Contact lenses Adore - for the shining of your eyes!

Soft colored contact lenses Adore are made by the notorious, though rather young, company Eye Med( Italy)."Adore" is translated from Italian as "charm".Indeed, contact lenses Adore not just change the color of the eyes, they give the look depth and mystery, expressiveness and special beauty. It should be noted that these lenses give the eyes a natural color saturation, and a wide range of shades provides an opportunity to improvise. Contact lenses Adore perfectly suit people with any color of eyes.

contact lenses adore

Lenses, with a lighter center, have a dark fringing that makes the look charming. Despite all the above advantages, Adore contact lenses also perfectly perform their main task, namely correct vision defects. Thanks to the use of the latest technology, Adore lenses are most comfortable to use and retain color for a long time.
Packing lenses Adore - this is a real work of art. She fully corresponds to the lenses with her highly artistic qualities.

Lens features Adore

The material from which colored Adore lenses are made is Polymacon, which has an oxygen transmittance of 32.5.Because of this, it is recommended to use Adore contact lenses only during the day, taking them off at night and giving the eyes rest during sleep. Observing this simple rule, you can easily prevent damage to the cornea of ​​the eye.

To reduce the risk of developing infectious and inflammatory diseases will allow compliance with the disinfection regime with the use of chemical or peroxide systems specially designed for the care of soft lenses.

Every three months they must be changed to new ones due to the accumulation on the surface of old lenses of lipid and protein complexes contained in tear fluid. The appearance of these deposits, in addition to impairing the optical properties of the lens, can cause an allergic reaction. If you follow the advice, there will never be a problem.

colored lenses adore

Adore colored lenses, almost half of water, do not cause discomfort when worn.

Thanks to a UV filter, Adore lenses almost completely retard ultraviolet waves over 400 nm in length. However, they protect not the entire eye, but only its small area, so even the presence of a UV-filter does not negate the use of sunglasses.

Characteristics of

The collection of contact lenses Adore includes 12 colors, among which blue, green, honey, golden-yellow, gray and others.
Using a lens, a person combines their color with the natural shade of their eyes, thus obtaining their own unique color, which will differ somewhat from the photos presented. Properly choose the lenses for all the necessary parameters will help only the ophthalmologist.

eyeart adore lens

Lens Series EyeArt Adore

EyeArt Adore( lenses) - a series of decorative contact lenses, in the range of which two-tone and three-tone color variants, and a real palette of different colors. These lenses are suitable for both dark and light iris. In addition, its wide dark contour will visually increase the size of the eye.
EyeArt Adore lenses are made from a polymacon that is resistant to protein deposits.

Lens features of this series:

  • lens replacement quarterly;
  • a wide palette of colors;
  • reasonable price;
  • ultra-violet filter.

Lenses Adore Bi-Tone

adore bi tone


  • Sparkling effect, achieved by a combination of two different shades in the lens.
  • Combining two tones enhances the natural color of dark eyes and completely covers the iris of the light. Thanks to such a dyeing system, the brightest and at the same time natural color of the eyes is achieved.
  • Adore Bi-Tone color contact lenses give the wearer a visual acuity and maintain a good fit for three months of use.


  • hazel;
  • aqua;
  • honey;
  • yellow;
  • green;
  • blue;
  • gray.

The following colors are available for positive diopter: green, aqua, blue.

Lenses Adore Dare


  • two-tone color;
  • dark lens fringing visually enlarges the eyes, giving them brightness and rich color;
  • color contact lenses Adore Dare correct vision, comfortable to use, retain a beautiful landing for three months;
  • the possibility of using both light- and dark-eyed people;
  • natural eye color thanks to a unique coloring system.


  • yellow;
  • green;
  • gray;
  • aqua;
  • violet;
  • blue;
  • hazel.

The following colors are available for positive diopter: green, aqua, blue.

Pros of contact lenses

  • Possibility to exercise freely( some species, for example swimming, use extra glasses).
  • Unlike glasses, they never get fogged up.
  • A natural perception of objects, as if a person were looking at them with the naked eye.
  • Possibility of putting on sunglasses in summer.

adore dare lens

Some important rules for using

lenses 1. Before you take them by hand, you should wash your hands properly and wipe yourself with a towel that does not leave the villi.
2. Soft lenses are not recommended for use for more than eighteen hours.
3. To use them more than the indicated shelf life is strictly not recommended.
4. In no case can soft lenses be treated with drops, except for special preparations.
5. Be sure to give your eyes a break from the lens at least six hours a day.


Colored contact lenses give not only clear and clear vision, but also the possibility of a dramatic change in the image, making it popular with people of all ages. They are convenient to wear, carry and remove. They do not give uncomfortable sensations and inconveniences. In addition, they do not cause allergic reactions and itching. Girls who use them, note that wearing does not affect the eyesight.