What is Pink Lisha?

Pink lichen is a disease that occurs when the body is undercooled. It is dangerous only for those people whose immunity is reduced. Cases of the disease with this kind of depriving are more frequent in the offseason - in the fall and in the spring. Pink lichen, as a rule, is a complication in angina, influenza, SARS.They are ill most often people of both sexes aged 15 to 40 years.

The causes of the disease, such as pink lichen, are unknown to date. There are two versions of the origin of the disease. The first one assumes the infectious nature of the disease. It is believed that there is a certain virus - the causative agent that enters the weakened human body. The second version justifies the allergic origin of the disease.

A characteristic course of the disease is the formation, against a background of general malaise and a slight increase in temperature, a large( up to two centimeters in diameter) round spot - the maternal plaque. The plaque begins to wrinkle and flake after a few days. Gradually the entire surface of the body, except for the scalp, brushes and feet, is covered with lichen spots. The spots gradually increase in diameter, but their size, as a rule, does not exceed one centimeter. The color of the rash is pinkish-yellow or light red. The rashes in the center are flaky, the edges of the spots are smooth and red. The disease lasts for about three weeks. At the end of this period, rashes on the skin stop appearing. In place of spots of the rash, pink or light areas of the skin remain. Approximately, in two months, all signs of the disease disappear completely.

Disease, as a rule, does not manifest itself by itching. Exceptions to this pattern are when the patient abuses water procedures and does not undergo the necessary course of treatment. Itching is dangerous by provoking combing and attaching bacterial infections.

Before treating pink lichen, it is worth remembering that self-treatment is dangerous and the dermatologist must observe the process of recovery.

In a typical form of the disease pink lichen treatment is not difficult. It consists, first, in observing a hypoallergenic diet. Patients exclude from their diet products containing egg and milk proteins, citrus fruits, red fruits and vegetables, sweets, coffee, tea. Mandatory prohibition is imposed on spicy dishes, alcohol and smoking.

Secondly, to prevent the attachment of infections of bacterial origin, patients are prohibited from taking baths - you can wash yourself only under the shower. Skin can not be ground with washcloths, brushes and scrubs. Detergents and any cosmetics are also undesirable and harmful.

Patients with pink shingles should, if possible, protect the skin from exposure to ultraviolet rays. Clothing for the period of treatment is used only natural, from soft plant fibers.

Occurring in some cases, the itching is removed with antihistamine drugs: suprastin, claritin, zirtek or other means. In addition, it is desirable to use immunomodulators and vitamins in order to enhance the body's defenses. It is useful to lubricate rashes with corticosteroid creams, zinc-aqueous or oily suspensions. A good remedy for treating pink lichen is sea buckthorn oil.

In severe forms of the disease, patients are prescribed broad-spectrum antibiotics, which include preparations of the tetracycline group and levomycetin. Without their influence can not do.

The best way to prevent pink rose disease is to harden the body and maintain immunity at a high level. In this case, you will be reliably protected from this disease.