Dry cough: Causes

Cough is the most important means of self-defense of the respiratory system. It is accepted to distinguish productive cough, at which sputum is released, as well as unproductive, which is also called dry cough. The causes that cause these two ailments can be varied. Let's look at just a few.

Dry cough: the causes of the infectious nature

The most common cause is acute respiratory viral infections. This is characterized by the appearance of inflammation of the upper lobe of the respiratory tract, they include the pharynx, mouth and nose. For example, with pharyngitis there is a frequent dry cough, which, as a rule, is very exhausting. With laryngitis, it often has a barking character. In this case, often there is a tickling in the throat, some hoarseness, and perhaps a loss of voice. A special form of laryngitis called false cereal can become a very unpleasant consequence of this ailment. This condition usually begins at night, quite suddenly, with a barking dry cough. The reasons can be different, and the danger, especially for children, is that it becomes difficult for them to breathe because of the edema of the laryngeal mucosa, the nose, lips become blue, the breathing becomes noisy, and the pulse becomes more frequent."First aid" should be called at the first signs of croup. The lower respiratory tract can also be affected by infection, namely bronchi, lungs and trachea. Bronchitis and tracheitis usually begin with a dry cough. It can also be a symptom of pneumonia, that is, pneumonia.

Sometimes the causes of dry cough are due to the fact that a person fell ill with whooping cough. It is considered a child's disease, but not so rarely sick and adults. Its first symptoms are similar to ARI, there is a dry cough, runny nose, while the temperature is quite low. And then, within two weeks, all the symptoms, except for the cough, disappear. A cough acquires certain characteristic features. It is for them that pertussis is often detected.

Dry cough: causes of non-infectious nature

Sometimes it acts as a symptom of a disease not accompanied by an infection, but caused by the influence of other factors. Such diseases often contribute to the appearance of fibrosis, that is, a violation of the pulmonary structure. As the reasons it is possible to allocate inhalation of fibers of an asbestos, coal dust, chemical compounds, a wool of animals and other. There is a dry cough with shortness of breath, weakness, fatigue, sweating.

The cause of dry cough may be in some other diseases, which are not associated with respiratory organs. For example, with gastroesophageal reflux, stomach acid is thrown into the pharynx through the esophagus, irritation of the cough center occurs, which causes a cough. If the child coughs with anger, it sometimes happens due to the ingress of small items, which requires medical intervention as soon as possible.

It is worth paying attention and that at what time the cough appears more often. If he is morning, then it can signal about such ailments as gastroesophageal reflux, chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis. A dry cough that becomes worse at night is characteristic of heart failure, bronchial asthma, whooping cough and other diseases. The reasons described here are only a small part of what can cause such a cough. They are given to understand that the treatment depends entirely on the etiology, that is, the origin of the disease. There is no single universal remedy for coughing. In any case, you should immediately contact a qualified doctor. The true cause of dry cough can be established only with its help, after which it will be possible to start treatment.