"Nazonex" during pregnancy. Instructions for use, feedback

During the waiting period of the child, women carefully monitor their own well-being. As you know, during this period it is forbidden to use almost all medicines. Some drugs can be prescribed by a doctor, but only after a thorough examination of the future mother. This article will tell you about how to use "Nazonex" during pregnancy. You can get acquainted with the instructions for use. Also find out what the "Nazonex" drug reviews doctors.

nazonex during pregnancy

When is the drug prescribed?

The drug "Nazonex" during pregnancy and in its absence is recommended to be taken in the following situations:

  • with a seasonal allergic reaction;
  • in the complex therapy of treatment of adenoiditis, sinusitis, sinusitis and so on;
  • as an atrophic rhinitis correction.

It is worth noting that the indications for the use of medication may be other. Doctors quite often recommend this medication for complex correction of pathology.

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Medication "Nazonex" during pregnancy

Is it possible to use this drug during the baby's bearing? If we talk about independent treatment, then certainly not. Such drugs should be prescribed exclusively by specialists. In this case, an individual intake schedule and dose are always selected.

Studies have proven that the drug "Nazonex" during pregnancy and in its absence is not completely absorbed into the blood. This rule is observed even after the administration of the maximum dose of the drug. Proceeding from this, it can be concluded that the medication is not able to penetrate the placental barrier and in any way affect the child.

How does the medicine work?

This drug spray represents the SCS group. Immediately after injection into the nasal cavity, it does not produce an immediate effect. However, in the first 12 hours the patient begins to feel relief. The maximum effect of the drug is achieved approximately on the second day after regular application and compliance with the instructions.

Adenoids "Nazonex" heals rather quickly. However, additional antiviral and antibacterial drugs must be used for this. It is also sometimes necessary to use antifungal agents. The composition has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and antiallergic effect.

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Are there any contraindications for expectant mothers?

In some cases, it is forbidden for pregnant women to use the described medication. To such situations it is possible to carry the following:

  • the presence of hypersensitivity to the components of the medicine;
  • wounds in the nose, including after surgery;
  • infections are bacterial, viral and fungal( without additional application of appropriate formulations);
  • tuberculosis in different forms of manifestation;
  • is the first trimester of pregnancy( there is no data on treatment during this period).

In one of the above situations, the replacement of "Nazonex" is required. In this case, you should not look for an alternative to the drug yourself. Analogue "Nazonex"( cheaper) should be appointed specialist.

How can I replace a medicine?

Many future mothers believe that this drug can be replaced by any vasoconstrictor spray or drops. However, this is not quite true. In some cases, such formulations can help. However, there are patients who need to take the above-described medication.

Analogue "Nazonex"( cheaper) can be represented by drugs "Tafen", "Avamis" and so on. They have the same effect on the human body, but they have a different composition. When choosing an analogue, it is worth considering the contraindications to its use. Especially attentively to these points should be treated during the bearing of the child.

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The price category of the drug

What is the price for the drug "Nazonex"?The amount may vary depending on the region in which you reside. The composition of "Nazonex" price also depends on the volume of the bottle.

So, 60 doses will cost you about 550 rubles. The bottle, which contains a double portion( 120 doses), costs about 900 rubles. As you can see, a large package of the drug to buy a few more profitable. However, it is always necessary to consider the shelf life of the spray.

How to use: Scheme and dosage

What are the dosages of the drug "Nazonex"?Everything depends on what are the indications for the treatment of this remedy in a future mother.

nazonex doses

When it comes to allergies, the drug is applied once a day. Thus in each nostril it is necessary to make a double dispersion of the agent. When correcting for complex therapy, the drug is recommended to be sprayed once in both nasal passages twice a day. The interval between administrations should be the same. For the treatment of adenoids, the initial dose of the drug can be increased to four hundred milligrams. This volume can be obtained after four clicks on the nebulizer. After relieving the condition, the dose should be reduced immediately. It is recommended to cancel the medicine gradually.

If it is a complex treatment, then in addition to this tool the expectant mother should use other drops. How to do it right? First you need to enter the main medication: an antibiotic or an antiviral drug. After this, it is worth waiting one hour. During this time, the drug completely absorbed into the mucosa of the nasal sinuses. Next, make the introduction of the "Nazonex", then lie down for a few minutes. This will allow the drug to penetrate deeper into the nasal passages.

Before using the medication, shake the bottle thoroughly. After that, remove the lid and press six to eight times on the piston. This will ensure a uniform dosing of the drug. With a single push into the human body receives one hundred milligrams of suspension. If the medicine has not been used for more than two weeks, then before the next application it is necessary to repeat the above procedure and press the plunger several times. In the event that the spray hole is clogged, it must be rinsed with water. Do not insert sharp objects into it, trying to pierce it.

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Unexpected reactions of the pregnant woman's body to the drug

Allergic effects are rare. In some cases, future moms have nosebleeds. This is caused by the action of the drug on weakened vessels.

After the administration of the solution, a burning sensation in the nose may occur. It passes fairly quickly and does not require the withdrawal of treatment. Also sometimes there is a sneezing, an itch in the field of nasal passages. In this case, you should contact your doctor for alternative prescriptions.

Spray "Nazonex": reviews of doctors

Opinion of doctors about this drug is only good. However, doctors say that the composition has not been fully studied. There is an opinion that the spray can have a negative impact on the female body and reproductive function.

When it comes to pregnant women, doctors try to avoid using this remedy. However, much depends on the situation. If the condition of the future mother requires the appointment of this drug, then it is prescribed in minimal doses. Doctors say that the lack of correction can significantly affect the state of the future baby. In the absence of normal breathing in a pregnant woman, the fetus lacks oxygen, which is called hypoxia. Often, this phenomenon causes some deviations in development. In more severe cases, the fetus may die.

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Summary and brief conclusion

The drug "Nazonex" is not a prescription. Everyone can buy it in any pharmacy chain. However, this does not mean that it is permissible to use it arbitrarily. When it comes to expectant mothers, you need to be especially careful. Use the spray can only after preliminary diagnosis and analysis. To do this, consult a therapist or otorhinolaryngologist. Treat properly and follow the prescribed dosage regimen. Strong to you health!