Deodorant "Deo-Control" for the feet: instruction manual, reviews

The problem of increased sweating is familiar to many. As a rule, it occurs in the autumn-winter period, when the feet are in closed shoes for a long time. To remove such discomfort once and for all will help deodorant "Deo-Control" for the feet. It's easy to use, but the result exceeds all expectations.

About "Deo-Control" products

A series of products under the brand name "Deo-Control" was issued by the Russian concern "Kalina".The drugs have no analogues. Destroy not only the bad smell emanating from the feet, but also successfully fight its causes - bacteria.

Deodorant "Deo-Control" for legs actively reduces sweating, somewhere by 42-43%.The composition of the drug does not cause irritation, redness, does not contain alcohol.

The whole formulation of cosmetic products is patented. Their effective impact is confirmed not only by the specialists of the Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Medical Science, but also by numerous positive responses.


deodorant deo control for the feet

line of products The Deo-Control skin care series includes four products:

  • Deodorant Deo-Control Sport. Contains the latest development, which prevents the appearance of sweat for 24 hours. The situation is not affected by prolonged intense physical activity, or sports. The drug not only effectively reduces perspiration, but also normalizes the water-alkaline balance, blocks the reproduction of the bactericidal medium. Deodorant "Deo-Control" for the feet. Has a creamy consistency. One application provides weekly protection of the feet from sweating. Without alcohol. Has no analogues. Economical. Suffices for almost a year.
  • Deodorant for feet "Deo-Control".Gives a good result in the fight against sweating of the feet. The effect lasts up to 48 hours. The main active ingredient is the REACH component, which does not allow sweat to appear for a long time. The drug not only relieves sweating, but also helps the skin of the legs to remain soft and moisturized.
  • Softening Foot Cream "Deo-Control".Has a deodorizing effect. Has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiseptic effects. Prevents the reproduction of bacteria. Softens and regenerates the skin. Contains the complex OilCARE, which includes tea tree oil, karite, cocoa, lavender, and vitamins A and E.

Instruction for use

deo control deodorant for the feet

Deodorant "Deo-Control" for the feet is endowed with a prolonged action that removes sweating and unpleasant odor on the lower limbs. Positive effect on active bacteria, which accumulate in the locations of the sweat glands. Prevents the occurrence of fungal diseases of the feet, fingers and nails. The drug is applied in advance, before visiting public places.

deodorant for feet deo control instruction

If you have previously used other means for sweating your feet, you should take a break for two days before applying Deo-Control. Use the product at night. Before going to bed, wash your feet thoroughly with soap and then dry. A small amount of cream is smeared, not rubbing or massaging, the outer part of the foot and the area between the fingers. The subsequent application is carried out as required, every seven days. Do not apply the product to the feet during the day, as the skin during walking can be irritated due to excessive penetration of the cream into the depths of the pores of the skin.

Manufacturer recommends the use of deodorant cream to prevent odor of sweat and in the underarm area. The interval after shaving should be at least 24 hours.

Indications for the use of "Deo-Control"

deo control deodorant for foot instruction manual

Deodorant for legs due to pronounced prolonged action is indicated for use to persons suffering from severe sweating of feet and unpleasant odor. Can be used in the underarm zone. Reduces the activity of bacteria that have the ability to rapidly multiply in the area of ​​sweat gland accumulation, these are primarily stops, especially when they are wearing closed shoes and axillary hollows. Protects against fungal infections. Experts recommend to use the product on their feet with micro cracks, calluses, and natypeds. These signs indicate a fungal infection of the skin. The formula of the drug promotes early healing, and antiseptic properties do not allow the fungus to multiply.

Contraindications to the use of

Deodorant for feet has proven itself well, but, despite this, it should not be used by persons predisposed to allergic reactions, since some components in the composition of the remedy are capable of inducing them. The drug will not suit people with individual intolerance and hypersensitivity to substances contained in deodorant.

Its effect on pregnant and lactating women is unknown, as clinical trials have not been conducted. If in such a period there was a need for using a cosmetic product, then the use of the cream should be discussed with the doctor.

Side effects

Deodorant for the feet "Deo-Control"( the instruction for the preparation is attached to each package) has practically no side effects. In some cases, people have noted excessive drying of the skin in the area of ​​application of the cream and yellowing of the epidermis. There were isolated cases of allergy in the form of a red rash and itching.

If these symptoms appear, stop using Deo-Control cream completely.

Composition and price of the cream "Deo-Control"

deo control deodorant for feet reviews

Deodorant for the feet( instruction for use strongly recommends adherence to all the rules described in it) has a complex but effective composition, which includes such substances:

  • mineral oil;
  • zinc oxide;
  • paraffin;
  • talcum powder;
  • perfume composition;
  • hexamethylenetetramine;
  • mineral oil;
  • essential oil of lavender.

Foot care, despite the obvious increase in prices, has not risen in price and remains affordable for all segments of the population. Its cost varies within a hundred rubles for 30 ml. Gel for feet from sweating and bad smell "Deo-Control" in volume of 50 ml costs about 120-150 rubles. The most expensive product in this series is Deo-Control Sport deodorant, 150 ml. You can buy it for 170-200 rubles. The cheapest medication for this line is a softening foot cream with a volume of 80 ml. It, unlike the others, has a less pronounced deodorizing effect, but it softens, moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Its price, as a rule, varies within the limits of 70-90 rubles.

Comments of consumers

gel deodorant for foot deo control

Truly unique in its chemical composition and long-lasting protection of feet from the smell of sweat, sweating cream "Deo-Control."Deodorant for the feet( reviews of many people find it simply irreplaceable in combating the unpleasant odor) is unique and does not have Russian counterparts. Many consider it to be a terrific drug that is used only once a week, and for seven days the absence of sweating and unpleasant odor is guaranteed. It is argued that none of this drug is effective. Mark its economical use, in which the cosmetic is enough for a year. To the cream is attached a spatula, which, as many women claim, it is simply impossible to collect the required amount of the drug and the more it is smeared between the toes. They say that after using the drug, the shoes smell great.

There are also negative reviews about this cosmetic product, which point out that the cream helped only once, and with further use it turned out to be useless and ineffective. A small part of the population noted the appearance of crow's feet and rough crust, which later cracked and bleed. These defects of the skin were difficult to remove, and their treatment lasted for two months.

Deodorant Deo-Control cream has a lot of conflicting opinions, someone uses it for years and can not part with it, and someone not only did not approach it, but also caused a lot of troubles, after which the skin had to be restored. But still, if the problem of sweating of the feet is overdue and not a single remedy helps, it is worth taking a chance and buying this cosmetic remedy for yourself.