Removal of warts at home: advice of traditional medicine

Warts are non-inflammatory benign growths on the surface of the skin, the color of which varies, ranging from light yellow to dark brown. As a rule, they are characterized by a round shape with a diameter of 1mm-1cm. The reason for the appearance of warts is a virus( human papilloma), which was transmitted as a result of a touch from a carrier to a healthy person, but with weakened immunity, rather than toads with frogs, as many believe. Sometimes these growths can appear on the site of skin lesions and various injuries. Most often, warts choose a place on their hands, knees and elbows, but they can be formed anywhere, in particular on the face. Today get rid of this kind of trouble - no problem, they can be perfectly handled at home, taking advice from folk doctors.

Removal of warts at home using raw meat

In hot soapy water, raspate hands or feet in the place where the wart appeared. The top layer of skin with care, scrape off and dry with a soft towel. A small piece of paired meat is applied to the wart and covered with a band-aid. Wear such a bandage for 3-4 days and carefully watch that it does not get moisture. After the recommended time, remove the bandage and rinse the damaged area of ​​skin in hot soapy water again, and then gently remove the wart. As a rule, it is removed with ease.

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Removal of warts at home using a bow

  1. Cut half-and-half the bulb and one of the halves cut the wart.
  2. Scrub the onion on a grater and onion juice daily wipe the damaged skin area.
  3. With thin rings, cut the onion and pour vinegar( 70-80 ml).Wait a couple of hours at room temperature. Onion plates for the night apply to the warts, until they disappear.

Removing warts at home with garlic

Several times a day, lubricate the wart with freshly prepared garlic juice. Either mix the grated garlic in equal quantities with the smaltz, lubricate the affected area, and from above place a wadded disk and fasten with a bandage bandage.

Removal of warts at home using herbs

  1. Cut the stalk of the plant celandine and yellow juice cauterize the wart several times a day. As a rule, it only takes a week for the growths to turn black and fall off.
  2. Lubricating the juice of a dandelion with young warts twice a day, you can get rid of trouble.
  3. Prepare ointment from the juice of dandelion root( 1 part) and butter( 4 parts).Treat this affected area three times a day.
  4. Grass of cabbage with chopped roots and crushed into gruel. Apply the remedy to the wart and wrap it with a bandage.
  5. Freshly cut a calendula flower, pound it, attach it to the wart and cover it with a plaster for the night. Repeat the procedure every evening until the problem disappears.

Treating warts at home using other

  1. remedies Rowberry berries mash into a slurry and make cold compresses on warts. You can also simply lubricate the warts with ashberry juice. Follow the procedure every day.
  2. Horseradish root juice( 2 parts) and small salt( 1 part) mix. Twice a day, lubricate with a wart, then apply a cotton pad and bandage on the sore spot( you can glue it with adhesive tape).After 10 procedures, warts tend to darken and fall off.

Genital warts

Separately it is worth mentioning also about this kind of warts, which are also called condylomas. They are referred to a venereal disease, which is the most insidious and formidable after AIDS.The appearance of condyloma is also due to the human papilloma virus, which is transmitted by sexual contact with the carrier of the virus. But they appear more often in the genital area, the anus, and in some cases - on the oral mucosa. Pointed warts deliver a lot of trouble to the patient, causing itching and burning. In addition, they quickly transform, causing pain when walking, and when making love, they can come off and cause bleeding and pain. Treatment of genital warts is recommended to be carried out only with the help of traditional medicine, which implies an integrated approach - laser therapy and simultaneous reception of drugs that enhance the patient's immune background.