

psychiatrist consultation in moscow

Basically, this is due to the stereotypes that developed during the Soviet era. Currently, many offer service on an anonymous basis, but even this service seems to the sick( or their relatives) to be shameful, so the appeal to the doctor stubbornly postponed until the last moment. Some say that they are afraid for the rest of their lives to feel as if branded, imperfect, unworthy to be in society. Such a phobia is also a wrong attitude, affecting both the psyche and the mind. It is especially difficult to cope with them in a situation where the nervous system is affected by pathology, the state of a person( mental, spiritual) is already hard, it is necessary to go to the doctor, but this weight of assumptions about public opinion is pressing this load.

Treat - do not maim

The longer a person pulls with a doctor, the more difficult it will be to defeat the disease. This is true for any pathology, including mental disorders. Realizing that the cause sooner or later will still force you to go to the doctor, it is better to do it right away, in order to shorten the duration of the fight against the disaster.

Both inaction and an incorrect approach to the elimination of pathology only worsen the condition and can lead to unpredictable consequences, including irreversible. If you use the services of a specialist in a timely manner, immediately choose the right therapy, using the most appropriate pharmacological tools and therapeutic practices, it is likely that the trouble will soon lose its relevance, the person will return to normal and be able to lead a full life without any restrictions. Otherwise, the quality of life will fall, and opportunities will be limited to a long time span, in the worst case - a lifetime.

Psychiatrist: what do you do?

The best psychiatrist in Moscow is a specialist who, at the first reception, can understand how far the patient is from the breakdown, psychosis, what measures must be taken to provide help. Its task is to determine if a person is sick and what exactly, and also to choose the best option for solving the problem. Far from always the psychiatrist says what I would like to hear to the patient or his relatives. At the same time, a good psychiatrist can also recognize a situation for which absolute inaction is the best and most mild method of elimination. This happens infrequently, but under similar circumstances it is important to give the person the opportunity to recover by his own efforts. In any case, a psychiatrist is a qualified modern doctor who will use the most effective methods, medications and methods, on the basis of which you can assess the patient's condition and understand how he can be helped with the best effect.

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Tell the patient and his close relatives about the disease that affected the person, how to treat it and what the consequences may be - it's not an easy task. It is important to do this correctly, so as not to cause even more trauma. Also, the psychiatrist will be responsible for effective rehabilitation after the therapeutic program. The main goal of the doctor is to return a person to a normal, full life.