Is it possible to drink alcohol and "Analgin"?Compatibility

Such a preparation as "Analgin" is known for a long time in the post-Soviet space. Clarify this territorial fact is necessary because in most foreign countries this drug has not been used since the 70s of the XX century, it was replaced by more effective medicines.

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In this article, let's consider the compatibility of "Analgin" and alcohol and the consequences of their use.

What is the drug used for?

"Analgin", in general, is taken for dental, menstrual and headache, and as an antipyretic. Despite the fact that this drug affects the reduction in the production of prostaglandins, its effectiveness is small, and for this purpose it is practically never used.

The compatibility of alcohol and "Analgin", the consequences and feedback, will be discussed below.

It's hard to say that the drug is safe, although it is very popular and has an affordable price. The thing is that it has a wide range of negative effects, its regular use often causes complications, and with many drugs it, in principl

e, interacts poorly. Moreover, compatibility of alcohol and "Analgin" is doubtful.

Side effects of the preparation

Naturally, Analgin is able to cope with various pains in any part of the human body, while improving the patient's condition, however, it has a large number of negative symptoms:

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  • the drug is not able to eliminate the source of pain, thanks to it can only be temporarily disposed offrom her;
  • frequent use of this remedy can damage the patient's body even more;
  • has a negative effect on the human nervous system.

The compatibility of alcohol and "Analgin" is of interest to many.

How does alcohol affect the body? Of course, it's no secret that even a small dose of alcohol has a relaxing effect, helps to remove the pain and temporarily forget. For what reason is this happening? What are the good points when taking alcohol?

  • When a person consumes one hundred grams of vodka, beer or wine, the bloodstream immediately transfers alcohol to the brain, in which fatigue and stress, stiffness( when talking about communication) take place.
  • There is much less excitation of nerve cells, a person acquires serenity.
  • The mood is rising.
  • There is an opinion that small doses of alcohol are even useful, since they have a positive effect on the functioning of the heart and blood vessels.
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In addition to these positive qualities of spirits, which do not inspire much confidence, there is also a more tangible negative impact. Alcohol destroys living cells in the human body, and therefore before the injection, as well as after it, you need to wipe the skin with alcohol for disinfection. The same is done with cuts and wounds - processed to kill microbes.

If you remember that alcohol first of all penetrates the brain, it is clear that it begins to destructively affect its cortex( for the female brain, this dose is 10 ml, for the male - 20 ml of alcohol).In addition, the liver suffers greatly, letting through, like a natural filter, all alcohol consumed.

When excessive alcohol consumption begins cell mutation. In this case, the body is excessively exhausted, unable to destroy cells of a malignant nature, which directly leads to such a dangerous and complex pathology as cancer. Alcoholics particularly often face cancer of the mouth, liver and stomach.

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Cell mutations not only lead to cancer, but also can affect the development of the organs of the reproductive system, but not the person who constantly poisons the body with liquor. Most often, this problem is faced by his descendants. That is why it is not advisable to drink alcohol at a time when the couple plans to have a baby, because under his influence, the proper development of spermatozoa is impossible. The same applies to the egg, as it accumulates what affects the body of a woman throughout the woman, and it is better to completely abandon alcoholic beverages so that the fruit does not suffer from a negative effect.

In considering the impact on the nervous system can be seen that alcohol does not allow acting opiates produced by the body itself, which means that it can ultimately improve your mood, but it will destroy neurons.

In addition, a large number of people dependent on alcohol, suffering from dystrophy. This happens because they are charged with energy received from alcohol, but it does not saturate the body with amino acids, vitamins and other essential elements.

Alcohol and "Analgin": Compatibility

Simultaneous use of alcohol and "Analgin" will not lead to anything good. Many people, without knowing it themselves, exacerbate their own condition, when in the morning they use this drug to get rid of a headache.

However, such a tablet does not give any effect at all, but only will further harm the body with a weakened because of alcohol protection."Analgin", used together with alcoholic beverage, does not have direct contraindications under the instruction. But practical medical observations boil down to the fact that when the drug is regularly combined with alcohol, a side effect on the bone marrow of a person is noted.

So, compatibility of alcohol and "Analgin" is rather negative.

Why can not I combine alcohol and drug?

Metamizole, which is one of the components in the "Analgin", can increase the signs of intoxication. The number of tablets and alcohol consumed does not matter. Alcohol poisoning to the same extent can be caused by either one tablet or a quarter of it, and a glass of wine or a hundred grams of vodka.

Such a "mix" can cause vomiting, excessive headache, and instability of phobia. This is confirmed by the instruction. The compatibility of alcohol and "Analgin" is not completely described there, but it is better not to use them simultaneously.

Is it possible to drink alcohol and analgin

The drug helps to increase intoxication. With a small amount of alcohol consumed in a person, it is first on the first level, when he feels a certain euphoria and lightness. However, concomitant use of tablets "Analgin" drug throws the body immediately to the third level of intoxication when people barely on his feet, he evaluates the environmental situation is very sad, but a dream, begin to overcome it, is more like a loss of consciousness.

It is noteworthy that it is quite easy to wake a person from such a dream - it should be slightly shaken, loudly called. But after a few seconds a person falls asleep again.

During waking up, exhaustion and fatigue will be experienced again. Such a state is clearly not harmless, as it may be accompanied, in addition to stupor, by the death of brain cells. It is known that such cells are most often not subject to recovery. In addition, many internal organs can be damaged.

What other information is available on the compatibility and harm of alcohol and "Analgin"?

Additional information

It is interesting that alcohol and "Analgin", even individually, are harmful to the body. This means that drinking both is strictly not recommended, but at the same time - even more so. About "Analgin" we can say that he has safer analogs. With alcohol, it's all determined by its quality, and especially by quantity. Thus, the cocktail is definitely not the most healthy.

In addition, just this mix - "Analgin" and vodka - is made by drug addicts for the "scab".It sounds pretty creepy.

This is such a terrible compatibility for them. Is it possible to drink alcohol and "Analgin"?Better not worth it.

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After what period of time is the drug allowed after drinking?

It is necessary to abstain not only from simultaneous use of alcohol and analgin, but also from any other medication. Combining medicines and hot drinks is a risky business. However, if there is little need to use "Analgin" you can do it only after twelve hours after ingestion of alcohol to such a combination did not cause irreparable harm to the body.

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Reviews about the compatibility of "Analgin" and alcohol

The reviews confirm that it is better not to mix medicines with liquor. This can lead to serious consequences. Of course, nothing will happen once or twice. But the systematic use of "Analgin" with alcohol is very harmful to the body.