Products of the company "Redox": reviews, descriptions, features and characteristics

Recently Redox Company celebrated its 25th anniversary. This enterprise was founded in Nizhny Novgorod( 1990).The idea of ​​creation belongs to the local businessman and physics Bugrov Stanislav. Young Russia of the 90s needed scientific advanced ideas, entrepreneurs sought new approaches to economic development. The main direction of the company "Redox" was the management of life style. doctor redox reviews

The main tasks of the project

"In the fashion only useful" - this is the principle of the remarkable and many loved company Redox. Feedback on the work, from the staff reviews only positive. How can the enterprise solving the tasks listed below be unsuccessful?

The company aspires:

  • to weaken the influence of bad habits on the quality of life;

  • to conduct research on the specifics of the mentality of different peoples and countries, to introduce its results into scientific developments;

  • to create modern and useful products;

  • to carry out release of the goods for maintenance of a youth, health and useful habits;
  • stimulate to exercise;
  • promote the image of the right life position;
  • to study and introduce new ideas for a comfortable lifestyle.

The company "Redox" introduces the most advanced technologies. The firm's credo is the global nature and accessibility of modern technologies. The company gives an opportunity to realize young creative people. Products "Redox" is very popular, it is a formed brand. redox company reviews

Revolutionary technique - electric vitamins

For 25 years of work the firm received a large number of grateful words in its address. Particularly pleased with the new development of "Redox" - electrical vitamins. What is it? By electric vitamins we mean electric energy, which the human body is able to absorb due to the chemical nature of low resistive metals without connecting to the network.

Man is capable of intellectual control of energy flows. It's not for nothing that scientists have developed a biosensory system that responds to weight gain and exercise. With the help of special devices "Redox" in the body there are feelings that are an electric charge. Such carriers of electric vitamins are the following devices: a special lounger Dr. Redox, a biotranspirator, an applicator. redox employee feedback

Applicator "Redox": feedback from

After application of this applicator many people had the following changes:

  • significantly reduced headaches;
  • the general state of health changed for the better;
  • sleep became more prolonged and sturdy;
  • in the body felt the influx of vital energy;
  • showed an anti-stress effect, fatigue was gone;
  • quickly recovered strength after nervous and physical exertion;
  • had a particularly favorable effect on the applicator on the condition of the legs, the tension and signs of fatigue went away;
  • the body became more resistant to colds.

Many people who used the "Redox" applicator, were very pleased. This is an affordable and efficient device. They are very easy to use at home, it is enough to fix it on the body for 20-30 minutes a day. This applicator is especially useful in the morning hours. Many felt a rush of strength and vivacity.

The applicator is very beneficial for the legs: the blood flow through the veins improves, the "stars" disappear. If you use the device for more than 2 months, then colds are reduced, weight decreases without adherence to special diets. The beginning of the procedure is marked by pleasant tingling sensations, then comes relaxation, which is replaced by a flush of heat and the appearance of a slight burning sensation. It is also recommended for the normalization of blood circulation in the muscles of the back. redox applicator reviews

Lounger "Doctor Redox"

Osteochondrosis, excess weight, wrinkles, tobacco dependence - these are the problems that are solved by the company "Redox".Electric vitamins are an innovative technology. They do not cause any side effects and have no special contraindications.

An excellent therapeutic biotrainer is the doctor Redox lounger. Reviews of employees who conducted tests of this medical rug, the most positive. It can be purchased for home use or visit the reflexotherapy room at the polyclinic. On this device, you can lie with your back or stand on it with your feet. You need to start with short procedures: alternately turn legs for a few seconds. Then the amount of time can be brought to the desired value( 10-30 minutes).Here are the problems that have been eliminated with the help of this miraculous lounger:

  • , he helped to eliminate back pain;
  • removed fatigue in the legs;
  • stimulated abdominal muscles, improved blood circulation;
  • fat deposits slowly, but gradually reduced;
  • reduced the number of SARS, colds in children;
  • improved the condition of children suffering from scoliosis;
  • is a good stimulator for the muscles of the feet, prevents the development of flat feet( for good reason, in the old days they were treated barefoot walking on the ground);
  • dilates blood vessels, relieves acute pain in the back, providing a miorelaksiruyuschee and analgesic effect;
  • hardens the body, delicately irritating the central nervous system;
  • helps with loads on the spine to people who work very long at the computer or drive a car;
  • promotes relaxation and good sleep, has a mild hypnotic effect;
  • creates a good mood, develops endurance and will to win;
  • is an adjuvant in the treatment of vegetovascular dystonia, migraine, asthenia, neuroses, pre-climax syndromes;
  • helps to remove tobacco dependence.

Ionized water "Redox"

What kind of ancillary treatment should I use for people with chronic intoxication, diabetes, digestive system diseases? This was also taken care of by the company Redox. Comments on filters-ionizers of water leave many buyers. How does ionized water work on the body?

It helps to remove the symptoms of intoxication, reduces the level of acetone in the blood, reduces the level of sugar in the body, relieves heartburn and improves digestion. Helps to cope with stress, nervous breakdowns, depression. Helps stop the loss of vision. He struggles with the problems of swelling, joint pain. Increases hemoglobin, gradually eliminating anemia. Used to restore the mucous membrane of the mouth after dental treatment.

redox reviews

Many people gladly drink Redox water. It is useful for both men and women. Especially since it is able to improve the skin condition, remove the edematous bags under the eyes. Beauties can not stop washing with such a tool. To some, this water helped to relieve chronic fatigue syndrome. Drink ion-loaded water better on an empty stomach or before eating.

Biostimulator from wrinkles

This is a remarkable invention of "Redox".The responses of many women are good. It is made in the form of a small roller with particles of silver and zinc. This biotranspirator is an excellent massager, it improves blood circulation. If you use it every day, you can see how the skin becomes tight, and wrinkles - less deep and even disappear. This wonderful device can perform cosmetic and therapeutic massage at home. He perfectly removes the headache, heals osteochondrosis. redox reviews are negative

Tobacco addiction ring

A small anti-stress device on the finger helps to stop smoking. Instead of taking a cigarette in your hands, you will need to put a miracle ring on your finger. Here's a new useful habit! This ring can also be used to fight excess weight, it gives a feeling of saturation. This biotrainer is an excellent stimulator of fine motor skills of the fingers. It works thanks to redox currents that act on certain points.

Healing pillows

Very compact and lightweight invention - an inflatable pillow, it is covered on top with a cloth for velvet. Thanks to this pillow, you do not have to worry about the position of the head, it's always convenient: on the train, bus, plane. Also on it you can relax at home. Thanks to the comfort of the pillow, sleep will be strong and lasting. Its filling is synthetic, it serves for a very long time. There is a reliable inflatable mechanism. Rest on such a device is very comfortable. redox electric vitamins

Wonderful collars

Cervical osteochondrosis is very well treated with the help of the "Redox" collar. Reviews about it are beautiful. The collar relieves stress from the neck and back if the person has been sitting for a long time. Like the inflatable pillow, you can take it with you on a trip or a long trip. It promotes relaxation, relieves the vessels of the neck from squeezing. Thus, the risk of neck cracks is reduced. Here is the effect of the collar on the body:

  • blood circulates correctly through the vessels of the brain;
  • relaxes the neck, shoulder girdle;
  • relieves the load from the back and neck;
  • movements of the head, arms, and neck become freer.

"Redox": negative reviews

A lot of disputes and disagreements arose around electric vitamins. Many criticized the firm "Redox" for incorrect advertising of its products, which used the name of Professor Ginzburg. While clinical studies do not confirm all the medicinal properties of these vitamins.

The negative characteristics of this product are given by academicians Alexandrov E.B.and Kocharovsky VVMany scientists believe that the company uses pseudo-scientific terms to promote its products. Under this statement, 44 scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences signed.

Nevertheless, many people note the positive impact of "Redox" products on the body. It can be used by adults, children, elderly people. Whether it is a placebo effect or not is difficult to say.